Samsung Android Tablet in Development?



The official Samsung South Africa Twitter account just let the proverbial cat out of the bag, and then quickly shoved it back in. A picture was posted showing what looks to be a Samsung Galaxy-esque tablet. It gets a 7-inch TFT (not AMOLED) screen, 3.5 mm audio jack, front facing camera, and phone capabilities. And it looks pretty darn sexy at the same time. This is a tablet I could get behind, if it wasn’t for Samsung’s questionable UI look and feel. Something about it just makes me feel icky. Actually regardless of the UI this one could be awesome.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. 10 inches would have been better but it does look good.

  2. That’s what she said!

  3. OH SNAP!

  4. i can you tell what feels icky about it, it’s a samsung! i bet this thing will be crap like the other mobile devices they release outside of korea. and i’m not trying to be racist, cus i am korean

  5. I think that I’ve mentioned my Samsung boycot before. It shall continue here.

  6. I’ll pass

  7. I’ve always been happy with my Samsung mp3 players and TVs. I hope this tablet comes out.

  8. hardware may be good but they lost a lot of good will when they decided not to update the OS

  9. I’ve owned two samsung phones. Both stop working with ten months of owning them.

  10. LOL I have never owned any phone even 6 months nevermind 10 LOL . I would be interested in a good android tablet . Anything as long as it doesn’t have an apple on it

  11. I had a sanding phone before and it was the best first phone I had. Samsung makes good products and I really think that this tablet will be a hit just like the ipad and maybe a good competiter to it

  12. Sorry I ment samsung and NOT sanding

  13. Not if the rez is the same as the phone

  14. I had a Samsung A640 phone for over 2-1/2 years before my first smartphone, the Droid. I couldn’t kill the thing. It still works another half year later and all on the same battery.

    I’m typing on a Samsung netbook which I dearly love, the NC10. It’s impeccable after 1-1/2 years of ownership. I just bought a Samsung side-by-side frig. Frankly, my next HDTV will probably be a Samsung. I also just bought a Moment for my son’s graduation. I was surprised at how well it compared in some, clearly not all, ways to my Droid.

  15. I think Samsung makes great hdtvs’. Just sharing my experience with a couple of their phones that I’ve owned (both were sliders).

  16. This looks nice, I just hope Samsung don’t mess with Android too much. I love Samsungs TV’s/Monitors but I’m no fan ot their mobile devices. I used to me a happy WinMo user with HTC and then got a Samsung Omnia and after two months of utter frustration I bought the HTC Hero. I suppose I have Samsung to thank for switching me to Android :)

  17. I love my Samsung products, I to also have had a Samsung alias phone for now 4 years. Same battery and wore it at work for 2 of those years, now for the last 2 years it remains a paperweight but is used on occasion when the crap BlackBeRry I’m typing this on dies. Which seems to be every 2 mos now. Waiting for my incredible to arrive. Point is my Samsung WON’T DIE. Ill get a Droid tab as cause its not apple or windows system no matter what name is on it

  18. Some components in the iPhone are Samsung. Maybe the AMOLED screen in HTC phones is also from Samsung since they are a leader in LCD/OLED screens.

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