Component Shortages the Cause of Droid Incredible Supply Woes


After a brief scare yesterday, the HTC Droid Incredible is ready to be purchased (now with an included 2GB microSD card to boot) with the caveat that it won’t ship out to those that order via the Verizon website until June 16th. On top of a demand that greatly exceeds what was expected by Verizon, component shortages are to blame for the apparent stock issues.


Speaking at Barclays Capital Global Communications, Media & Technology conference, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam cited a low supply of Samsung-manufactured displays were causing production shortages on HTC’s end. He went on to say, “The Incredible has done very well for us. We could sell twice the number I have at this point.” Twice the demand than the available supply? That’s great news for the Android community, but not so great news for those eagerly waiting to get their hands on the best smartphone Verizon offers.

All issues aside, McAdam says that the amount of phones available should catch up to the amount of people that want one within 30 to 60 days. Demand may drop off a bit by that point however, as I get the sinking feeling we’ll be hearing alot more about another killer Android handset headed to Verizon very soon.

[via Fierce Wireless]

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  1. … Or they could leave Verizon, and get the EVO on with Sprint, and get the best smartphone on the market :P

  2. @1 – well, I’m *leaving* Sprint to get an Android. Where I work, their signal is 100% unacceptable. It’s everything people give ATT a hard time about. One size does not fit all.

  3. Better than leaving VZW for AT&T and an iPhone :P

  4. Who manufactures the iPhones screen? Are the iPhone 4th gen and Incredible the same size screen? Could this be yet another sign that the new iPhone is hitting sooner rather than later? Samsung displays shortage because of the ramp up of new iPhone?

    I’m with Newb above, get an EVO!

  5. I’m 100% happy to wait for my Incredible to ship. The EVO doesn’t entice me one tiny little bit, and quite honestly neither does the Motorola Shadow. :)

  6. I left Sprint for Verizon and couldn’t be happier. What’s the point of “best smartphone on the market :P” as quoted above if the network can support it?

  7. @paul,

    Something aint right in your statement. If the EVO doesn’t entice you, how can you be enticed by the incredible. The EVO is the incredible plus alot more. LMAO!!!!

    I could see if you just said you like verizon so you are happy with waiting on an incredible, but otherwise, you are enticed with the EVO if you are enticed with the incredible. Im just sayin…..

  8. The Evo only has a bigger screen than the Incredible… all the tethering and wi-fi hot spot, plus other Evo specs will be going to most Android phones when Froyo comes. I’d take the Incredible any day.

  9. @swazedahustla,
    OK, let me make myself perfectly clear: I would never switch to Sprint for a phone that offers, in my humble opinion, nothing to make me jump ship. I don’t care about an HDMI port, and all the other bells and whistles aren’t enough. The Incredible has all the stuff I’d want from the EVO, plus I prefer the smaller screen size. And since the Shadow will be offered on Verizon, again – I prefer the screen size of the Incredible, and I MUCH prefer Sense to Blur.

  10. The EVO does not have the same quality screen as the incredible for anyone who doesn’t know. Also the iphone screen is going to be smaller than what they currently use so that isn’t part of the problem either.

  11. how is the evo so much more? they both have qualities that seperate them. evo-front camera, stand, hdmi out, bigger lcd screen, 4g sprint. incredible- 8gb internal flash,3.7 amoled screen (better resolution), verizon.

  12. LOL, wow. Should have known i would get attacked by a bunch of incredible owners. First of all before you guys start coming on your menstrual cycles, i just asked about his statement, seemed wierd to me. Dont recall saying anything about jumping ship. You simply made it seem as if the EVO were inferior to the incredible and i didn’t understand.

    Now your little girlfriends jumped in and basically claim they are the same phone. Well no need for me to even point out the differences because obviously they can’t read or comprehend. Thanks for the laugh though, my day was kinda boring up till now.

  13. @swazedahustla,
    I did not attack you, nor will I do so now. I gave a reasonable, measured response indicating why neither the EVO nor the Motorola “entices” me. Please re-read.

  14. @Paul

    The attack part wasn’t meant towards you. I get your point.

  15. The Incredible is worth the wait. I bought two and my wife and I love them. We have not seen any issues with them. The EVO looks nice but the data plan prices seem a tad steep especially if you are not in a 4G area. Thanks to phandroid for all the tips that kept me from settling for the original Droid.

  16. No offense Mac-b, but the data plan is cheaper than the one on verizon. But thats a story for another day.

  17. I have the Moto Droid and my wife just got the Incredible yesterday, IMO I like my Droid better, to me it almost seems like the Sense UI gets in the way. (Facebook sync and a couple other things) Still a super fast phone and awesome screen, I just wish there was a way to get the sense UI off of it and just run a stock Android OS… But thats why I kept my Droid.

  18. Sprint: (ETF = $200 Prorated)
    450 Minutes
    (True) Unlimited data/SMS/MMS 3G/4G
    Free M-to-M (All carriers)
    EVO bullshit
    Total: $79.99

    Verizon: (ETF = $350 Prorated)
    450 Minutes
    Unlimited SMS/MMS
    5GB Data 3G
    Total: $92.97

  19. @ swazedahustla really I don’t think either out do the other. They both have there own advantage. My personal opinion if they where both on the same network I would still go with the Incredible. I don’t like the litle circles around the buttons. Like I can’t see the button that i need to push with out the cirlce around it.

  20. At this point I may just wait until retailers have the Incredible back in stock. In the meantime I’ll watch for more Moto Shadow news and also news on Incredible rooting.
    If the Shadow is as fast as the Incredible and as durable as the Droid, then Moto bests the Inc in my book… assuming everything else is pretty even that is…
    If the Incredible gains root though, perhaps some of the issues making me nervous right now can be fixed (for everyone).
    I have a feeling that I’m not the only one doing this either. If the Shadow gets more substantial leaks before the Incredible is back in stock, I think HTC may loose a substantial amount of sales… although I have been wrong before… lol

  21. I’m holding out for the INC as well. Sense can be turned off, so that shouldn’t of concern. Now MOTOBLUR looks like it’s made for teens.

  22. I guess I should be thankful I was able to walk into my local Verizon store on launch day and walk out the door with one.

  23. I broke my HTC incredible and the insurance company can’t give me a new one. not even an estimate date for delibery. So peaple take goog care of your Incredible.

  24. HAHAH And now all you dumb Verizon people get to pay extra for data “packages” when you get 4G. No unlimited usage for you. Losers :)

  25. The same component shortages are leading to shortages of the HTC Desire in the UK – although these are slowly starting to clear (well over a month after the phone launched!).

  26. I have MacBook Pro, OS 10.6.3. I went into Verizon about iBook, was sold Incredible. Three weeks wait, take delivery tomorrow. BUT,IS IT COMPATIBLE WITH MAC??? Can I tether to Mac? Are there potential problems for Mac w/Incredible???

  27. Nobody mentions the fact that Sprint phones can now roam on the Verizon network unlimited for free. Seems to me that Sprint offers more bang for the buck.

  28. To swazedahustla: First, did you notice the headline at the top about shortage of Incredible parts? Therefore, nobody here cares about Sprint, ATT, or any of the the other call droppers. I have ridden around in a truck with co-workers on those networks and heard them cuss a lot. Second, I would maybe be enticed with the EVO if it were on a Verizon plan but the size of the phone might bother me as well, the Incredible size is just right for me and I doubt very much I would be hooking it to my tv with the hdmi, that seems a little absurd personally. I would imagine this would be a better world easier to find information if idiots like you would stick to topic. Point taken?

  29. Oops, I made a mistake on my June 1st entry. I went into Verizon store about iPHONE (not iBook), as I’d heard that they might soon be carrying it. The salesman said, “That’s just a rumor. But why would you want an iPhone when a Droid is so much better?” And we ended up ordering the Droid Incredible. I’ve got it now and took it to Verizon store to take the class, and have them help me set it up (program it). They wouldn’t, so it’s still in the box. If they won’t take it back, without a restocking fee, I may sell it. Let me know if you want a brand new Incredible without the wait. Contact me through my website: http://www.GretchenChristopher.com (the link that says, “Contact us”). You can also hear Sound Clips of SUITE 16, a Billboard Critics’ Pick for 10 Best Albums of the Year. Enjoy!

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