Sprint Recommends Their Retailers Open Early for the EVO 4G Launch


If you haven’t already been turned away by the fact that you won’t get to use Qik with your front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera without paying an extra $5, then it looks like you can get your HTC EVO 4G a little bit earlier than expected this June 4th when the phone officially launches.


Engadget came across an internal screenshot by Sprint urging their “preferred retailers” to open their stores at 8AM on Friday, June 4th, 2010 to better handle the expected bump in traffic for the phone. We imagine Sprint’s own stores are their most-preferred retail locations, so we can at least expect them to be open earlier than usual. You’ll need to check in with your local RadioShack, Best Buy, or whatever other stores will be carrying this phone starting June 4th to see if they will be adjusting their store hours, as well.

Are you going to be that early bird that gets one of the juiciest worms we’re expecting to see this June?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i work nights, so will shoot straight to best buy after work… if they do open early

  2. I am not buying one but its a good idea to open the stores earlier.

  3. Uh oh… I sense campouts…

  4. I’ll go in early and pick up my pre-ordered EVO from Best Buy. I couldn’t stand the anticipation.

  5. EVO is the Juiciest Slug.

  6. OK, let’s get real. Lining up at a SPRINT store? (or Best Buy) really? For a Sprint phone? C’mon. LOL. We’ll see.

  7. I already have an appointment at my BestBuy (Altamonte Springs, FL) for Friday morning to pick up my preordered Evos. I did ask if they planned to open earlier and the answer was no.

  8. I’ll be there bright and early, probably swing by on the way to breakfast just to check if there’s other geeks waiting outside early… :p

  9. I called and asked, my Best Buy won’t be opening early on Friday.

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