Droid Xtreme Accessories Show Up In Verizon Inventory



Last week the Motorola Shadow (MB810) showed itself in Verizon’s inventory, and some accessory listing have followed. Judging by the model numbers of the accessories (all having the letters DRDX in them), the switch to the Droid Xtreme name is all but confirmed. Or maybe it will be Droid XTRMm we’re still not sure on that part. Looks like we’ll be getting all of the standard goodies: cases, docks, mounts, and batteries.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. I await the day I see an OMAP 4430/4440 based unit hit the streets. I will be a VERY happy camper when that happens and until then I have my trusty OC’ed Droid to keep me happy.

  2. Verizon should take pre- orders now if this is going to drop on Fathers Day as rumored since the Incredible keeps getting pushed back further and further.

  3. If this thing is as bad as it has been said then this will be the phone to beat I’m sure

  4. okay, so i was trying to decide if i should get the htc incredible. Or wait until the motorola shadow/xtreme/Xtreme or whatever comes out. because i have been reading some rumors about it coming with 2 snapdragon processors, altough that seems unnecessary. i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

  5. what an embarrassing name for and android phone. Sure the phone iteslef sounds nice, but Verizon is selling phones not sports products.

  6. Not like it matter what the name is as long as it f-ing amazing. If they come out with a Droid S**T its becasue its the S**T

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