Medialets Rich Media Ads Shown Off at Google I/O


Did you ever think you could get excited about advertising on your phone? Neither did I, but the rich media ads by Medialets that found their way into today’s Google I/O keynote may have changed my mind. Google has worked up several new ways for developers and advertisers to deliver ad content to users, all of which occur in a very non-intrusive way. Medialets was responsible for one of the cooler ads, one for the upcoming movie Splice. The ad expands to provide the user with a lot of content, from pictures to videos, all without closing out of the app it was launched from. Check it out:

We had heard about Medialets releasing their rich media ad SDK back in April, but this is the first we are seeing of just how effective the results can be. Sure, at the end of the day no one really wants to be bombarded with advertising all over their phone, but if having ads means an app can be free, and if those ads are actually kind of cool to play around with without detracting from the user experience, I’m all for it.

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  1. wow… thats cool i guess

  2. Isn’t that what iAds also do. I’m not saying there coping, but when apple introduced it people were like “fail” who wants to deal with thar. But when others show it off it’s awesome. I don’t get it. I’m not a fanboy, I’m asking seriosly

  3. @SEAN … that is true… but rermember this Medialets developing something for ads.. this is not google building ads into android.. it’s just an extension.. it’s showing how flexible Android is…

  4. @Sean – we’ve been doing this for over a year now. Mobile rich media is nothing new to us, and we’re by far the most widely deployed solution of our kind.

  5. i think medialets started serving rich ads before this iAd stuff came out…

  6. As long as I don’t have ad bandwidth forced through my cell data plan!

  7. @Charles in Vancouver

    The bandwidth is minimal and allows developers to provide apps to users for free. If you don’t want ads then don’t download ad supported apps. Most publishers provide paid(no ads) versions of their free ad supported apps.

    I use TONS of data and still can’t surpass my 5 gig limit. I think it would be nearly impossible for ads to eat up enough bandwidth to cause you to go over your limit. In fact I would be willing to bet that even if you had an ad supported app open 24/7 for an entire month that you would not be close to reaching your limit.

  8. Ii was quite telling that, throughout the whole ad-related part of the presentation, the hitherto vocal audience was completely silent. ;D

    Still, this will be good for developers, who can put, largely unobtrusive, ads on the free versions of their apps.

  9. This will be good to challenge Apples new ad formats.

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