Jun 4th, 2010

music_logo-gif-gif-image-180x40-pixelsIn an unsurprising move, it appears that Google will be using the straightforward ‘Google Music’ brand for its upcoming cloud music streaming and push-to-phone music service announced at Google I/O, or so an uncovered logo hosted on Google’s servers seems to indicate (the same URL can be modified to access other Google logos). It isn’t clear when Google plans to make its music service live, but if rumors of an upcoming cloud-based iTunes are to be believed than Google won’t want to sit on this one too long.

Google Music will most likely be a two-tiered operation. On one end you will be able to search for songs, purchase them, and send them from the cloud directly to your Android device. The other end sees a desktop client that syncs your music to the cloud for streaming on your phone wherever you go, with technology coming from the acquisition of Simplify Media. If Google gets this one right, they may just have solved one of the biggest gripes with the Android platform.

[via TechCrunch]