Motorola To Introduce Their Own Operating System?


It’s no secret that Android has played a huge part in Motorola’s success in turning their mobile phone ship around, but Motorola has only scratched the surface confirmed by their latest move: they’ve acquired a mobile handset platform company named Azingo. This information was revealed through a LinkedIn profile that states one Yogish Kulkarni is now a senior software engineer for Motorola Ltd. by way of acquisition.


This likely doesn’t spell “doom” for Motorola’s Android-endeavors, though. An acquisition of this sort could – besides the possibility of using the inherited software for their own uses – mean Motorola is looking to innovate further with MOTOBLUR on top of Android by tapping the minds of highly experienced mobile operating system makers. Nothing is official, though, but if Motorola makes an announcement soon regarding this move, we’ll bring it to you with (hopefully) breakneck speed.

[LinkedIn via AndroidAndMe]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Interesting for sure…

  2. They already have their own operating system. It runs on every non-android, non-symbian, non-windows phone.

    This is just a natural extension of that.

  3. Oh come on, not another one. What are we up to now, a dozen different mobile phone operating systems? Sheesh, you’d think there’d have been a mobile OS war by now, to thin out the small fries. Oh well, I guess they can do whatever they want. I personally don’t care for Motorola products, so at least they won’t be losing me as a customer if they screw up, not that I’m a significant customer in any way of course.

  4. I doubt this will be anything to get excited about. Not everyone will be using android in the future, that doesn’t mean this will truly compete with it though.

  5. Um, guys, remember what happened the last time anyone jumped the gun on Motorola making a move. Let’s see what happens before anyone goes off half-cocked?

  6. I think everyone is overthinking this… probably just a little Indian development firm Moto bought for their staff…

  7. What they need to get is a whole new team of designers,then go frm there…steups!

  8. It will be interesting to see what they do with it… maybe enhancing their motoblur.

  9. they will likely rename it something stupid like “Moto-Zing” :P

  10. Well if they do branch out I think it would be stupid. You bought something you already had. But if its for the devs then that may be good for them.

  11. whatever they want to do go for it by the way the motorola phones have been some of the best the razor destroyed everybody for many years and the droid is just the start of something huge for them

  12. It took all of about 30 seconds to look up Azingo on LinkedIn and see that some employees now list their employment at Motorola, and have been SINCE MARCH. And yet, there have been no press releases from either Azingo or Motorola indicating that any acquisition has taken place. Also, the profile in question no longer cites “by acquisition”. The rest of this: guesswork pulled from thin air.

  13. Android gave Motorola new life. Funny once they are seeing black again they all of a sudden want to go back to old business model…which nearly drove them out of the mobile market altogether.

  14. Motorola seem to have a compulsion to do something stupid right after doing something awesome.

  15. But he’s Indian…Indians are ‘better than Americans’, right?

    Just ask anyone in Scumberg…

    Related note: MOT HR policy prohibiting personal recommendations by/for former MOT employees on social networking sites like LinkedIN.

    How the h*ll they’re going to enforce that is beyond me.

    Unrelated note: MOT senior management stamping their feet and threatening to hold their breath till they turn blue if they don’t get more market share.

    SANJAY: “Less Androids!”

  16. They should name the new os (and rename their company) to MotoFAIL, because thats whats going to happen to their OS. Good luck getting devs on board.

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