Hotspot Users on the EVO Can Use the Feature Free in June, Sprint Unable to Block 3rd-Party Solutions


Well here’s a little unintentional treat that Sprint’s bringing out of the oven: the mobile hotspot feature that many are anticipating on the HTC EVO 4G will be free at least for the month of June. An internal screen states that – due to a proper activation method not being in place yet for the hotspot feature – you’ll be able to tether up to 8 other devices to your EVO’s 4G connection without having to pay the initial $29.99.


As it stands, you won’t be able to use this feature on 3G during that month regardless of if you pay for it or not: Sprint’s hoping to correct this sometime in July. Once that time comes, though, 3G users will be able to use the feature at that premium and 4G users will need to begin paying for it, as well.

What I thought was interesting was that Sprint acknowledges that hotspotting may be achieved through other third-party methods, but is urging their employees to explain to the customer that it doesn’t come with the rock solid security and routing options that Sprint’s offering. At least three bullet points on the launch guide directs employees to keep urging the value you’re getting for $29.99 – meaning perhaps Sprint can’t technically fight against all of the other hotspot methods that are currently out there (maybe including the one introduced in Android 2.2, if the EVO should ever receive that upgrade).

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  1. Don’t forget free forever for those who root.

  2. Where are all the haters from the Qik thread?

  3. $30 bucks for mobile hotspot is stupid. I get they don’t want to shoot the overdrive market share but would you rather have more EVOs in use then overdrives?

  4. You would have thought that they would have sorted this ages ago.

  5. Its this bullshit that makes me stay with T-mobile(since I have a tower outside my house). I only pay $59.99/month for my Nexus One and 2.2 brings free tethering. Of course I talk crap now but I hope T-mobile doesn’t try to make us pay or I’ll have to start using PdaNet again, one time fee of $19.

  6. Easy Tether for me is faster.. cheaper than PDA Net too.. $9.99

  7. @Incredible Yeah I know and I paid $30 for PdaNet when I bought it more than one year ago but I really didn’t have a choice since there wasn’t any other tethering apps for non-rooted Androids at the time :(

  8. LOL @ people paying 9.99 or 19.99 for tethering. Wifi tether is free, grow a pair and root your device.

  9. This feature is currently working on 3g for me.

  10. is tethering reallllly that important?

  11. Yes, other wise how are you suppose to get your iPod/iPad connected to internet :)

    I don’t feel like getting new device and new service plan to use Laptop on the go.

  12. Can someone explain tethering? Ive been on my “instinct” for over 2 years and the EVO will be my first with Android op. system. What will it do for my phone? Is this to bypass the 30 dllr charge? or 10dllr? Maybe someone can post a link.

  13. I dont care about tethering. I Can Afford an Internet bill thank you.

  14. @Albero

    Tethering is not a term strictly used for Android..it simply means using a WIRED cable to connect to a mobile phone and use it’s wireless connection(3G typically). The WIRELESS approach to this is called a hotspot.

    People have been tethering to various phones for ages…but with limits on mobile plans to how much data can be transfered it has not always been the best approach unless you want to get an overage on your “unlimited” plan haha

  15. So. Since they’re acknowledging third-party solutions and advertising theirs over all the rest… do you think we can use them without Sprint caring? As it stands, it still is technically against their TOS, right?

  16. Spring hasn’t bothered me yet.

  17. What is rooting and non rootred phone mean?
    Thank Guys
    Best Buy In Palm beach Gardens Florida will be open early on the 4th

  18. I jus got my white evo n am using the hotspot on 3g.

  19. what do you have to do to make this work? have they already corrected the issue? i am on 3g where i am. i can create a hotspot w/ the phone, but can’t get on the internet w/ the device. i’m new to this, so can someone explain how it works and what rooting and non-rooted means, yeah?

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