GameLoft Changes Their DRM Policy


Not even a week after we reported the original story regarding GameLoft’s horrific DRM policy, they listened to the concerns of many of their potential customers and has taken significant action. For starters, they’ve completely reversed their stance on redownloading games that aren’t in the Android market.


We’d like to announce you that policy regarding Android HD+ games sold through our own store is currently changed to allow you to re-download a game that you paid for.

Unfortunately this change will take a bit of time but rest assured we will announce once it is live.

Thank you for your patience.

That’s a great first step, but they’ve not implemented the functionality just yet (we’re chalking it up to them having to figure out a technical solution to minimize piracy risks). The heat was on them and they showed that they’re willing to do what it takes to make sure their customers feel comfortable buying their games. Has this move restored your faith in GameLoft?

[Thanks, Dave Loft!]

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  1. There’s a spanish saying that translates to something like “their asses turned to soda”.

    I prefer the Market, thanks GameLoft.

  2. Still won’t ever buy from another place other than the android market. I have come to know, trust, and love the android market far to much to try another place, especially when it involves my seven bucks! I don’t know why you can’t just put in the market and forget about it?? It sounds easier and they would make more money…

  3. The world have more countries than the USA and those other few countries that paid apps are available in. They are listed here:

    For the rest of the world, and we are quite many, paid apps are not available. It’s a shame that Google don’t fix this and companies must resort to own solutions. It’s a sad situation that’s holding Android back outside these countries.

  4. GameLoft can suck it. Did they really think they could get away with their asinine download policy?

  5. If their 3D games are good, and it seems like they are, I’ll gladly buy them directly from Gameloft once the redownload option is live.

  6. Nope.

    Put the games in the App Market, for starters. Where it’s a visible community and it’s easier to voice concerns. It’s also easier to manage updates through Market apps.

    Wait a second, Gameloft updates for Android? Forgot, that doesn’t happen! Unless it’s to nerf the graphics, and ignore common complaints (like hundreds of music files appearing in the music player from Asphalt).

    Gameloft is quality on iPhone. Sure, they have no original ideas, but they take iPhone seriously. Gameloft is dragging their feet with Android, and I won’t buy their games as long as they do.

    I’m not alone, Gameloft.

  7. P.s. this whole policy was ridiculous to begin with. Aside from the expection to redownload something you’ve paid for. I can log into my iTunes account on a friends iPhone, redownload any game or app (including Gamelofts games) onto his iPhone for free (since I’ve already paid for it), sign out of my account and ta da! Free game for my friend.

    Gamelofts cool with that on iPhone, but has to squeeze every last penny out of Android users, who they’re giving a horrible and complicated experience, from buying games to running them.

    **** Gameloft.

  8. They didn’t mention if you could reinstall it on a new phone or if it will still be tied to one phone. I’ll stick to the market where at least I can easily get a refund if a game doesn’t work on my phone like it should. Plus it’s nice to see the user reviews on the market, they have helped me decide to buy apps several times.

  9. Words are cheap, lets see if ti actually happens.

    @Johnathon via the market android folks can also redownload. This is for apps bought outside the market, something which the iPhone just won’t do.

  10. As much as I prefer the Android Market, there are three titles that I will buy once re-downloads are allowed. I can be pissed at the old policy but I’m not cutting off my mose to spite my face. The games are too good.

  11. I believe it all boils down to control. Much the same way Android users want control over their property, so do other people and entities. Android is all about openness and non conformity and choice, right? I am sure down the road if Android goes mainstream, it will branch out, ie tablets, car interfaces, televisions and who knows what, maybe everyday appliances, home security, there will be access to Android all over the place and not just one central repository. Companies want their identity, one of the reasons cell phone service providers are loathe to not rebrand their phones via crapware. Then they would just become a namless pipeline Also some companies may not want to be associated with the market without assurances and standards.

  12. There’s a lot of stubborn people here. Android was created to be OPEN, so both users AND devs dont have to stick to the norms and can do things differently. That’s the beauty of it.

    So now because Gameloft are trying something new, AND improving all the time, people are going to snub the best developer on Android!?

    Pretty retarded if you ask me. Maybe you should all get iPhones where things are nice and predictable…

  13. Restored my faith?
    I never had any faith in them to begin with.

  14. @Richy

    That’s not an improvement. It’s a reaction over mass hysteria. Do you really think they would have changed that if no one ever complained?

  15. This is not about Android being open it is about greed. Name one software that you buy that you can’t reuse/redownload after purchasing unless there is a time limit for it like anti virus software. This is no different from Toyota and their PR issues. Basically their hands were caught in the cookie jar and had to fess up and make it right with customers or risk out on the momentum of android. Google made the system open for customers to have a choice not the developer on how to use the phone. Without a consumer a business is no where basic biz 101. I have used some of the gameloft games and they suck on android IMOP, they r laggy expensive for the user experience and no feedback from the developer when problems arise. As users community forums like this are needed to expose the greedy companies that don’t respond to those who buy their products. It amazes me how these little know developers can make great apps with little capital, but these bigger more well know ones couldn’t hold a candle to them.

  16. @ Everyone who doesn’t understand why they don’t want to go through the market.

    – They obviously don’t like the Market’s return policy.. the don’t want customers to “try” their games and return them within a day..

    I think there is an alternative to this for Gameloft to maximize their number of customers. Gameloft should display all their games in the Market.. and instead of downloading the games, you’d download a GAMELOFT app store.. they should then make it easy for you to purchase the game you intend on buying at the same time have you accept their terms and policies.

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