Skype Mobile with Video Support to Make Its Way to All Android Phones This Year


For many of you, Skype signing an exclusivity deal with Verizon (even while keeping their iPhone version of the app alive for AT&T) for the Skype Mobile app was a huge disappointment. It looks like Skype’s ambitions are finally going to extend past just one carrier, though, and it’s thanks to the prospect that is video calling.


When asked if they would be providing a Skype client for phones on other carriers such as the HTC EVO 4G with a front-facing camera, Skype responded saying that they’re “betting big on video” and they’ll be doing that this year.

We’re betting big on video, and we intend to set the bar on mobile video calling, and it’s something we’re going to do this year.

We will be bringing a direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace later this year. This application will be available for all consumers globally to download regardless of carriers. (i.e. similar to how we offer the iPhone app today)

– Brianna Reynaud, Skype PR

Hopefully “later this year” turns out to be sooner rather than later as I’m sure many users can’t wait to get back one of the most important apps they’ve installed on their devices.

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  1. They could integrate the Skype contacts to the phone-book the same way it is done with the official Facebook and Twitter apps.

  2. Fring already doing video call through Skype and it works beautiful

  3. this will be great. i hope it comes out soon,since quik will be charging 5 bucks for there video chat.

  4. There are a lot of companies that want to make money on video calling on this phone.

  5. Just as an FYI, the skype app on VZM is nothing to envy. After trying to get it working on my non VZM phone, I found out it is merely a frontend for a Skype number, much like the calling card apps. I can’t find the XDA thread on it right now, but I am sure someone else can find it with better search skills.

  6. @Android User it’s a dream app for those that need Skype text chat only, like myself. I’ve tried Fring for this, but it does not sanely support Group Chats (messages coming in from group chats are sent as individual messages from the person that sends each message). Imagine being in a chat with at least 10 people talking at the same time. When I tried this on Fring, I had to reset my phone and quickly uninstalled the app.

  7. Now, if only Verizon would finally allow skype to run over wifi….

  8. Didn’t the phone companies try to implement video calling in cell phones years ago and no one was interested??? What makes them think it would be different now???

  9. Hopefully it’ll be able to run on wifi this time. {{-_-}}

  10. Had a windows mobile phone that could do video calls, never used it once.

  11. thanks for giving me details about the skype Mobile Phone . this is very good detail about it and i read the blog you give more about the skype Mobile Phone i do not have the detail about it

  12. @Richie
    Yes they did. But the infrastructure wasn’t there. None had a video camera hooked to the internet.
    these days it comes standard on most laptops. There are plenty of people who want to make video calls now because they’ve experienced it at home or at work and now want it on their phones

  13. I’ll probably will never use video call ,but out there are a lots of def people who will love it. I need skype for the chat and to call friends and family on other skype devices. That will be nice. Hurry up Skypeeeeeeeeeeee

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