Need Help With Your New Android Phone? Verizon Offering Free Training Classes


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Maybe your Motorola Droid is your first smartphone. Maybe you just can’t seem to get your email working properly on your HTC Droid Incredible. No matter what, if you feel like you could stand to get to know your phone a bit better (or maybe just pester Verizon employees about OTA updates and upcoming handsets), Verizon is offering free training courses for their Android smartphones. Space is limited to the first 20 customers to sign up online per location, so if this sounds like its for you go ahead and jump on it.

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  1. lol, thats awesome
    now that is one class i would not mind taking.

  2. None in Illinois! Bummer! I’ll just have to watch Phonedog Noah’s YouTube videos! :)

  3. Oh please, just figure it out like the rest of us did with the 1st android.

  4. Meh, knowing the technical knowledge level of most Verizon employees, if I went to one of these, I’d probably teach them a thing or two. Oh well, I live nowhere near any of those locations. And what’s the deal with all the locations being in Virginia or Maryland? There’s 48 more states, ya know!

  5. Wow, looks like East Coast people are too stupid to figure it out themselves. Maybe the dumb-dumbs in VA and MA are blowing up Verizon with stupid questions so much that they had to take these drastic measures.

    Hate on it, East Coast!

  6. Verizon seriously did that? They must have some real dumb-ass customers. Most people will figure out this stuff on their own or with the help of their IT guys at work!

    Anyway, I guess they’re still doing a good thing for the public specially considering these classes are free.

    I like Verizon a little now.

  7. To bad VZW wasnt the first to think of offering help to their customers!

  8. Phandroid, you never give me props

  9. @pmarsh yeap Cellular South did this with their customers when they released the Hero.

  10. This would be great if they rolled it out to all stores across the nation like Apple has with their iPhone classes. My aunt takes Mac and iPhone classes and I think that’s one of the main reasons she’s now an Apple customer for life.

  11. This is old news. And you gave us a local link.

    Go here and type in your zip code to find classes across the country:


  12. This is no news. “Device Specialists” have been teaching people how to use VZW phones for a very long time. All you gotta do is ask if they offer sessions on how to use the phone. They will schedule you in for a 30 mins sessions.

  13. Is the UK a registered location, not that I need help or anything :P

  14. This is old news. It’s been going on for at least a year now.

  15. Its the verizon wireless customer service and tech support, that needs the class.

  16. Why dont they upload videos on youtube instead?

  17. When I purchased my Eris [first smart phone] in December the sales guy mentioned that they had training classes.

    Maybe it’s just me but I would rather sit down with the phone, play with it and figure how the phone works.

    I agree with the video upload.

  18. Are there any more workshops for the droid? I live in Riverdale, MD.

  19. Are there any local user classes for Androids in the Pasadena, CA, area?

  20. I need traing on how to use my droid ally from lg. Please contact me for first available traing in Wash P.A. 15301

  21. Please contact about droid training in Austin. I’ve been looking on the internet and this is the only page I’ve found thus far.

  22. The Droid X is a great phone, for what I’ve been able to figure out. The Verizon people at my local store are useless. They don’t know how to work all of the phones basic functions and suggest that I drive across the state to another store where they are having a class. Does anyone know of a site where I get training?

  23. Curious as to possible charges involved?

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