Motorola Shadow? Droid 2?


We all know how popular the Motorola Droid is and now thanks to the internet yet again, more information has possibly been leaked out about the Motorola Shadow we heard of last month! How do you fancy a Motorola Droid style handset – possibly minus the QWERTY keyboard – but the specs nudged up to include stuff like a much better camera, HDMI output and what not?

Well if it sounds good to you so far, this may just be your next phone to start drooling over. The guys and gals over at HowardForums have leaked this image below and some specs of the supposed “Droid 2”, or is it the “Motorola Shadow”?


‘Hey there handsome, looking good!’  Browsing over at the forums these are some of the rumoured specs:

  • Tablet form-factor
  • 4.1″ TFT FWVGA screen
  • Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 Processor
  • 2GB built in memory (It said 2MB copied from the forum but most likely 2GB, thanks for pointing out this typo Phandroid’s!)
  • Android 2.1, with soon-to-follow upgrade to 2.2
  • Moto BLUR with updates such as BLUR community chat
  • 8 MP camera
  • 720p recording
  • 1080p output via HDMI port
  • ~9mm thick
  • Releasing in July

Remember a couple months ago we published this article about the Moto Shadow – well the details pretty much match up or are similar to the info we have now. From the image – which to me appears to be some sort of startup guide/booklet – and specs,  we can see this is potentially a ‘high-end’ handset coming to Verizon,  fitting cushty within their “Droid” range . I hope it’s real, and in my opinion it’s looking pretty realistic to me at the moment! In the article posted last month the Motorola Shadow and Droid 2 are claimed to be two separate devices, with the main difference being the inclusion of  a slide-out keyboard on the Droid 2. Look’s like we’re just gonna have to sit back and wait on any more info!

By the way, anyone notice the lack of a trackball?  If you look closely enough though you can see what seems to be a little dent under the tiny buttons at the bottom of the phone. Maybe it’s some sort of optical trackpad like HTC have for navigating?

[Via HowardForums]

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  1. Surely you mean 2GB built in memory, not 2MB

  2. really doubt that the hole at the bottom is the optical trackpad, looks more like the microphone. either way, this phone looks amazing!

  3. I think I’ll stick with my Motorola DROID. It may have a slower clocked processor, but it’s a workhorse of a phone. It’s been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it.

  4. If this phone has motoblur it looks like a new version.

    I like it anyway

  5. It almost looks like there is an optical trackpad at the very bottom, similar to the Incredible.

  6. Gosh, what’s bad with QWERTY keyboards that there are so many non-QWERTY Android phones? Waiting for HTC Sidekick or how was it called.

  7. Carl, I think thats the MIC!!

  8. haha 2mb memory!!!! fail, JK you prob meant 2Gb…

    anyone know the specs of the TI proc?

  9. Obviously that “dent” is not a track-anything. It’s a microphone/receiver

  10. so here is the TI proc broken down

    OMAP3630 – 720 MHz ARM Cortex A8 + PowerVR SGX530 GPU + 430 MHz C64x+ DSP + ISP (Image Signal Processor)

    so that is pretty damn fast 720+430 = 1150 at least? i really confused but those numbers none the less look impressive

  11. I hope this is real. I am due for upgrade today and am headed to Verizon tomorrow to place my order for the Incredible, which of course I won’t get for several weeks. If news of this speeds up, though, I’ll be canceling my order and looking forward to this!

  12. For the sake of hard qwerty lovers everywhere, I sure hope the Shadow and the Droid 2 are indeed 2 diff phones! After the Droid’s barely functional keyboard, I am interested to see Moto’s improvements! I seriously hope they look at the success of the Cliq’s d-pad and make sure the Droid 2 doesn’t follow in the original Droid’s footsteps… Can’t wait for more details!

  13. 2mb built in memory? typo?

  14. I want this sooo freaking bad. I love HTC, but the Droid is what started it all. Wow now if it only had a keyboard, well i could live without!

  15. @Covert OMAP3630 is a 45nm version of the OMAP3430 in the Droid. That means it is comparable to Apple A4 in the iPad which is also 45nm cortex A8.

  16. Droid didn’t start a thing they were just simply marketed better.

  17. the freakin original messiah is the G1….. thats the legendary android phone!

  18. @2FR35h

    he means the DROID family, VERIZON exclusivity

  19. before Droid, android phones just didn’t have the high end specs

  20. hmm…i wonder how many people who bought a htc incredible are gonna be mad that this phone is dropping in july. I guess thats why they say patience is a virtue.

  21. ^^ Well with all the android phones coming out every month, its hard to stay patient. And i agree with sticking to the original Droid, it just doesn’t compromise.

  22. @ari-free, Acer Liquid has high end specs and that phone predated the Droid Droid. It is not for sale in US but it released last November in Europe/Asia

  23. This is pretty high end except for the processor. The exas Instruments OMAP 3630 Processor is only 720 MHz and is a cortex A8. I hope this is a typo and it is actually a 1 GHz exas Instruments OMAP 3640 Processor which is identical in every way except for the processing power.

  24. Here’s the link to a comparison of DROID CPU vs the Shadow CPU if anyone wants to see the video. They show about a 80% performance improvement

  25. I really don’t like motoblur. I think that while HTC Sense is nice havin stock android on the droid is one of the reasons it was so popular. I really like the size of my Incredible too. But this thing looks nice.

  26. + incredible’s faster processor is super nice. I guess I’ll be interested to see how big the battery in this is and how the new motoblur brings down battery life. My one grip on the incredible.

  27. @ Andrew should read up on processors. This OMAP is better than Snapdragon

  28. Ill sit down and continue waiting for droid II. I fell in love with my motorola droid and will only give it up for its true succesor and this isn’t it.

  29. I got the incredible but I also kept my DROID. I love my DROID and i enjoy stock android, but my INCREDIBLE is FAAAAST and i like the form factor. Was going to go with the Nexus but when i found out it wasn’t coming to VZW I went with Incredible. I realize there is a good chance HTC sense will be longer to upgrade to FROYO than DROID’s stock feel. However, if the time it is taking moto to upgrade it’s BLUR community is any indication, sense is a better way to go than BLUR….so i personally advise staying stock but if you want speed go with sense…avoid BLUR

  30. ADDITIONALLY….in the event it turns out that this phone does not run BLUR and has stock android i will probably go with it….Nothing on that device looks like BLUR other than the dock bar at the bottom….but then again…with FROYO we see a similar dock bar for phone and browser…possibility there is a way to change what comes stock in the dock bar? I guess i’m having wishful thinking….HERES TO BETS THAT THE DROID 2 WILL HAVE FROYO 2.2!…hence the ” 2 ” in droid 2….fingers crossed.

  31. Would it not be the Droid 4?
    Droid, Eris, Incredible, Shadow:

  32. Yep this is the Shadow. DROID 2 is an entirely different phone.

  33. moto shadow is about htc vs moto but with moto droid it was iphone vs moto. anyway moto are doing a good job if this decice can be fast as a snapdragon it will be number 1 at the market.

  34. 720p RECORDING! like video RECORDING! man thats freakin sweet!

  35. So it’s basically an Incredible with a bigger screen. I guess that’s cool. No FF camera is a bummer. I’m curious if this will have a keyboard.

  36. and QWERTY ???

  37. ya know, i used to dismiss motoblur cause it looked like crap, but this, this looks pretty sweet.

  38. Where’s the hardware keyboard? The main reason why many Droid/Milestone owners chose their current phone.

  39. that omap 3630 will rock the snapdragon speed wise once they crack open that GPU and use it.

  40. @H you cant just go by Mhz/Ghz numbers. The Snapdragon is highly overated. The Droid 2 should be getting a different processor, perhaps the 1ghz OMAP 3640 and Vanilla Android 2.x, the Shadow shouldnt be too bad even with MOTO Blur because its not really a skin like Sense is, and Sense absolutely kills the Incredibles performance, my Droid at only 800mhz no JIT is just as fast as the Incredible if not a smidge faster.


  42. Lets not forget that per a source on howardfourms, this device has been pushed back till August at the earliest due to a hardware change…..we could possibly see that front facing camera afterall.

  43. I thought this was the shadow? http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_shadow-3092.php This model does have a keyboard.

  44. If it uses motoblur no thanks. I want to get updates in a reasonable amount of time.

    I guess I will be getting an android dev phone in the future.

  45. the droid is very gay

  46. This must be the phone a Verizon employee recently mentioned would be coming out in June.

    No mention of a front camera, which the HTC Evo 4G has (1.3 mp). Does it have dual flash like the Evo?

    Slightly smaller screen (4.1″) than the Evo (4.3″). Eh.

    What about battery life?

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