Meizu M9 Specs Show a Powerful Handset


One of the bigger phones that will be landing on the other side of the Great Wall this year is the Meizu M9, the Android 2.1 device that CEO Jack Wong announced back in April. Now we are getting a bit of info on the specs for that phone, including a 1GHz Samsung S5PC110 processor and HDMI out.


The full list of known specs:

  • Dimensions: 59.5 mm x 113 mm x 11mm
  • Networks: WCDMA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA
  • 3.6 “ touchscreen at 720 × 480 resolution
  • 1 GHz Samsung S5PC110 processor
  • 512 MB ROM / 512 MB RAM
  • Android OS 2.1
  • 5MP camera
  • Bluetooth / WiFi / GPS / TV-out (HDMI 1.3)
  • Micro SD / TF
  • 1350 mAh battery
  • Price around € 255 without headphones or € 290 with headphones and 8GB storage

The features definitely meet the standards set by the big releases of the summer in many areas, but fall short in terms of screen size and camera resolution. Still, compared to other Android handsets in China this one is by far the most desirable. It should be seeing a release in August to an eagerly awaiting public.

[via chinitech]

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  1. not bad at all and 3.7 really isn’t small

  2. I wish we can get this in US!!! Looks very simple and desirable!

  3. by the time it comes out it will be dated.

  4. What’s wrong with 3.7 inches? It’s a phone not an MID, if you keep making the screen bigger, then it won’t fit in my pocket.

  5. I dont believe its gonna be so cheap.With that kind of money you can only get the tattoo and the galaxy spica right now and this is just so much better…

  6. I like the wider form factor of the screen. Sometimes my Droid screen seems too long and narrow.

  7. *drooling* so sexy looking… I think this could perhaps hold its own with the EVO if it comes out in time to compete..

  8. wow, this sounds quite good. i hope they will release a dualboot firmware including the official fw 1.0 and the android fw :)

  9. I love the picture.

    Even though the screen is a bit small, it still looks like its worth buying.

  10. what its 3.6″ thats plenty of screen. if you guys want a big screen go get and tablet. this phone is awesome. .1 bigger than the iphone which the screen is perfect by the way. if this used tmobile 3g i would bu it in a heartbeat.

  11. Doesn’t look like an iphone at all does it (Much!!!!).

    Stll not up to the mark of my Desire :-)

  12. I’ve read about an August release date!!! It’ll be this vs the Desire when my contract comes up for upgrade in June.

    I really hope it does look this good when finally launched, I also hope the price is around 250 euros, thats only around £200 atm! :P.

  13. 4.3 inches is a lot better guys. Like the HTC HD2 and the Sprint EVO. I played with HD2 and screen still fits in your pocket somehow.

  14. It’s probably made of plastic, painted with lead and will be cheap.

  15. I love the look, so sleek and sexy! Wish it was available in the states.

  16. something to think about how high are margins

  17. it has an awesome design. very unique and new. very clean :D

  18. Will this be out in UK,or work in the UK?

  19. from manila here, where can i order this meizu m9?? around how much is this?

  20. I like this, just looking for a discount!

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