Simple Proof that Google TV and Android Will Be the Subjects of Tomorrow’s Google I/O Keynote


If you tuned in today for the Google I/O keynote, you may have noticed there was all but nothing spoken about any of the Android rumors that have been swirling around for the past month. Well, that’s all well and good, because we know there is a whole second keynote tomorrow. And while it is sort of obvious that Google must be talking about Android tomorrow (since they didn’t today, and there is definitely some huge Android news coming from Google I/O), the oft-mentioned Google TV project which has been rumored as a collaboration between Sony, Google, and Intel hasn’t quite got any real confirmation.

Well, I’d say the number of rumors containing fairly hard facts are good enough confirmation, but in case everyone was still wondering, through the manipulation of the press site Google has forwarded to all of us blogger and press-types covering today’s announcements, the page for tomorrow has been uncovered early. And by manipulation we mean as simple as changing “day-1-announcements” to “day-2-announcements.” When done so, the page for tomorrow comes right up, though still lacking in any real news, but there is a helpful reminder that tomorrow they will need to:

“Insert Android press release / TV press release”

Have to give the credit to Jason Kincaid over at TechCrunch for his brilliant deductive skills, such an obvious little “hack” that I’m sure no one else even thought to try it.


So now that day 1 is chugging along and most if its major announcements are out of the way, we know the real treats are in store for us Android lovers tomorrow, and I don’t know about you guys, but if treats are to be had, I’m craving some FroYo. And maybe a Google TV.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. I thought I had read on the official I/O schedule there was supposed to be some android stuff today (Wednesday), but maybe I remembered wrong, maybe it did say Thursday.

    I mean, we dont really need this post do we? The official I/O schedule says when the info is coming doesnt it?

  2. Yes I checked my Google I/O app on my Droid and it says there was to be several Android sessions today such as Writing Real Time games redux, The World of ListView, etc.

    Hopefully we can get videos of these eventually

  3. Those are developer sessions which are separate from the keynote. What this is referring to is tomorrow’s keynote presentation and not developer sessions.

  4. Hold your horses folks lol. Its easy to forget that Google is WAAAAY bigger than just Android unlike another company thats basically its tablet and phone. Thats all their event will cover…not even their own laptops anymore. That kinda says something about their overall status as a company.

    Thats one reason Android will go way further than its competitors. Google is a hip young SOFTWARE ENGINEERING company and not just a company that can make sleek hardware designs. They are working with other major companies and doing huge things. Rest assured that everything said today is actually great for Android in the bigger scope. And rest assured they’ll have other major company deals for Android coming down the pipe just like this Sony TV. Fruit lovers may want to sit up and pay attention to just how insignificant their favorite company is in the grand scheme of the tech industry.

  5. Also on the Android Developers Blog it says Thursday is the big day for Android.

  6. I’m just waiting for my Hero update.. :(

  7. Today was bigger in terms of the actual content our mobile devices will consume. Once webm is implemented on mobile devices, it will open up whole new possibilities for apps and web content that will be quite amazing. Tomorrow will be sexier in terms of hardware and OS, but today probably was bigger in the grand scheme.

    That being said…I am quite excited for tomorrow!

  8. @Phil True enough but the only thing I really give a damned about right now is Android and all the goodness that FroYo will bring to the hungry masses.

  9. Your making me laugh Phil.. Last I checked Google’s Market Cap is 157 Billion and Apple is at 226 billion. Pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of the tech industry eh?

  10. Yeah, I don’t care about TV – I just want to know when Android 2.2 is out so I can fix my missing vibrate alerts which don’t seem to want to occur anymore when I get a text message.

  11. @Hank. Why is money an indicator? Apple makes hardware and Google makes software on hardware. With that said there is only one Apple and there is many other hardware companies. What Phil is trying to tell you is that Google has dipped their toes into many many things. Operating systems, telecommunications, smartphones, internet service providing, clouded software, you name it. Their software will be used on Sonys, HTCs, Samsungs, Dells, LGs etc etc. If you want to talk about money, just wait 5 years. Google will probably double Apple’s market income and I don’t even know if Microsoft will compete.

  12. @Hank – Since when did Wall Street become the tech industry? They may be big to investors but tell me where Apple stands in cloud computing, servers, virtualization…. You step into any IT shop and tell me where Apple is mentioned besides supporting somebody’s laptop or iPhone they brought in. Google in their keynote is partnering with VMWare and SpringSource, pushing the direction of cloud computing, bringing new developer tools to the Java world and basically ushering in Web 3.0. Apple is no where to be found on anything of this magnitude.

    Selling overpriced laptops may net you points on the stock market but it doesn’t cut it in the tech industry. Apple is only a little more significant than Black and Decker in the IT world. They are just a gadget maker.

  13. While I’m here I should apologize to those I offend with my anti-Flash rants lol. Adobe did a great thing today in providing HTML 5 tools and including VP8 in Flash. Of course its to keep them afloat but it gives the consumer choice. This should basically end the whole Flash vs HTML 5 war.

  14. I hope Google TV works, for now I still rely on LoggTV for internet television, easy to watch from my PC without paying for cable. ( )

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