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If you are a totally awesome Mac user like myself (go ahead and flame me in the comments, I dare you) and use doubleTwist, you are most likely already well acquainted with the ability to search and browse the Android Market directly from the desktop client. Windows users weren’t so lucky, but with the latest release of doubleTwist those that pray to the lord Microsoft can now have the same easy access to market browsing.


Of course, the browser doesn’t actually sync apps in the same way that doubleTwist syncs music, photos, and other items. You’ll have to settle for QR codes and let your phone do the dirty work, a far cry from Google’s announced Android Market overhaul featuring the ability to wirelessly push app downloads to your phone. Still, until syncing from the cloud completely erases any need to ever connect a device with USB cables or wires, doubleTwist remains a great solution to achieve something that isn’t quite intuitive with Android devices.

[via Androinica, Lifehacker]

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  2. Are you a MacTard user? bah i’m unsubsribing right now.

    Just kidding, but i don’t like Apple :/

  3. Mac is a great computer. Expensive, but great. Why would anyone flame you? If you had an iPhone, that would be a different story…

  4. ur mama’s twat tastes like sn-apple

  5. mac’s are all the same they are very nice computers… but wayy over priced. why would i get a mac when i can get a gaming rig that runs 3x-4x time faster in every way for half the price… and if i’m smart i can port OSx to it like i have on my laptop… soooooooo YEA

  6. iSyncr + App Brain

  7. Mac? *AgEnTsMiTh smacks Kevin Krause around a bit with a large trout* (sigh I miss the old IRC days).

    Seriously though, MAC’s have their place (though it be few and far between) if you’re doing CAD or heavy duty audio visual editing (especially visual); AND you don’t feel like going Linux (which is the only way to fly).

    At least it’s better than Bill Gates garbage. Granted you just made a few car payments when you bought your computer, but hey it’s only money right?

  8. You know, the Market needs a lot of work, granted, but why, oh WHY is it so hard for them to add one basic feature that we really, really need? That is, an “update all” command. Why the #$&%* should I have to individually approve every update for every app on my phone? I want a menu option for “update all” and then just walk away and let it do its thing.

  9. Can you please provide the download link for this software for Windows? Also, do I need an app on the phone?

  10. iSyncr tracks metadata using the Android music player and pushes the changes back to iTunes upon sync. It is really slick.

    Many of my smart playlists depend on accurate metadata, so this was like a godsend when iDumped my iPhone.

  11. Hey i got a macbook myself, and there freakin sweet! little computer problems EVER! and i didnt know about double twist though sweet.

  12. @Brad – I have an “update all” an my N1 running Froyo… ;)

  13. hackintosh plus netbook = good mac.

  14. Stoopid Mac user. But hey, at least it’s POSIX compliant. Maybe one of these days you’ll grow up and use a real OS, like Linux. Until then, at least it’s not Windows…

    Seriously though, you can avoid all this, even syncing apps OTA by simply using appbrain. Who doesn’t use appbrain to install absolutely everything?!? So very, very much better than the 2.1 market by far, on the phone or via browser.

  15. lol. Hate all you want on the “expensive” price of a Mac, but mine took a plunge from five feet in the air, while I was running to catch a bus, on to asphalt, dented a bit, and still works as new. It’s now 2 years old… so, I may have paid a little more than you did, but I got a thin laptop that can survive a hell of a fall.

  16. @iead1 – I dropped my laptop, broke it, bought another accidentally ran it over with my car and then bought another and I’ve still got change from macbook budget :)

  17. I have used a Window laptop all my life. Why would I buy a Macbook when I can get a cheaper Windows laptop that’s faster and cheaper. I found out this week. Macbooks have finally become affordable. And, while they start out slower, they maintain their speed. Even when I buy top of the line Windows systems and put top of the line anti-viurs programs and multiple spyware programs, they slow down every day until I have to buy a new one. In the long run, I actually spend more on Windows systems and have a SLOWER AVERAGE SPEED OVER THE LIFE OF THE COMPUTER. I’M DONE WITH MICROSOFT. THEY IMPROVED THINGS A LOT, BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE FIXED THE VIRUS AND REGISTRY PROBLEMS. MY TIME IS BETTER SPENT ELSEWHERE.

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