MyTouch 3G Slide Gets Discounted by Walmart, Get it for $129.99


At one point, it would cost $199.99 to get the MyTouch Slide with a 2-year contract agreement with T-Mobile. Walmart’s slashed that price to a low $129.99, now, and if you’re due for an upgrade, they’ll let you grab the device for $139.99.


At this price (granted signing a two-year contract isn’t of dire concern to you), you cannot go wrong with a unique device by HTC. Jump on over to Walmart’s website now to preorder the phone at this incredible price.

[via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just please remember before buying from Wal-Mart (Let’s Talk) or any other 3rd party retailer: All of these places offer you nice discounts, but please be sure you want to keep this device for over 6 months. If you were to cancel, or even DOWNGRADE “YOUR” T-Mobile plan, Let’s Talk can charge you a fee for it as per the agreement you accept when purchasing a device at a steep discount. All of this stuff should be included in Phandroid’s articles in my opinion. You get a ton of traffic and just the sight of this sort of discount may result in an impulse buy when in reality it’s better to spend the extra $70 and have no one else but your service provider in control of what you do.

  2. Never heard of this “fee” you speak of. Even so, what’s your point? 95% of the people who sign new contract/renew at Wal-Mart/Best Buy/Radio Shack/Online are going to keep the phone for the duration of their contract. The other 5% trying to scam the retailers deserve to get hit with an “adjustment fee.”

    Take advantage of the deep discounts the retailers offer!

  3. Pay for the phone (a one time transaction) with your debit card. If you are worried about them hitting you with a charge if you say, downgrade your minute plan, which would in fact violate the fine print in the agreement, just go to your bank and request a new debit card. Badabing badaboom they cant charge you for anything now because they no longer have the card number.

    On another note anyone think the “big” June 19th “event” will be the release of the nexus One ?
    I know its coming soon, not sure if its the 19th though.
    I’m getting the N1 not the underpowered 3G Slide.


  4. I visted a local tM store and the sales guy allowed me to play with his 3G slide, it seemed extremely good. no lag, v quick loading of websites, this will be a winner.

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