More Droid Xtreme Photos Cropping Up


In what’s definitely turning out to be another classic string of Verizon-bound phone leaks, another round of images of the upcoming Motorola Droid Xtreme have made their way to the internet. Droid Life’s tipster is confirming that it will sport Android 2.2, will come with 9 homescreens to customize any way you want, and will not be using MOTOBLUR.


More is the addition of a dedicated camera button. The tipster also described the phone as being “very metal” which is probably reassuring for some original Motorola Droid owners out there who are enjoying a rock solid battle-tested device.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It is bad that verizon is coming out with so many droid variants. The Incredible and now droid extreme people won’t know what is what.

  2. This is the phone people have been calling Shadow, right?

  3. 2frh35h,

    I disagree. I believe this is good because you have a choice between the incredible, droid and now droid extreme. Having a choice is never bad.

  4. Seems to be shaping up to be a good phone. Sigh, why can’t AT&T get something better like this is looking to be?

  5. this is awesome that they are coming out with droid variants. they know its android and its like their line of androids.

  6. My heart just started beating faster and my mind is thinking maybe it is the next google phone!!! (It has no motoblur!!)

  7. Does anyone know if this has hardware based keyboard?

  8. I don’t agree. People will either know what is what or they will go into a Verizon store and pick the one they prefer after going hands on.

  9. @2FR35H: How are choices bad? A smart consumer should be able to access their needs and select the phone that best meets their needs. Choices are good. ‘One-size-fits-all’…not so much.

  10. Choice is never bad for the consumer. The original droid is great for those who want a physical keyboard, droid incredible is good for people who like/want sense, and the droid extreme will be good for people who want something a step up from the original Droid but prefer vanilla android over something with a manufacturers U.I.

  11. Funny I hope you Verizon customers enjoy taking it with sandpaper in the a** when you see your first bill LOL

  12. I need new pants… brb

  13. Give me that over the Evo anyday !!!! !!! YES !!!

  14. If it is true that the Xtreme is a vanilla build android phone I’ll be pretty excited about that. Waiting to see more specs on the phone before I start jumping for joy

  15. Verizon is late in the game. They are attempting to do what T-Mobile and Sprint have done against AT&T. Verizon/Motorola doesn’t care which Droid device you get….just as long as you get one. Its a similar concept to what Google did when Android first became offical. “We’re going make an ‘iPhone Killer’ when in the process…Monopolized the mobile industry. This is a great idea!! Tag line- “JUST PICC ONE”


  16. put a joystick or a “trackpad” on that thing and I’m all over it. I just hate selecting text for copy/paste using the touchscreen. That and a front facing video camera. I’ll just keep waiting until the Fall when those two features are added to make the perfect device.

  17. @2FR35H that is not a bad thing at all, more droids only means more $$$, for motorola (and htc to ), and a large selection of android phones is definitly NOT a bad thing.

  18. This is my next phone, but apparently the info about the software is incorrect according to the howardforums users in the know.

  19. now what do i do? can’t make up mind on which on to get…HTC Inc or Moto Extreme? need some help guys…can u guys give me some pros and cons for each, pls!!

  20. Since when was choice a bad thing?

  21. People won’t know what is what? People can tell the Blackberry Curve from the Blackberry Tour. I am sure this is not going to be that difficult to differentiate from. It is great to see more and more devices coming out. Android, unlike the I-Phone, will grow at a large pace because there are multiple models of phones for multiple types of people. I think you are make people out to be a lot dumber than they actually are.

  22. Dub-R

    “Verizon/Motorola doesn’t care which Droid device you get….just as long as you get one.”

    Trust me. Motorola cares which device you get.

  23. @Dub-R How is Verizon late in the game? To my knowledge they were the first with Android 2.0. Have the most Android devices compared to all other US carriers. And are the main reason for why Android is what it is today in the US, thanks to it’s “Droid Does” campaign.

  24. @ 2FR35H Nah, by branding all their Android phones with the moniker Droid “Something” Verizon is actually being very smart, they can advertise the entire line with a single brand and all the phones end up benefiting from extra exposure… Heck even other Android phones benefit from VZW’s ad campaigns. If anything I would think HTC/Motorola would be the only losers, since Verizon ends up naming their phones in similar fashion so the advertising done for one phone just lures people to the store where they might end up picking the other (knowing at a mere glance they’re both Android devices that accomplish the same tasks).

  25. It looked really awesome until I saw a profile shot of the phone and saw the huge, asymmetrical bulge on the back of it. It immediately ended all the desire I had for this phone.

    Why is it so hard for Motorola to make a symmetrical, minimalist case for their phones?

  26. Frank wrote on June 2, 2010

    Verizon is creating a ‘brand’ named Droid. This is akin to the singular name recognition of “iPhone”.

    The difference is that there are many Droids to choose from, vs. one measly smartphone by one single manufacturer.

    Droid (aka Android) wins.

  27. This is has just confused me alot more! First we are told that shadow and droid 2 are different devices. Then the shadow was referred to as “xtreme” then i hear xtreme is actually the droid 2 and not the shadown. I really dont care about leaks. I want the facts on paper once the phone is officially anounced!

  28. Btw i dont know why verizon doesnt milk the incredible as much as it can before it unleashes this behemoth. Cmon it hasnt even been two months since the inc was released.

  29. @Uly That’s simple. Because Verizon isn’t releasing it – Motorola is.

  30. @uly
    The incredible is faster than this garbage phone. Plus some people don’t like motoblur. It’s all preferences. Anyways nothing can really compete with the evo right now.

  31. Hey folks, just wanted to try to clarify a couple of things.
    1) There seems to be some confusion about the Droid2, Shadow, DroidPro, Shadow and Xtreme. The current info suggests that the Shadow is the internal code name for the Xtreme (Shadow=Xtreme). The Droid2 and DroidPro are independent devices.
    2) These pictures from Droids Life are real but the intel about stuff like vanilla android isn’t correct.
    3) People seem to be expecting the MotoBlur they’re familiar with from previous devices. It appears that this assumption would be misguided.
    Where am I getting all this info? Well HowardForums has a few insiders who have been the source of just about all the reliable info released to date. This thread is the most informative one: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1646529-Motorola-Shadow-Pre-Release-Thread-Part-2-Information-Only
    Sorry for directing ppl away from AFs… hopefully we can get an insider to help us out like with the Incredible thread! Till then, take a peak at that HF thread for the most reliable info out there.

  32. verizon doing well in 2009 moto droid was a success. even if htc eris droid come later. moto xtreme is shadow. xtreme for the speed coming with the new ui moto ninjablur whic

  33. i like the big screen but i’m not a fan of the buldge on the back or the physical buttons on the front. luckily i didn’t wait to order my incredible seeing as it’s backordered for some time already.

  34. i want it, looks great


  36. 9 homescreens!!???!?!? Where does this madness end?

  37. Dear Santa… I’ve been a good boy… :D

  38. no front facing camera??? pass again :) HTC please!

    dig it!

  40. @ observer. …with a name like that one would assume you would continue observing…..being its not even out yet….y0

  41. @Josh, are you serious?!?! The Incredible and Evo are faster than this phone?!?! Hell the Nexus on 2.2 is barely faster than the Xtreme and this is running 2.1, cmon quit being a fan boi and get with it.

  42. So this has a keyboard or no?

  43. Soooo it turns out that those photos may contain old hardware. This may or may not mean that the lump on the back is gone (speculation by me).
    Here’s the post: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1646529-Motorola-Shadow-Pre-Release-Thread-Part-2-Information-Only?p=13780672#post13780672

  44. Could this also be a sequel to the Moto Milestone?

  45. @tcv, The Milestone is basically the Motorola Droid for Europe. I would say that this is a cousin to the Droid b/c it is on target for Verizon. I don’t know if Motorola is planning on releasing this exact phone in other countries. I think it’s more likely that if it were to land in Europe it would have a different name much like the Droid and Milestone.

  46. i work at a cell phone kiosk supporting verizon, att, and tmobile, and i personally dont like all these extra choices. why dont they just make one good device? i understand maybe having one budget full touch model, one quality full touch model, one budget keyboard model and one quality keyboard model…but i feel like by the end of thise year verizon alone is going to have 10+ different androids, and they call all of them the “Droid ” something. i have found it is getting very confusing for clients who havent really researched and it is making it difficult. the reason apple has done such a good job with the iphone is because they presented one device as being perfect and everyone believed them. i really wish android was more standardized like this instead of having a ton of variants of the same device without having one that clearly stands above the rest. i guess it was expected though with the open platform. i’m excited to see what the smartphone scene will look like in 12 months…

  47. @Mike “@Dub-R How is Verizon late in the game? To my knowledge they were the first with Android 2.0. Have the most Android devices compared to all other US carriers. And are the main reason for why Android is what it is today in the US, thanks to it’s “Droid Does” campaign.”

    They may have been the first with 2.0 but T-mobile started the Android crave when the G1 came out so yeah by all means Verizon is late in the game in that sense but you do make a valid point about how now people are more aware of the Android Era via the “Droid Does” campaign. Like my Droid shirt says: “iWHAT?” lol

  48. As far as I understand it the phone doesnt have the blur but Ninja Blur, which basically allows blur to run in the background without being seen. Idk what to believe now though because some say it doesnt have it. Others say it can be turned off in which case I’m happy. It being an optional thing makes it appeal to everyone. My question is does it have a keyboard and has anybody seen it?

  49. I’ve seen and played with this phone. It’s awesome. Quick, nimble OS with very little delay between motions, faster than an iPhone. HUGE screen and has an HDMI output for out to HDTV. We watched a movie from my movie library on it. This is the first phone I’ve seen that may actually rival the iPhone. If google was smart they’d start getting the developers do apps for droid and developing a media library.

    X+LTE=VZ winner.

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