LG Ally Delayed Until May 27th


In all of the excitement going on with Google I/O yesterday, we forgot to mention that the  LG Ally would be available in Verizon stores. Well, turns out we actually didn’t miss much because at least some of those who headed out to pick up the new Android handset from LG were met with disappointment. The phones haven’t arrived in stock, and it’s looking like they will be pushed back to May 27th (a whole loooong week).


The good (?) news is that pre-orders have been extended through the 26th. Those on the LG Ally mailing list received the following notification:

Dear Valued Customer,

This notification is to inform you that Verizon Wireless has received your pre-order of the LG Ally. We have extended the pre-order period for the LG Ally until May 26th.

Since you have pre-ordered, you will be the first to receive the phone upon initial availability on or after May 27th.

We appreciate your business, and we will send you another confirmation email as soon as your LG Ally ships.


Verizon Wireless

On or after May 27th? That doesn’t sound all that reassuring, but if all goes well people who have pre-ordered should be getting the handset next Thursday. I heard a bit of buzz that some display units in Verizon stores were defective, but there is no indication that a late-discovered technical issue is the cause of the delay.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. LG Ally?! Where talkin’ about 2.2 here.

  2. I have an lg ally in my hands. I work for verizon and they sent we one to play with. Don’t worry folks your not missing anything. Build quility is not on par with other android phones big red offers, and the touch screen is not as responsive. I would pass on it.

  3. Verizon is android central now… geez why cant t mobile learn a lesson and get some quality android phones like the Sprint EVO 4G or the Droid Incredible?

  4. LG sucks, word said.

  5. Acctually the phones made it into the retail stores .. but were recalled and they were all sent back the next day. Something to do with the screens on them was bad. From what I heard.

  6. i like everything about the phone except the placement of the d-pad… it really should be on the left side to better play emulators! yeah yeah, the arrows on the computer are on the right side, blah blah… when it comes to just having arrows to navigate to links and such, you are right, it doesn’t really matter. but to seriously play games and to make it feel like a controller, the d-pad really needs to be on the other side… why has motorola been the only one to figure this out? then they go and ruin it with the droid keypad layout…

  7. Def not lookin good for LG. oh well.

  8. I which that my Droid had that keyboard and D-Pad!

  9. …LG still makes phones? haha.

  10. I bet Droid Incredible delays are the reason for Ally delays…

  11. i have the ally, and yes I work for verizon. I was given it to use and test. To make a long story short, this handset is not very good. The biggest issue I have with it is a terrible touchscreen. It feels more like the touchscreen on a envy touch, then that of a smartphone. when playing games on the device I also noticed that it is just slow. so in a nut shell, pass on this. LG does not make quality products, they make cheep products. This is not a high quality handset. it actually runs slows in most ways the the eris.

  12. I inquired about it in my Verizon store , and they said the touch screen was bad and that is y they recalled all the handsets. I was also told that it cold be the end of june before it is available in stores.

  13. I work for Verizon and received the newer hardware and firmware for the LG Ally. I’m surprised how responsive and quick the LG Ally is!!! Screen responds quickly to touch and the QWERTY keyboard is very comfortable to use because the keys are raised. It’s not a high end Android device though its more on par with a mid tier device. Something of an Android device that ANYONE can afford while having a cool phone. This phone is going to be a hit. Android device that isn’t buggy for a low price.

  14. Just like most of us who work for Verizon I carry a data device (Blackberry) for work and my consession (personal) line is a LG phone, in my case Chocolate Touch. After playing with the pre launched “fixed” touchscreen hardware, that enabled another feature (sorry there is an NDA on that new feature) I’ll be picking up the Ally for my wife and son for their personal lines and myself when I’m eligible. This is the phone that’s going to bring Android to the masses by making it within reach for the average cell phone consumer.

  15. Im picking up a new phone and switching from ATT to Verizon today because of their lack of Android support.

    I’ve been debating on the Ally vs Moto Droid- and it basically comes down to the 8 mp Camera (probably overkill, 5 would be perfect) and the slightly faster processor…

    I LOVE the Sliding QWERTY Keyboard, and saving $150 is a huge plus. Plus the Ally also has longer battery life…

    The Droid was my 1st choice, but now I think im gonna stick with the Ally. Ive liked all MY LG Phones.

  16. I’ve had the Ally for ten days now and couldn’t be happier. It’s my first Android phone and love the capabilities. Battery has been stellar and screen has been very responsive compared to previous Treo. I love thiws phone!

  17. I just bought the Lg ally. First one I had for two days and it would not stay “on”. As soon as I touched the on button, it would flash on and go off immediately before I could touch anything else. Returned it and got a new one. Have had the second one for 4 days. It “locked up” while I was browsing internet and will not shut off or “move” anywhere. Think I’ll take it back too and get a different smartphone. The ally doesn’t seem to work very well.

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