Hard Kernel’s ODROID-T, A 10-Inch Android Tablet


ARMdevices got an eyes-on look at another Android device recently. Hard Kernel introduced their ODROID-T, a 10-inch tablet device geared toward high-definition video and gaming fans. He showcased the device’s video capabilities by playing a very nice looking Toy Story trailer in full 1080p (hooked up to an HDTV via HDMI).

The playback was very smooth and I couldn’t really notice any problems with framerate. The demonstrator states it’s using Samsung’s PC 110 platform (which is using an ARM Cortex A8 processor). The 10-inch touchscreen is capacitive and works fairly well from what we could see. He also showcased a 3D game and everything looked wonderful. It doesn’t look like Android was optimized for the device just yet, but it’s expected to get a nice makeover before it eventually hits the market.

Also, if you like to look at electronic guts, be sure to watch the end of the video as he shows off what’s sitting beneath the hood. Make your way to Hard Kernel’s site now if you want to learn more.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. wow i like

  2. Interesting things are coming….Possibly even some real, “Revolutionary,” things! ;)

  3. Wow, looks awesome. How much do you think this will go for as a devkit?

  4. give me FroYo and price it well with good hardware specs and I’m all over it.

  5. if it had physical controls, it could be like a much bigger PSP.

  6. ODROID sure as hell makes some interesting devices.
    Unfortunately these are specifically made for developers and prosumers looking to screw around with Android…

    I hope 1080p over Micro-HDMI will be more common in future (Android) tablets.

  7. Wow thats a good android tablet.

  8. 1:00 minute in. “That’s the ultimate”
    I’m going to start using that phrase in my daily language. “mmmm tomato bisque. that’s the ultimate”
    Or, “what? two front row tickets to the finals? That’s the ultimate!”
    and so on.

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