Gizmodo Gets Their Hands on Another Unreleased Device: the Motorola Shadow


I’m sure many of you heard about the big showdown between Gizmodo and Apple over the leaking of the iPhone. It looks like unreleased phones are starting to fall into their laps left and right, now, and their story regarding this newly found Motorola Shadow sounds just as “random” as the iPhone 4G story.


Apparently, someone left the phone in a corporate Verizon gym in Washington that showed a text message donning the phone as “unreleased” before the phone was remotely lost. How this phone leaked out is unimportant, though, because we’re too busy drooling over the phone itself: Gizmodo’s reporting it’ll indeed have an 8-megapixel camera, 720p video recording capabilities, and a 4.3-inch touchscreen. There will also be a Snapdragon processor (presumably 1Ghz), an HDMI port, and will ship with Android 2.2 and the latest version of MOTOBLUR.

All of this is expected to come out in either June or July. Whether or not you believe the story of how the phone came to light is on you, but it’s certainly out in the wild and whoever had their hands on it must know what they’re talking about. Hopefully we can see some “anonymously uploaded” videos of this thing in action pretty soon.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. HTC Evo what??? Go Motorola woot!

  2. Hopefully Motoblur can be turned off like Sense on the Evo.

  3. Looks quite good.

    I see some HTC VS MOTO threads :p

  4. Looks like the Incredible’s less attractive younger sister.

  5. I’m with Rich. I have zero desire for Blur.

  6. Snapdragon?? Doubtful, sure the processor might be 1ghz but it wont be an overrated Snapdragon, expect a TI OMAP of some sort…..

  7. The screen image seems to hover over the phone. Bad Photoshop?

  8. Looks exactly like the one on the recently discovered VZW Droid start-up guide of it. I’d say its real

  9. I thought that this was going to have a TI processor?

  10. please could you tell me what battery this phone takes

    kind regards

  11. I don’t think it’s a fake, but I do think the phone looks odd. It almost looks trapezoidal.

  12. Phyiscal keyboard or no? (hoping for no) …
    Lose the friggin Motoblur, Verizon.

  13. I love motoblur

  14. Sure looks like he is in an office and not a gym.

  15. I say fake. It is WAY too big. The Droid is 4.5″ top to bottom and looking at this it is between 7″ and 8″ top to bottom. This device is also supposed to have a T.I. OMAP 3630 running at 7xx Mhz not a Snaprdragon.

  16. The screen image seems to hover over the phone. Bad Photoshop?

    That’s a reflection of the guys white t-shirt.

  17. I’d be very surprised if this was a Snapdragon SoC rather than the updated Droid chipset (OMAP3640 vs OMAP3430, 45nm die shrink vs 65 nm, probably 720 MHz or so given they underclocked the OMAP3430 in the Droid).

  18. That’s an odd way to hold a phone.

  19. @darkseider
    agreed. Either that phone is enormous, or that man has tiny little girl hands

  20. @darkseider. I may agree with you, but I’m not quite sure what to say. Anyways I’m only interested in this because it uses LTE, which means sim cards WHICH MEANS unlockable ;D

  21. The story is bogus, but this looks real. If we are talking about a June/July release, that would be awesome. So now I’m torn between this and the Evo. Evo has Sense which I really like.

  22. Will motoblur delay updates like sense? Does that screen look tapered?

  23. I’ll wait for more official specs but I agree, this phone should be a stock (or as much as possible) phone like the Moto Droid.

  24. @murdock1000 Sorry to burst your bubble but Verizon LTE capable handsets will not start releasing until late Q4/2010 at the earliest. Verizon has officially stated that they are going to have 5 LTE handsets by Q2/2011. So this one here is 3G all the way.

  25. Anyone notice the hardware button configuration on this image vs the leaked image of the manual? They are different…

  26. They can’t even update Blur to 2.1 but all of the sudden there is a 2.2 in the wild?!?

  27. The phone isn’t tapered. It’s perspective. Optical illusion. As for it being too big, nope. It looks pretty close to what I’d expect a 4.3″ screen to need. Yeah, it’s big, but that’s the point, I suspect. You want a larger screen to watch video. I’d also be mode inclined to believe the OMAP suggestions over the Snapdragon speculation. Switching processors would mean a much longer development and test cycle. Finally, I don’t think Blur will delay updates much longer. I’d guess that one they got Blur ported to 2.1, they’ll have done it to make it much easier to port forward. I would hope they’ve learned that Android phones are not like the old school phones where you don’t have to worry about software upgrades. The needed a mindset shift, and I think they get that now.

  28. I don’t believe this is running blur. It looks like stock 2.1/2.2 with live wallpapers, and they just retooled the home screen to have different button layout configuration due to lack of physical keyboard. Again, I put money on stock android, not blur, due to the market there aiming this thing for.

  29. this phone is ugly. and this picture looks fake as hell. the dude aint even gripping the phone. fake photoshop pic. and even if it aint, this thing is ugly.

  30. The face of the phone is mighty reflective lol. So if this is real I wonder if the Incredible is going to become the quite unheard of phone like the Eris. I mean its already out of the news cycle due to its shortages and the Evo lol. Honestly no Android device is going to last long as king of the hill.

  31. Reviews/hype of the Eris upon release were nowhere near the stir the Incredible caused. And for good reason – the Incredible is a quick, capable phone that will not be obsolete in a few months. King of the hill, no, but among the top tier of Android handsets? Yes. This Motorola shadow device sounds nice, but I much prefer Sense to Motoblur and couldn’t care less about the 4″+ screen size or high def recording capabilities. Just my .02

  32. My hands are pretty average-sized, and when I hold my Incredible with my fingers in the same position as the fingers in the photo, the base of my Inc sits in the lower palm of my hand. For this picture to be real, this phone would have to be nearly two inches longer than the Incredible.

  33. A few things……1. this looks beyond photoshopped, it looks like someone did a crappy job shopping the xperia x10. 2. This wouldn’t have motoblur 2.2, simply because of the demographic, and even if it dir that sux for anyone else with a blur phone, theryre all on 1.5. 3. I wouldnt want a 4inch anything from moto, HTC makes better phones.

  34. @Rich I am unable to disable sence on my evo. The only option i have is to force stop and then it just restarts immediately.

  35. FAKE! The only way this could be more obvious is if this was April 1st!

  36. HTC does NOT make better phones lol. wtf are you high? quality is what motorola is about.

  37. @2FR35h, not my experience…and many of the people I know. The droid was the first quality phone for moto in forever. I even doubted it when it was released. I’m waiting for my Incredible to arrive.

  38. Just look at how the screen lines up with the bottom portion of the phone (left to right). There is more space on the right than on the left, and it is not a perspective/angle issue. It clearly is just a photoshopped screen shot layed on the pic from the verizon brochure.

  39. The droid shadow definitely is appealing, but I guess there isn’t a slider-qwerty? Since it is not mentioned now when the device is found in a gym, then no qwerty on this one? =(
    I really want this phone to come with qwerty.

  40. @tke, I didnt think it was fake until I read your post. You are absolutely right.

  41. Obviously a fake, look at the reflection in the phone…nowhere do you see a reflection of the guys watch!!!! lol good try………

  42. Am I the only one who doesnt like to title to this story? Gizmodo didnt “get their hands” on anything. Someone tipped them on this phone and sent them in images of it. How is that “HANDS ON”?

    Who wrote this one up?

  43. shooped

  44. This must be the phone a Verizon employee recently mentioned to me that will be coming out in June.

    If it has an OMAP processor running at 7xx MHz as suggested above, how would the performance compare with the 1 GHz Snapdragon?

  45. This OMAP equals or surpasses the snapdragon in benchmark tests at a lower clock speed IF its the 3630 because its also got an amazing GPU. also its 45mm architecture means better battery life

  46. I just hope that whatever the UI is that its running seven home screens. I HATE having to put a new ROM on my phone to get enough home screens cuz it voids my expensive warranty

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