Motorola’s Sanjay Jha Says “Focus Is on Android,” More Devices Coming Soon


sanjay-jha-05-27-2010-1274982007Let’s see…what burning questions did Sanjay Jha NOT answer at Barclays recent investors conference. Is Motorola looking into tablets? Moto is “engaged in thinking about the right solution there.” When Motorola acquired Azingo was it really to forge their own mobile OS? “Nearly all of my focus is on Android today,” Jha said. And he didn’t stop there.

Motorola Android owners will be happy to know that Jha is claiming his company is aggressively pursuing bringing Android 2.2 to Motorola devices, and that an updated version of Motoblur is in the cards for later this year. For the more than a million people that use that service, that may be good news provided they can make the same type of positive changes that HTC has been steadily working on with their Sense UI. Speaking of HTC, Jha isn’t all that worried about the HTC Droid Incredible outselling the Droid.

And why isn’t he worried? Because Motorola has a few Droid phones coming up that just get Sanjay Jha giddy. Motorola Droid XTRM anyone? Check out the full report here, here, and here.

[via Engadget]

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  1. “provided they can make the same type of positive changes that HTC has been steadily working on with their Sense UI”

    I have the new HTC Evo from Google IO, and I can’t believe you meant that. Sense is just an annoying hack – there’s nothing useful about it whatsoever. As far as I can tell it’s only purpose is to steal useful screenspace away from things I use.

    It may be that I can customize Sense to get rid of what I don’t like, but out of the box it’s just trash.

    The Evo’s nice hardware though.

  2. Android is the way forward.
    Android tablets from well known companies is also good.

  3. Is he smiling, or something untoward going on out of picture. Probe the human…

  4. I hope they do get FroYo onto all of their devices ASAP so they don’t go through another consumer backlash like they did with the Éclair situation

  5. Don’t talk about it; be about it.


  6. More MOTO DROIDs coming on the way??

    Thats amazing!!

  7. I like and have the Cliq however I feel that Moto has not been as good updating and taking care of existing current clients as HTC has done, instead focusing on all new phones. I can guarantee this will be last Moto phone.

  8. I can see Motorola is lurking in the shadow on android

  9. Soooooooo are they only gonna make bad ass phones for VZW? What ever happened to stuff like the Razor for all 4 carriers, the Palm Treo for all 4 carriers, The Touch Pro 2 for all 4 carriers? This pick and choose stuff is just rediculous by now. HTC is the best company right now as far as availability and quality of device. It’s probly the carriers fault but its just getting old

  10. Motorola is making phones for Verizon because Verizon gives them TONS of marketing. Have you seen the Droid commercials? They’ve been showing like non-stop since November.

  11. yeah if moto made a phone for t-mobile, we’d probably see a lame ad with Whoopi Goldberg.

  12. It’s looking like it may be too little too late as Motorola really has issues with their customers. I like my Milestone but certain decisions made during the engineering phase of development make this a less than stellar phone. The lack of the ability to unlock the bootloader is just as bad. Not to mention that there was a post over at MotoDev telling those who wanted such functionality to go buy and HTC device. This will not be my last Motorola device as the hardware has been great (except for the headphone jack).

  13. Motoroi with xenon flash for uk, with updated moto blur please & soon…. I cant wait much longer.

  14. non-rootable=No sale for me.

  15. Dext owner in the UK, moto europe promised to update to 2.1 which has been been under evaluation for about 3 months now. Most users on the official support forum are expecting it to be cancelled as soon as they have shifted enough of them. To be frank I wouldn’t have another moto device if it was gold plated and jha presented it to me in person, their support sucks big time, pity Android arrived and saved their handset division from oblivion.

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