myTouch 3G Slide Available June 2nd, $179.99 on 2-Year Contract


As many of you who have signed up to receive updates on the myTouch 3G Slide already know (and have also already forwarded this info to us), the newest myTouch will be heading to T-Mobile’s shelves on June 2nd. After a $50 mail-in rebate, this one will set you back $179.99 on a 2-year contract. So T-Mobile myTouch lovers, mark your calenders.

mytouch slide

The price for this one isn’t looking so great considering the EVO 4G releases 2 days later for 20 bucks more (OK, before the mail-in rebate it is quite a bit more), but the new addition of the Genius button and a nice slide-out keyboard make this a pretty good Android too. No where near the powerhouses of some of the other hot summer handsets, but a very impressive addition to the myTouch line.

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  1. I’ll wait. As an early android adopter, my G1 contract isn’t over until October. Hopefully T-mobile will have something better or I’m jumping ship to another carrier.

  2. T-mobile just failed. As soon as my G1 contract expires, I’m off to sprint.

  3. Maybe the update to 2.1 for the mt3g owners can’t be too far behind.

  4. good luck with this one tmobile.

  5. What’s without the
    Contract …….?

  6. If t-mobile didn’t feel the need to stick their wang in this one and leave it vanilla, it would be more appealing.

    They can’t even push out an update for their vanilla handsets, let alone something with a custom UI.

  7. i’m so sick of my g-1, but this is just a crappy mytouch with a slider keyboard. how about something that can actually compete with the droid and all the phones dropping this year? way to eat dust in the android race t-mobile.

  8. @all..
    tmobile is taking a step in that direction. remember project emerald? the rumors of the samsung galaxy s (with a video that might prove this rumor true). also the new rumor of the android sidekick with a front facing camera and a 1ghz processor. also the fact that google is closing down their nexus one store page and is giving it to the retailers to sell it from their stores! a little faith now

  9. complete garbage

  10. It interesting how people base their opinions based upon specs, rather than experience. None of the people bad mouthing this phone have actually touched one, used it, or have any real insight in how it performs compared to the other phones that they imagine to be so much better., After you have gone to the store and played with it, and the others for awhile then your opinion might have some merit.. but for now your trash talking is uninformed crap.

  11. @ s
    Spec wise, the MT3GS is better than the DROID… so I am not sure if you are just comparing looks?… I am not sold on this phone yet until I see it in person, but I do know for a fact that it WILL be a huge seller for TMo customers.

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