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Watch the live stream from Google.

Kevin Krause
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  1. Isn’t there a stream somewhere?

  2. Live stream of keynote speeches here:

  3. Another post said the google’s channel on youtube.

  4. Hey Guys:

    The stream is the best way to keep your own tabs on the conference. This liveblog is mainly for those who cant access video where ever they may be

  5. I see that Rob used my suggestion..

  6. Has Froyo been released yet? The school is blocking the live twitter feed and so I can’t see whats going on.

  7. nothing on Froyo yet, doesn’t seem to be too much Android related so far.

  8. Kinda lame that I can’t watch it with my android through wifi…….

  9. @Max
    Not yet..

  10. I see a tablet coming tomorrow.

  11. Thank you Adobe. You have done right by the people. VP8 will be a codec in Flash player so now the web can move forward with Flash optional. The web is seriously about to hit 3.0 this year.

  12. Yeah, not allowed to view on my Android? Um, really?

  13. OMG I just saw my tweet live on the Google I/O stream! Awesome!

  14. Oh and good night Apple lmao. This stuff is great. Screw needing an iPad. Google is bringing the same capabilities right to the web itself and all on open technology so anyone can build with it.

  15. inb4 “Thenk you” from Lars.

  16. They were probably butt hurt about Google saying that the battery issue is because of “poorly written apps”.

  17. @jeremy Well the good thing about Google coming out and “officially” stating what we as users have known for a while makes me happy. One it backs up user claims and experience and it should now hopefully make app devs a little more thorough when creating apps. Here’s hoping.

  18. May I ask where you got that Twitter Widget from? I would love to use one of those for live blogging sometime

  19. Lame! Making us wait until tomorrow for Froyo info.

  20. @darkseider totally agree.


  22. Stream is so jumpy today :(

  23. haha love the digs at apple. brilliant.

  24. Any word on Froyo yet?

  25. argh!!! the stream is so jumpy, like G8D said. GD it!

  26. Sigh, any word on when we can upgrade our handsets with Froyo? That’s really all i care about.

    Froyo is up for graps for developers! :D

  28. Also, when looking at your app as a developer you now have access to bugs! :D

  29. I just want to see the cut down version with all the insults they threw at Apple! :P

  30. Anyone else noticing that there have been a lot of Google Inc. app updates in the past week? Looks like tidings of good things to come soon!

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