HTC Desire’s Froyo Port Nearly Ready, A Smidgen Slower than the Nexus One


Thanks to a developer over at XDA, the HTC Desire is set to receive a Froyo port sometime today. XDA user Ahmgsk has been hacking away at the Nexus One-like device and the fruits of his labor have converged into a bowl of frozen yogurt.


Benchmarks (the same one performed on the Motorola Shadow yesterday) puts it a good step ahead of the Shadow and just a small step beneath the Nexus One (though, at this level of comparison, you can pretty much say it’s just as fast). If you’re not too worried about losing your Sense-enabled UI (in turn for some nice features that were introduced with Froyo), keep your eye on the XDA thread for an update later today.

If you don’t fancy hacking your device or losing Sense, then be sure to wait until late June as HTC could be delivering an Android 2.2 update themselves at that time.

[via Android Community]


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  1. Does this mean the Shadow was running 2.1? Or is it slower than than the “aging” HTC’s?

  2. That shadow is running Android 2.1

  3. That is cool. XDA is doing wonders with this phones. :)

  4. I hope the Incredible isn’t far behind.

  5. shadow is running 2.2

  6. 7 days and EVO is up next to get served some froyo.

  7. So when will my N1 get some froyo? :(

  8. If you look through xda you’ll see we’re now getting better results on the Desire than people get on the N1.

  9. Why do they always show Android either with an empty home screen, or with the app drawer pulled up (making it look like an iPhone)? Where are the native widgets like Calendar, Facebook, Music, Buzz, News and Weather, Photo Frame, etc? That’s what makes the look of Android unique and personal!

  10. @Ratnok: Just having a home screen makes Android different from the iPhone.

  11. Sooner that EVO, if his EVO’s gonna get it in 7 days, we probably get it sooner,

  12. ill wait for a proper version. andriod is butt ugly without sense

  13. Well said Bob, SenseUI is the icing on the cake.

  14. It dont make sense unless you have some Sense, but it will be fun to try.

  15. damn. incredible is going to be so fast. cant wait to kill with it. literally.

  16. Newbie here I’m afraid. If I was to hack 2.2 onto my desire would I still be sent out the Sense 2.2 update from HTC later on? Cheers

  17. @reyner you would be able to re-flash with the official rom if and when it comes out

    As an ex hero owner I am seriously considering giving up the black GUI and HTC widgets in favour or speedy updates. The only deal breaker would be lack of exchange support. Does anyone know if stock 2.2 supports exchange?

  18. @Graeme According to the Google I/O Keynote, 2.2 will have full echange support naitive to the OS.

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