Hauwei Pulse Gets Android 2.1 On T-Mobile Hungary


One of T-Mobile’s lesser known Android offerings –  the T-Mobile Pulse – has just been updated to Android 2.1. T-Mobile Hungary’s site has the download links and instructions you’ll need to try and apply the update for yourself.


As with any upgrade, you do risk losing any files and settings on your phone and MicroSD card, so be sure to back them up anyway you can before applying the update. Also note that once you’ve made the jump to Android 2.1, you will not be able to revert to Android 1.5 (but who would want to do that, anyway?). Head over there for everything you’ll need now.

[via Android Authority]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this toy gets 2.1 and my european htc hero still runs on 1.5, awesome!

  2. @AngryHeroOwner
    HTC does this with lots of phones. They want to have the old days with no updates back. Either they will start to get it, or folks will need to learn to avoid the HTC branded phones. I mention branded since HTC made Nexus One gets updates, but it is not HTC branded.

  3. Where’s the Nexus Two already? We need more phones with standard Android that get updates immediately.

    Maybe Hauwei should make some top spec phones, they could do well if they make something with a capacitive screen + Cortex A8/A9 processor at a good price.

  4. I have the Nexus One with Android 2.1. Just manually installed 2.2. You guys with 1.5 and 1.6 don’t know what you are missing.

  5. Wow, this thing got 2.1 and the Samsung Behold II can’t?!

  6. just installed this gem on my gf’s Pulse last Sunday – so far, it’s awesome.

  7. Went to see the Pulse Mini the other day (rubbish), but wanted to compare against the Pulse. They said all stock from stores in the UK had been recalled for ‘refurbishment’. The sales guy said that last time this happened it was for a major software upgrade on a SE handset, so was probably true of the Pulse too.

    It would be a major selling point to have a 2.1 Handset with most of the bells and whistles for £150 max PAYG.

  8. I’ve downloaded the zip and safely updated my brother’s Tmobile Pulse in the UK! I had to remove the battery twice as it seemed to get stuck in the restarting screen during the update process. I honestly thought this would have interupted the update and damaged the handset. But the update worked fine and the phone booted up just fine. I’m very excited for my brother! Me and my sis are still running 1.6 on our G1s.

    I personally think the 526 mhz cpu’s just aint got the juice to run 2.0 plus updates super smoothly.



  9. Definitely works on UK tmobile Pulse. Updated last night with no problems. The reboot after it’s finished takes a few minutes so just leave it and it does come back eventually. On the whole it looks a lot more slick than 1.5 and definately seems more stable.

  10. hi can someone give me a idiots guide on how to update to 2.1 on pulse please

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