Google I/O EVO 4Gs Experiencing microSD Card Issues


Ah the lucky ones who got theirs hand on the HTC EVO 4G at Google I/O may not have been so lucky after all. OK, they really did score an awesome, totally free phone, but apparently the microSD cards they came with are another story entirely. Users are reporting some problems storing and accessing files on the card. Reboots provide a temporary fix, but a long term solution is either to replace the microSD card with a new one or simply reformat the current one on a PC.


So fear not if you have been hearing any sort of buzz about the EVO itself having memory issues, as this thankfully seems to not be the case at all. Hopefully the phones that will be dropping this Friday will have this issue addressed.

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  1. FYI – Google gave attendees 2 micro sd cards. One in the phone and a separate 2gb card. wonder if this is why?

    I have the 8gb card in my droid and im not experiencing any problems with that either.

    I am not experiencing any issues with the sd phone but i am using the 16gb card that came with my droid.

  2. Amazingly enough, there have been no fanboy rants about this since this blog posted the article. I wonder what happened?

  3. I find it funny that you source another website, when the majority of discussion regarding the matter is occurring within your own forums.


  4. not so lucky? i wouldnt mind getting an evo for free. i could switch out the bad micro sd card with the 16 in my droid.

  5. Has anyone reported that these problems stopped when they switched to a different SD card?

  6. This wold explain why I’ve had some crazy odd issues on my Nexus after using the micro SD from the Evo.

  7. @Bek…

    The writer linked to the discussions going on about the EVO MicroSD issue in AndroidForums.

  8. You get a $450 phone free and u complain about a $8 Memory card….People these days.

  9. For anybody complaining, here is a solution : donate the card (along with the phone) to me :)

    Be sure I have good microSD and this won’t be any trouble to me … I am always ready to help any “desperate geeks” in such a way :P


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