Acer Liquid E – Ferrari Edition Gets Unveiled


Acer’s launching a new, car-themed version of their Acer Liquid E. It’s going to be called the Ferrari Edition and comes with a vibrant-looking Ferrari red shell with the distinguishable Ferrari logo on the back. The speaker and microphone areas on the phone are designed to look like air intake components on the exterior of a race car.


Software wise, the phone’s shipping with Android 2.1 with a special set of Ferrari-centric wallpapers preinstalled. It’ll have a 3.5-inch capactive screen, a 5-megapixel camera, and everything else you expect to get on this remake. They’re also planning to offer a matching Bluetooth headset that will sport the same branding and color as the phone.

Whenever Acer’s ready to reveal pricing and availability, we’ll race the details straight to you. Until then, read on for the full press details.

Acer moves up a gear with the Liquid E Ferrari special edition smartphone
Acer Liquid E Ferrari special edition is the most exclusive smartphone in the world, dedicated to those who refuse to settle for mere perfection and demand something extra from their technological devices: passion, cutting-edge technology, performance, and above all, exclusive features!

Passionate, like the red of its livery, Sophistication, expression of the utmost perfection, High performance, like the finnest race cars, Exclusive, like a tailor-made suit, and Fully-equipped, like a luxurious object: these ingredients make the Acer Liquid E Ferrari special edition utterly unique and in a class of its own.

Created from a pure racing soul, the Acer Liquid E Ferrari special edition combines powerful performance with design excellence. It is not merely a luxurious smartphone or status symbol; it is an object with nothing was left to chance, where obsessive attention to detail ensures its owner a uniquely rare experience.

Above all, it flaunts a bold yet elegant design: the glossy red casing with chrome trim makes it a true pleasure for the eyes. The front is dominated by a spacious 3.5″, hi-resolution capacitive touchscreen, while the back sports the legendary “Scuderia Ferrari” shield with details in carbon fibre, while the redesigned microphone recalls the “air intake inlet”, lending it a powerful look to keep it in pole position.

Acer has completely personalised the user interface, thereby allowing fans of the Rossa to have the thrill of the Gran Premio always at their fingertips:

_The Ferrari wallpaper brightens up the 5-page home page for total immersion into the roaring world of Formula 1.
_Stunning images and videos are always at your fingertips.
_A special set of ringtones allows you to personalise your phone with the inimitable sweet music of the Ferrari engine.

Do you always want to flaunt the best? Here is the coolest headset ever to be produced. Bearing the Ferrari brand name, it is small and compact to fit any ear perfectly. In just a few centimetres this object concentrates advanced technologies for perfect reception anywhere, anytime. In fact, it was designed to eliminate outside noise and ensure incomparable clarity. Moreover, it features technology that cancels echos and automatically regulates volume for perfect communications – always.

Protect your Acer Ferrari Liquid E special edition with the ultra chic Ferrari case and safeguard it from shocks and dust. The high-quality material makes this luxury accessory a pleasure for the eye and touch.

“A Ferrari is not just about speed. It is an expression of beauty, power, excitement, pleasure and natural excellence” comments Gianpiero Morbello, Acer Vice President, Marketing and Brand. “From the original concept to the finished product the new smartphone was conceived down to the finest details with the idea of giving a stronger sense of belonging to all Ferrari fans.”

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  1. Wallpapers, images, videos and ringtones? Is that what they meant by “Acer has completely personalised the user interface”? What a joke.

  2. wow, that is an ugly phone.

  3. I’d hit it!

  4. i’m from Modena, the city where Ferrari is made and Ferrari fan…..but i’d never buy a smart like that!

  5. The HTC Evo is a perfect example of how red on a phone can make it drop dead gorgeous.

    The Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edition is a perfect example of how red on a phone can make it drop dead horrendous. The whole thing looks like a toy you’d find at the dollar store.

  6. It’s pretty stupid looking – especially with the ACER slapped on the back in white.

  7. Acer fooled their clients. They did not provide Eclair for Acer Liquid – first version and forced ppl to buy the liquid E – Never again Acer. Or at least if you buy an Acer, I suggest you keep in mind that no upgrade will come to your handset … IMHO ….

  8. meh… wake me up when the Murciélago phone gets here.

  9. The Ferrari factory is in Maranello, not Modena.

  10. anyone know when this phone would be launched in Scandinavia/denmark?

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