Toshiba AC100-114, A Tegra-Based Netbook with Android 2.1


This netbook already has me watering at the mouth. A source of Blogeee’s – a French tech blog – just outed a 10.1-inch netbook of Toshiba’s that sports an NVIDIA Tegra T20 GPU chipset. The netbook will reportedly be running Android 2.1 as its operating system. When they spoke to Reuters a couple of months ago, they expressed interest in an Android-stocked tablet.


Somewhere along the way, though, it seems as if the tablet grew a keyboard and that’s what we’re met with today. The netbook’s color is described as “Fusion Black” and it’ll have 512MB of RAM with a 16GB solid-state hard drive, an HDMI port, an SDHC card reader, WiFi b/g/n and a 10/100 ethernet port. The 2200mAh battery this thing comes with could give it a solid battery life of 4-5 hours.

[via SlashGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Touchscreen?

  2. Almost exciting news except that this is using a first gen Tegra based on the ARM11 core. Meh… I was hoping a Tegra2 based on the Cortex A-9.

  3. Does it have a touch screen?

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