Get a Motorola CLIQ XT Free on a New Contract with T-Mobile



Looking to get on T-Mobile now that they are announcing all these new (and very fast) HSPA+ regions? Want a cheap or FREE Android handset to hold you over until something better comes along? If you head over to T-Mobile’s site now and sign up for a new 2-year agreement you can have just that, a brand new Motorola CLIQ XT at no cost to you. If Motoblur is your thing, this one may be for you. Of course if you are looking for an Android phone with a social-media-centric UI and a bit more juice, you may just want to wait for the myTouch 3G Slide coming June 2nd, but that one won’t be free in the slightest.

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  1. And never see any update to 2.2

    All these phones with remade UIs lag behind in updates, kids phones like this one just will not get updated.

  2. This is good news for consumers who are content with a lower end android device and are on a budget.

    This means further problems for 3rd party developers though. “Free” phones like this tend to sell very well. It will be a headache for developers who are trying to make a app/game that utilizes newers versions of the OS like 2.2, but still need to make the app runnable on devices running 1.5-1.6 since that’s what a good % of consumers will own now that ‘free’ android devices are starting to come out.

  3. I have this device and its very easy to use and has friendly interface and MOTOBLUR is great for organizing social content and emails… so when it does get up-graded to 2.1 it will make this all that much better…no complaints here!!

  4. This is good for people who want to buy a low end device.

  5. Motorola has stated on their site that it will update the Cliq/XT to 2.1 by the end of June… so I’m guessing it will update to 2.2 by 2012.

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