Meizu CEO Leaks M9 Pics, Pulls Them and Says “My Bad”


Actually he didn’t say “my bad” but that’s the sort of stuff I wish CEOs would say more often when accounting for oil spills, financial crisis, and leaked cell phone pics. And for whatever reason Jack Wong, CEO of Meizu, got so giddy he went and threw some blurry shots of his little baby the Meizu M9 on the M8 forums. He then quickly deleted the images and all related posts, saying “sorry, my fault. i am just too excited and wanna share with your guys.” Well I guess that is a loose translation of “my bad” afterall.


And he would have got away with it too! If it wasn’t for the pesky internet and a little thing called “Save Image As…” The Meizu M9 is looking to be a very impressive Android handset, though it most likely won’t make its way to the US anytime soon. Lame. Enjoy this other pic for the time being.


[via Engadget]

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  1. lol those are some crappy photos

  2. I know I for one am excited.


  3. I think he copied APPLE. AGAIN. The ultimate in copying the iPhone 4 is copying how they “leaked” and tried to squash the pics.

  4. Okay, so what I’m seeing is a rather ordinary-looking device with stock Android on it. He’s excited…..why? Sheesh, I hope that Palm design guy gives Android a visual overhaul soon. HTC’s Sense UI is nice enough for now, but let’s face it, the stock UI is just plain ugly. Fortunately there are other third-party launchers available for those not fortunate enough to have HTC Sense on their phone.

  5. Even if I had sense UI on my phone, I’d still use axes launcher. It’s super smooth, super customizable and I just love it lol.

  6. @Eazail70x7: I googled “Axe’s launcher” and “Axes launcher” and have not found what launcher it is that you are talking about. Could you provide a couple more details as you have peaked my interest!

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