Google’s Music Service to Be Called Simply ‘Google Music’?


music_logo-gif-gif-image-180x40-pixelsIn an unsurprising move, it appears that Google will be using the straightforward ‘Google Music’ brand for its upcoming cloud music streaming and push-to-phone music service announced at Google I/O, or so an uncovered logo hosted on Google’s servers seems to indicate (the same URL can be modified to access other Google logos). It isn’t clear when Google plans to make its music service live, but if rumors of an upcoming cloud-based iTunes are to be believed than Google won’t want to sit on this one too long.

Google Music will most likely be a two-tiered operation. On one end you will be able to search for songs, purchase them, and send them from the cloud directly to your Android device. The other end sees a desktop client that syncs your music to the cloud for streaming on your phone wherever you go, with technology coming from the acquisition of Simplify Media. If Google gets this one right, they may just have solved one of the biggest gripes with the Android platform.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. It seems like google heard the news and took the logo off the website.

  2. I am really happy to see this! I loved Simplified Media when I used it between my desktop and laptops. Great App, can’t wait!

  3. i dont get the second operation. isnt that the same as having it on your phone?

  4. Gmail isn’t Google Mail.

    I don’t understand why GChat became Google Talk.

    Unless they just don’t want to flat out mimic Cupertino then every Google branded service should be GSomething.

    GMail, GChat, GCalendar, etc. Google Voice should actually be GTalk since you actually talk instead of type.

    Replace the ‘i’ in people’s minds.

  5. And before anyone says anything I understand that Gmail is called what it as a replacement for Email.

  6. I’m beyond excited for this. Been wanting to get rid of my iPod for awhile. I just hope Sony Ericsson or another OEM develops an iPod substitute that used Google Voice

  7. as I have been predicted. google will come soon with the new innovation on music
    can not wait to enjoy this service

  8. @TzuDohNihm: It’s probably too late to replace Gmail with Google Mail, as Gmail is somewhat of a brand name.

  9. I just hope they do a better job than Amazon of expanding beyond the US borders. Canada needs an iTunes alternative!

  10. With AT&T’s new data plan structure, and I’m sure Verizon will follow, I don’t really see this taking off too much.

  11. I understand the Gmail/Email thing, and now it’s become ubiquitous. But I think keeping it simple is good idea. I’ve gotten pretty sick of all the attempted cutesy for internet services and products, and I think a break away from the “one letter” identification model (you know what I mean…) is a very good thing.

  12. I would agree that the general acceptance and success of Cloud based services, could be greatly impacted by cell carrier imposed data usage limits. Apple and Google are you listening? Sit down with these carriers and use some of that market cap. to get us ubiquitous wireless broadband services ASAP!

  13. I believe that verizon is too invested in LTE to allow a 2gb cap. Think about the evo launch. YouTube HQ by default in 4g. I think data caps will end for verizon in 2011.

  14. GMail in fact is called Google Mail in germany. Because the trademark GMail is owned by an other company since before Google even exists ;)

    Google Talk is designed to do also speach. And actually support a webcam if I can remember correctly. But “only” if you have the client installed on your windows mashine. So I would say Google Talk is the right name.

    Pls know what you are talking about before spreading any half knowlage!

  15. +1 @ t_e_e_k

  16. Cloud based services still work over wifi -something tells me that everything will be in the cloud soon. And that is why I will not be giving up my unlimited data plan anytime soon.

  17. I know I just got Froyo but I cant wait for Gingerbread.. i know the UI will be updated to look more aesthetically pleasing and the upate will bring a number of enhancements like we have never seen.

    Cant wait to stream music and use my sd card for other things…

  18. @jose, lucky you.

  19. Hell yes. I hope they give Apple a run for their money.

  20. I wonder how this will affect Amazon MP3 bundled with future Android phones / software versions. Most people I have talked to say they want to uninstall it anyways.

  21. Gmail makes sense because it rhymes with email.

  22. What is cloud sorry I’m not up to par on everything but I love android phone and I’m bout to get the 4g

  23. Grammar fail: “but if rumors of an upcoming cloud-based iTunes are to be believed than Google won’t want to sit on this one too long.”

  24. R.I.P. Zune

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