Is Android the Reason for Amazon’s Music Store Growth?


Something interesting came out of NPD’s look at online music sales. While Apple stayed perched at the top of the mountain with nearly 70% of online sales going through their iTunes Store, Amazon has grown from 4% to 12% since 2008 (the year we saw our first Android phone).


It’s believed that Amazon MP3’s inclusion on many Android devices has become a key reason for said growth. I’m not sure which – if not all – Android phones Amazon’s MP3 store comes stocked with, but I can’t imagine that OEMs would purposely leave it out as there doesn’t appear to be a better option for Android in near sight (unless you opt to get your tunes through streaming music services instead).

[Update]: Yes, I did actually forget about Google’s online music store that’ll tie into Android. How stupid and forgetful of me. To be fair, I did note in near sight, as we still don’t know when Google will be bringing us those features :).

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. No better option in sight? What about the web-based music store Google showed at I/O? It looked awesome.
    It might be a few months away(even 6, if it were to come as part of Gingerbread) but it looks cool.

    Personally, I love Spotify and the mobile application is worth the premium, but US users can’t get that, I guess. At least, not easily.

  2. It isn’t on the Incredible and due to it not being in the market, we get screwed.

  3. Verizon has the MP3 store app blocked on the Incredible. Wouldn’t want to lose all that money that should be going to VCAST.

  4. Sony left them out, you guess why.

  5. And Rogers have their own music store too.

  6. Can’t wait for Googles web music store.
    Google VS Apple for music sales.

  7. Not available in Canada. It’s been “coming soon” for about two and a half years now.

  8. I certainly have been adding to their sales. I buy all my music from the Amazon app then run a script to copy all my new music to my pc.

    Lastest track… group name: Paper Tounges song: Ride to California

    Extremely hot track ;-)

  9. I’m a big fan of Amazon’s music store. I think they are growing in share because they are simply awesome.

    1. No DRM from day one
    2. Daily free song and discounted album
    3. Free sampler albums
    4. Excellent customer service
    5. Good affiliate program

  10. @TzuDohNihm V-cast isn’t available on the Incredible either. In fact there is currently no way of purchasing music on the device at all.

  11. So Google is opening it’s own music store, and stabbing another “partner” in the back? How long is Google going to be able to partner with different companies and then eventually create a product that competes with their supposed partners.

    AmazonMP3 is a fine music store. Why do we need a Google Music Store? I’ve wondered why Amazon has’t really updated their MP3 app much. I guess now we know why…

  12. I think Amazon’s deals, such as their MP3 Daily Deal, are one of the major reasons for their increase in popularity. You can get great mp3 albums for usually around $3 or so… The follow site and google gadget make it really easy to track and listen to the daily deal:



  13. They open couple moore locations around me.Im from Czech Republic http://amazon-cz.blogspot.com/ Closest to me is Amazon.de

  14. The Droid incredible didn’t have it pre installed. :(

    I was able to copy Amazon mp3 the program from my Motorola Droid.

    The beauty of Android. android rocks!

  15. Why do we need Google OR an amazon music store? We should just have one choice: iTunes and that should be enough for everyone! /sarc

  16. There is no doubt that this has contributed to the Amazon MP3 growth. I haven’t bought music from Itunes since I got the Nexus One.

    As for Google stabbing Amazon in the back. I’m quite sure that Google is not going to block the Amazon MP3 app from working. That if I want to get a good deal from Amazon I still can. It’s all good.

  17. Amazon would be better if they offered lossless or at least 320kbps MP3s instead of 256.
    Just noticed Amazon have a £2 MP3 credit if you spend £10 (.co.uk at least)

  18. Amazon mp3 comes stock on cdma heros

  19. I’ve seen people on other countries request the music store.. even in Australia we still have no credible alternative to iTunes. Amazon, OPEN UP and people will make you number 1.

  20. The Amazon mp3 app as well as the regular Amazon app both came preinstalled on my Motorola Cliq.

  21. amazon is just growing up so fast because everybody knows amazon and you can trust them

  22. Amazon’s Music Store is really very helpful for finding any kind of songs especially pop songs.

  23. I only buy my music from Amazon now. The interface is nice and it’s quick and painless. Plus being able to upload straight to my phone and iPod simultaneously through DoubleTwist which is what sold me on it in the first place.

  24. There isn’t the Amazon MP3 Store in Canada but I recently bought a Cliq from the States and tested the MP3 store while in Canada and it looks to work. I only previewed a song and didnt buy anything yet but will try when I can.

  25. It’s easy to install the Amazon MP3 store app on the Incredible. It’s not in the Android market, but just search for amazonmp3.apk and use an installer.

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