HTC EVO 4G Unboxing [Video]


After Rob fainted from Vic announcing that all Google I/O attendees would be receiving a free HTC EVO 4G (the Droid and Nexus One were also available), he hurried back to his hotel room to unbox the sucker and treat us to that experience with a video. We’re expecting some initial impressions from Rob very soon about this mouth-watering device, but for now, take a good look at what you can expect to be greeted with; you’ll see everything that goes on from the moment you open the eco-friendly packaging to the very first time you’ll be strolling around the home screen.

Expect some very intense review coverage coming through the pipeline over the next week or so. [Note]: The video may still be processing for HQ and HD modes on YouTube, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look its Sunday best just yet.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Lucky bastard!

  2. send it to me!

  3. This looks like a pretty epic phone. I have the nexus one but this phone seems great. Seems like you were pretty excited too! Cool that you all got the phones for free. Because I have the nexus I feel that the EVO is just the nexus with higher MP camera, and a larger screen because most cities do not support 4G currently so I wouldn’t benefit from the speed of 4G from where I live… Good box opening and I look forward to your review.

  4. Yes cant wait to unbox it myself!!! June 4th baby

    BTW 1st

  5. Looks fantastic. congrats

  6. this phone is amazing… words cant describe how amazing this phone actually is… Unfortunately, I will be getting an unlocked Nexus one because im currently on T-mobile and my G1 is getting old…

  7. don’t go and blame US rob, that was your call! =] grats on the best handset in existance right now.

  8. well it was nice having the best handset on the market for a solid month.

  9. Hes so giddy lol

  10. I knew I should have attended darn it. Oh well.. My Incredible is looking less and less incredible by the day…

  11. Evo is old news, Froyo is the new news!

  12. Just curious.. does Google distribute these with a pre-paid plan on it or what? I can see that being easy with a GSM phone, but how does Google handle it with CDMA freebie phones they give out? I’m sure it’s not unlimited everything forever.

  13. @ tony FAIL!!

  14. I was thinking of getting this phone but I am not willing to pay almost $110 a month for service at least that was what I’ve read on BGR… but I would love to own this new device…..

  15. What class is the 8GB card? I’m guessing Class 2, but I haven’t heard confirmation yet.

  16. I think the Incredible is every bit as attractive as this phone, looks and otherwise. Just my opinion, though!

  17. Is the screen glass or plastic?

  18. The screen is glastic……. Wow that was a lame joke. Some please beat me over the head. I hope I pass out and wake up on June 4th.

  19. @ miguel I think they are set up on a 30 day demo account, then the service would need to be activated on a plan.

    Sorry for the double post.

    Go EVO!!!!!!!!lol

  20. just 2 more weeks to get mine, now just get 2.2 with it

  21. @Miguel

    It’s not prepaid. They just include 30 days of service. when the 30 days is up you can opt to continue the service plan or cancel.

  22. LOL is it me or does the box look like a pack of Ramen noodles?

  23. looks way too big for me to use as just a phone

  24. The Incredible is every bit as good , all this hype over a screen and 4g if you are lucky to be in a 4G area , no thanks the phone is way to big and bulky and the Sprint network sucks by comparison to Big red, I would prefer Verizons awesome 3g everywhere network to Sprints poke and hope 4g network any day

  25. I live in Las Vegas so 4g is all over here, but like i said… imma get the Nexus One because of me being on T-mobile…. i still love this phone tho

  26. the phone is sik, played with one today and it was the best thing since sliced bread. i feel so bad for anyone who bought the hero and/or the samsung moment. what a waste of time and money. Way to go 600/800 processor and the moment doesnt even have multi-touch. ROFLCOPTER

  27. Steve sound like you’re bit jealous of the Evo 4G. Keep telling yourself that your phone is just as good if it makes you feel better, but the thruth always. I know you are feeling the pain.

  28. I saw Blackalicious on that list of music… great unknown old school sounding hip-hop group. It’d be funny if they included It’s Going Down as the song they used…

  29. thanks for the unboxing Rob!

  30. don’t think i can part with the physical qwerty or d-pad because i love my emulators too much and we all know that they do NOT work well with on screen buttons… however, if i ever do decide to get a soft qwerty phone, this would DEF be the one! Redic!!

  31. I’ll get mine tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!

  32. Will evo come out unlocked??
    Or not CDMA to be used anywhere in the world. Like Moto droid came out as milestone to b used with other carriers??
    great unboxing !!

  33. @Steve I couldn’t agree more. Sprint ruins this phone for most people. Oh well, it has a slightly larger screen and has 4G in areas that are 2 hours from where I live. That’s great…

  34. looks like a nice phone

  35. the face behind the phandroid mask revealed!

  36. I love the device. My only question: How will the Sense UI interfere with getting Google’s updates? I have read, and heard, that the Sense UI (and Sprint) pretty much halt all updates for months and months because the updates aren’t compatible with the Sense. So it takes the FOREVER to work an update around the Sense…

  37. I guess a front facing camera, a 8 mp camera, being able to record in 720p, 4g speeds, hotspot feature, and a larger screen arent all attractive features? Love the incredible…but common. Lets not kid ourselves now.

  38. I think this is the only time i can say im happy i have Sprint. This is by far the best phone sprint has, lets hope its not the last. Dont have 4G but the $10 isnt that bad. Even with all the talk about what the new Iphone is going to have i would still pick this over the iphone. Google is on the way to top apple and thats what i liked to see. And im not just saying that bc i dont like apple i had the first iphone and keep it til the G1.Apple needs to get taken down. Apple isnt the best of the best. I think that Androids will out sell Iphones this year. Maybe not by much but i think they will. Anyways WYCLEF JEAN FTFW (forthefuckingwin)!!!!!!!!!! Follow me @MrSellers

  39. I got the Hero at official launch date, that was less than a year ago. I said I wouldn’t get a new phone for a while. Well, cursed EVO, I just had to preorder it. “That” should be the phone that lasts me through my 2year contract.

    They should do modular cpu upgrades. At least a one time cpu upgrade. I’d buy it. You heard it from me first.

  40. Theres a guy on Craigslist selling two of them for $700.00 each.



  41. what do you guys think? I really love the features in the EVO but i live in a small town in AZ where we do not have 4G, i dont’ even know if we have 3G…but i really like the phone. do you think i would benifit from this phone even though i can’t use the top speeds the phone is capable of??

  42. Well, at least I still have the best phone on the Verizon Network. So best phone on the best network equates to my best option. 4g not even available in my area yet.

  43. Looking forward to more video reviews! :)

    (still happier on Verizon’s network, though.)

  44. Chic, its still a solid phone if you are on sprint. not worth changing networks imo, but it seems like a top notch phone if you are already a sprint user. As for 4g, you never know your town may get it down the line and you’ll be ready when it does.

  45. Thanks, yeah I have been on the sprint network forever and I like the prices. Verizon’s network is way better then sprint over here, but I am on a family plan and it would be very pricey to change. and ur right there may be signs of improvement sometime and i’ll be ready. thanks for the input trainwreck :-)

  46. LOL@trainwreck

    Best is your own opinion. But what is a fact is that the EVO has the fastest 3G speeds of ALL carriers, based on speedtests done the past couple of days. YES, fastest!!! So ofcourse you think verizon is the best since thats who you are with, however facts are facts. Men lie, women lie, numbers dont.

  47. screw the other telcos and their LTE propaganda. WiMAX 4G is here now and works. The LTE buttboys can bite me!

  48. every android phone can have the hotspot feature, and apps to sd lol.. just go download barnacle wifi tether and wala.. unless your not rooted of course, but if you own an android phone and haven’t hacked it, your wasting your time waiting for updates when you could have features now.

    front facing camera is just useless imo.. i mean you can do a video chat, but sometimes id rather not have ppl see me when im on the phone with them, and youd have to have it on speaker, they would have to own a phone with this ability or be at a webcam, and youd need to be in a 4g or great 3g area.

    that screen is too big for my taste, i want a phone to fit in my pocket comfortably.. the droid/nexus are big enough. that kickstand is pretty awesome though..

    8mp camera with hd video. no problems there, thats just awesome lol.

    snapdragon 1ghz. well its nice yeah, but it basicly proves, besides the camera and screen, this phone is no better than a few other android phones out. no real keyboard :( dang i feel like android isnt comming out with any good looking phones with keyboards. the droid is ok, but it looks kinda clunky and its keyboard sucks compared to an htc one like the G1’s..

  49. Why am I not the lucky

  50. That looks sweet! Too bad Sprint doesn’t have service up here (Mendocino County, Northwestern California), they roam on U.S. Cellular in my area. No worries, I have the Awesome Incredible and Verizon’s service up here ROCKS.

  51. This phone looks amazing! Can’t wait to get mine on June 4th. Thanks Sprint for developing a super high tech phone for us!

  52. I like how sprint went green with the packaging.

  53. Great unboxing, put in my order today!! I have not been this excited since the iphone….been through 3 iphones(2g,3g,3gs..still outdated and horrible network,too expensive for crap service) and still not close to what others provide…Looks like Froyo in July!!!!!! Cant wait!!!

  54. Sprint will find a way to mess with the hotspot feature…they already are with the phone in general…they charge extra for hotspot useage and if you’re on a family plan everyone on the plan has to pay the additional fee even if just one person has a smart phone. Who cares about the hotspot? FROYO will come with that and tether already available….so this phone will become absolete within months if not weeks after release. SENSE did seem to slow down the updates for HERO/ERIS, etc…HOWEVER…if you’re going to take SENSE get it on a decent network, not sprint. I do like the larger screen and some of the features of the evo, but….it’s not something i would willingly pay for. I’d go for the Nexus and join AT&T’s network before coming to SPRINT…put this phone on VZW and it’s a win-win scenario. time to prepare for all the issues that will come from SPRINT not being prepared for the massive useage from this phone’s power….ATT wasn’t ready for the iPhone and Sprint’s not ready for a TRUE android phone either…

  55. DEREK R if sprint had such a hand in developing this phone then why is it a carbon copy of the color scheme from VZW INCREDIBLE? good device for sprint…bad move for their marketing….this phone will do nothing more than help VZW market their INCREDIBLE due to the color scheme and look-a-like factor….the VZW commercials focus on the “droid EYE” and this has the EXACT SAME CAMERA LENSE ” the red-ringed eye….SPRINT are idiots…but this isn’t a bad phone…kudos for finally giving SPRINT customers a decent phone…just hope it doesn’t trick them into staying SPRINT 2 more years when a newer better device is just around the corner for VZW most likely

  56. I/O was awesome! Love the phone, I get 4G coverage at home, Sprint Hotspot works great for sharing the phone’s network connection via wifi, and the camera is amazing. All it’s missing now is froyo

  57. 1 more day till the phone’s release and still no review. not surprised

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