Motorola Motoroi Headed to First US Carrier


Remember that Motorola phone that showed up a while back and was never to be heard from while its siblings got more love on other carriers in the United States? That phone was the Motorola Motoroi (otherwise known as the Motorola XT720) and – at the time –  we had our eyes on the thing expecting it to be one of Motorola’s flagship launches here in the States.

Since then, it’s been launched in numerous other markets, but a reliable source of ours has confirmed that the Motoroi will be making its way to the United States. Cincinnati Bell – who unexpectedly sold out of their very first Android phone in a matter of days, the Bell Blaze – is expected to carry the device sometime in Q3 of 2010.


This comes right after we heard of the Motoroi getting a UK launch and that the phone would get a significant upgrade, to boot. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm it’ll get the same internals that the UK version is getting, but it will still be stocked with Android 2.1 (but MOTOBLUR is still up in the air, last we checked). With that, we should also be seeing it equipped with an HDMI-out port, 720p video recording capabilities, and an 8-megapixel camera.

If we happen to get our hands on any more pricing and availability details, we’ll pass them along. Cincinnati Bell truly is looking to turn heads with their Android plans, and the Motoroi will do justice in turning a lot of attention to the regional carrier. Now let’s see if any other carriers on this side of the globe will finally be getting their hands on it, as well.

If you fancy further conversation with fellow Motorola Motoroi fans, be sure to make yourself known at the Motoroi section at AndroidForums.com. Similarly, if you’re a Cincinnati Bell customer and feeling like a million bucks with all of these new Android announcements for your carrier, be sure to express your excitement in the Cincinnati Bell section.

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  1. I can’t believe TMO has not dropped this phone into thier line-up!

  2. SPRINT lmao, is cincinati bell CDMA or GSM?

  3. Cincy Bell is GSM.

  4. What the HELL!? Wasn’t this supposed to have made it to Tmo already?

  5. Meanwhile, at AT&T we’re still waiting for something good. This would have been nice to have.

  6. Maybe AT&T is afraid of adding too many smartphones to their already overtaxed network. It’s cheaper and easier for them to limit the bandwidth by limiting phones than to add capacity.

  7. why will anybody get this ugly phone?

  8. give me samsung galaxy s on tmobile.

  9. OMG, what about t-mo?

  10. Ughhh I am holding out for a slider but this phone I would make an exception for. Why are the big four passing this hotness up? God it would have been nice if Google could have started something by selling the unlocked N1. Instead you have to choose a monopolistic carrier to get the phone you want.

  11. Rouse – that plan backfired on them when I bought my Nexus One, because I still pay for feature phone data on a family plan ($10 a month), instead of paying the whole $30 a month. I can use all the data I want for a cheaper price, it’s great. If they were smart, they’d add the Nexus’ IMEI numbers in their system. But hey, I’m not complaining.

  12. Go Cinci Bell. Have my money ready!

  13. I actually like the Motoroi more than Moto’s Droid. I own both. It’s definitely not ugly.

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