Radio Shack Opening At 6 AM This Friday for EVO 4G Buyers


If you didn’t already have a reason to take off from work this Friday for the launch of the HTC EVO 4G, then you do now: Radio Shack is opening their own floodgates at 6 AM on June 4th to take care of all the eager EVO 4G purchasers. 1,600 stores across the nation will open, and Radio Shack’s sweetening the deal with some last minute incentives for pre-orderers.


On top of the $20 gift card you’re already getting toward accessories, those accessories will be 15% off when you buy them with (and for) your EVO. They’ll also be launching their “EVO 4G Experience Centers” in some of their stores which will be portable 4G connections to show off the phone’s capabilities (much like what they had to do for a number of events that the EVO 4G showed up at).

They did state that you could come in and pick up an EVO that early if you didn’t pre-order, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get one. Be sure to call your local store to see how many extra devices they have left in stock before you get too excited.

[via PhoneDog]

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  1. Jizzed in my pants argghhhhhh!!!

  2. Sweet! I have to be in at 8:30 am and I had planned on going on my lunch break. Now I can head over before work and have it to play with Friday.

  3. I love that phone but the way I travel sprint blows….I will stick with big red, the rest of you home bound boys I’m jealous.

  4. My local shack had 3 units left after preorder andstated they would open early if I wanted them to. The power felt good for a second until I remembered all the kids have to tag along at that early hour:(

  5. somehow it seems less crazy to me to show up for a midnight release of a video game than to show up at a Radio Shack at 6AM to buy a telephone

  6. Best Buy called me and scheduled an appointment for Thursday evening to pick mine up!!

  7. Why am I not seeing any TV commercials for this?
    T-Mobile did a great job promoting HD2.
    I just see the regular Sprint ads, none mentioning the EVO.

  8. Have you seen the HD2 at Radio Shack? I have…that thing is HUGE! Compensate much?…LOL

  9. radio shack also call to pick up the item at 830 am, thats too early for me but im still going

  10. You’ll probably see those ads after Friday, I don’t think T-Mo (or HTC) was advertising the HD2 before it came out. I agree tho, Sprint needs to get the ball rolling and advertise the heck out of the EVO!

  11. yeah I agree 100%..there have been ZERO ads for this phone. They need to step it up. Love the DROID commercials.

  12. The difference between the EVO and what verizon has to do with the droid, they make you watch the commercial so much people just wanna see cause its so annoying. There is already such a crazy hype for the EVO without any commercials…..big difference. Word of mouth is alot better than annoying commercials, that actually aren’t even truthful.

    Oh and anyone saying they are picking up the EVO from a BB or RS on thursday night is a lie. I mean come on, you have zero chance of that happening.

  13. Will these be unlocked and be able to use in Canada? Rogers specifically

  14. I cant wait, i wish i would have reserved at radioshack thats alot of discounts, oh well at least i have two guaranteed

  15. @swazedahustla BB did call me I swear. I preordered it the first available day and they called me this morning to setup my appointment. It might be a screw-up on there end but I don’t care. Will be going Thursday at 6pm to get it!

  16. just got a message from the shack, they said friday for me

  17. just talked to my rep @ the shack asked if i could get it thursday, he said no, it’s an issue with the release date, everyone would want theres thursday

  18. Not our Radio Shack (Ukiah, CA), Sprint doesn’t have service up here, they roam on U.S. Cellular.

  19. my radioshack in the atlanta area is opening at 8am.

  20. i go in for my evo on friday at 1130 :( but im going to call again tomorrow to double check if they are not going to open earlier cuz i want my dam evo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bakersfield Radio Shack is not opening until 9am. I told them of the 6am news byte, he laughed, said “see you @ 9”

  22. When will they let you buy the EVO unlocked?

  23. Radio Shack called all the preorders and scheduled appointments every half hour to avoid people coming all at once and waiting hours to get set up. My appointment is 6:30 Friday morning. 6 was already taken.

  24. My BB isn’t opening till 10am but I don’t care really whats another couple hours after this horrible wait anyway.

  25. My RS in Atlanta (OTP-north) said as of Sunday they were no longer taking pre-orders and this was a nation-wide policy (even Best Buy and Sprint no longer taking pre-orders). Anyone else hear this?

  26. My radio shack appointment is 6am in fort Worth,TX and I am a 4g area. I hope they have a good protective case to help protect my investment. I’ll be there and will destroy my old At&t tilt with pride. Can anyone bring me a 9 Iron and a video cam and a broom? I’m serious!

  27. I think I would die laughing if the iphone clowns show upp to make me wait the next i(something). I wonder who make the next evo killer. I will never bow to the apple god, sorry Steve. :)

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