HTC Desire Shows Up in TELUS Inventory System, Where’s Triumph?


Well if this isn’t one of the most confusing rumors we’ve come across in recent time. The story goes that the HTC Desire would be rebranded as the HTC Triumph and headed for Canadian carrier TELUS. Why is it, then, that MobileSyrup received a screenshot of the inventory system TELUS uses showing an HTC Desire?


There are a couple of scenarios to play with here. Firstly, it could be that the HTC Triumph’s name in the inventory system was updated to show its name as the HTC Desire. Whether or not that internal change could spill over to the marketing name is up in the air. Secondly, the HTC Desire could very well be launching alongside the Triumph.

These are all rumors, of course, so anything is possible. If anything, just walk away knowing that something that looks like an HTC Desire is still set to show up at TELUS this July, and it might be called either the HTC Triumph or the HTC Desire.

[Note]: We can’t tell from the source of the story if the older “Triumph” entry still exists.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I heard from a telus rep that there’s a new device supposed to hit on June 8th – no idea what it is though

  2. The new device being announced on June 8th will be the next gen iPhone. June 8th is the day after Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC, where he previously announced the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS.

  3. I heard from a tech that it will be the iPad… as new data plans are out ;)

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