May 27th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 4:13 pm

sanjay-jha-05-27-2010-1274982007Let’s see…what burning questions did Sanjay Jha NOT answer at Barclays recent investors conference. Is Motorola looking into tablets? Moto is “engaged in thinking about the right solution there.” When Motorola acquired Azingo was it really to forge their own mobile OS? “Nearly all of my focus is on Android today,” Jha said. And he didn’t stop there.

Motorola Android owners will be happy to know that Jha is claiming his company is aggressively pursuing bringing Android 2.2 to Motorola devices, and that an updated version of Motoblur is in the cards for later this year. For the more than a million people that use that service, that may be good news provided they can make the same type of positive changes that HTC has been steadily working on with their Sense UI. Speaking of HTC, Jha isn’t all that worried about the HTC Droid Incredible outselling the Droid.

And why isn’t he worried? Because Motorola has a few Droid phones coming up that just get Sanjay Jha giddy. Motorola Droid XTRM anyone? Check out the full report here, here, and here.

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