May 4th, 2010

It’s no secret that Android has played a huge part in Motorola’s success in turning their mobile phone ship around, but Motorola has only scratched the surface confirmed by their latest move: they’ve acquired a mobile handset platform company named Azingo. This information was revealed through a LinkedIn profile that states one Yogish Kulkarni is now a senior software engineer for Motorola Ltd. by way of acquisition.


This likely doesn’t spell “doom” for Motorola’s Android-endeavors, though. An acquisition of this sort could – besides the possibility of using the inherited software for their own uses – mean Motorola is looking to innovate further with MOTOBLUR on top of Android by tapping the minds of highly experienced mobile operating system makers. Nothing is official, though, but if Motorola makes an announcement soon regarding this move, we’ll bring it to you with (hopefully) breakneck speed.

[LinkedIn via AndroidAndMe]

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