Inventec’s Dr Eye Is An Attractive-Looking Android MID [Video]


Inventec demoed their latest device – the Dr Eye – a few days back and it’s a cool looking device that could get a lot better before release with some optimizations. It features a full QWERTY keyboard (reminiscent of what you’ll find on a netbook) with other soft keys (like F keys) lacing the very top row.


It opens and closes like a netbook, but it folds out 180 degrees so it’s perfect for any situation. The MID has a front-facing camera which they were demonstrating live while filming the video. The playback seemed smooth, but we’re not sure how it will hold up over varying network conditions (they’ve stated video conferencing will be in the device’s future).

The Dr Eye features a 600mhz Marvell processor, an 800×480 WVGA capacitive touchscreen, and the representative says you can expect the device to get 50 hours of standby time on a full battery charge. The device was pretty slow when they were testing it out, however, stating that it’s not as fast as what you’d get on an iPhone or another device, but he suggested optimizations have yet to be done.

It’ll be equipped with WiFi and 3G and should be available for $400 sometime soon. Initially, China will be the only market to see the Dr. Eye, but they’ll be announcing more availability shortly. Check out the video above if you want to see it in action, courtesy of ARMdevices.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. U G L Y

  2. Yes, it’s ugly. But it’s ugly in a really awesome way. Those shots make it look like a word processor from 20 years ago shrunk down into that guy’s palm.

  3. it looks like a tiny Commodore PET!

  4. That thing is really sweet looking. I’d love to pick up one of those.

  5. @ari-free: Holy crap, you read my mind! :D

  6. Lmao, I love Asians! “It is like small computer, if you want explain it that way”

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