Medialets Offers Cross-Platform, Network Independent Ads


In a move that highlights Android’s growing presence in the mobile world, Medialets annnounced their Rich Media Ad SDK for Android today. The SDK allows for the creation of rich media advertisements that work across mobile platforms, meaning ad buyers can create one set of ads that works across both Android and iPhone, independent of carrier.

CEO Eric Litman sure looks happy about it:


It’s a smart move in the face of a mobile market split across many handsets, operating systems, and networks. The goal is to drive down the cost of advertising while allowing agencies to reach a wider user base. It may make no difference to the average user, but for those purchasing ad space it simplifies the process of creating ad content for both Android and the iPhone, especially with the rumor that Apple may be launching it’s own ad platform.

It’s only a good sign when more companies jump on board the Android train, and a better ad structure has the potential of generating better revenues for developers, which in turn leads to better applications in the market. The Android Ad SDK is now in public beta, to sign up or learn more check out the full Medialets blog posting.

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  1. Suppose Apple rejects any apps that use this SDK instead of Apple’s own rumored ad platform?
    It’s the whole walled garden, does not play well with others thing.

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