May 20th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 1st, 2010, 6:38 pm

Today’s awesome Android keynote kicked off with some pretty amazing figures. If you didn’t think you could get more excited about the ever-increasing presence of Android, think again. Along with reaffirming the fact that Android now sits at second place in US smart phone sales (above the iPhone and below RIM), Vic Gundotra announced that Android is currently seeing 100,000 new activations per day. That astounding number meshes well with the top share of mobile advertising reported by AdMob.


The 50,000 apps in the market (worked on by over 180,000 developers) number was also tossed around, all but solidifying Androids place as the top emerging smartphone platform. Do we have to mention the countless OEMs and carriers bringing Android phones to the masses? (Over 60 Android phones if you were wondering). How about over 1 billion miles navigated through Google Navigation?


Google is clear on a path for smartphone domination, especially with the newly announced Froyo additions, and the iPhone is in Android’s sights. A lot of the figures already spell out victory, and the new features easily surpass what was announced for iPhone 4.0. Today’s press conference was Android’s coming of age, it no longer is the trailing competitor, but in fact a viable threat.