Square Previews App Integration in API Beta


Square freshly released their app for Android just last week, enabling any smartphone as a mobile point-of-sale system. Now developers can begin to test out direct integration of Square’s service into their apps with a public preview that was released today. Currently at version 0.9, there are still some bugs to be worked out before the API set exits beta, but the idea of integrating direct credit card payments through Square into existing or new applications opens up some real possibilities for innovation.


A cool example described on the site hosting the API files is integrating Square payments into a taxi cab fare app, which would track distance travelled via GPS and then calculate a passengers fare. The cab driver could then accept payment via plastic rather than paper money.

Along with PayPal’s new Mobile Payments Library, the range of ways developers can create store-fronts (and the ways in which smartphone users can spend money) on mobile apps is fast increasing. Good thing there are also apps like Mint to keep our wallets in check.

[Thanks to Anthony for the heads up!]

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  1. It is not for any smartphone, only nexus, droid, incredible and iphone. I contacted the company because my business could use this and it is only going to work on those phones. Not the Htc Hero, unfortunately.

  2. It will actually work on any device that is running 2.1 (or maybe 2.0) or higher, which as of the release only included the phones you mentioned. Once the Hero gets the 2.1 update then it should work. The device does have to have a 3.5mm headphone jack, but theoretically if there is an adapter for your phone it should work through that (assuming the adapter passes through the microphone line, and it isn’t a right angle connector preventing the device from having enough clearance to fit in the slot). I downloaded and installed the software on my AT&T Tilt with a custom Android 2.1 ROM on it and it worked just fine, still waiting on the adapter from Square to give it a full test run, but I can’t imagine having any issues.

    So you should be able to either root and install 2.1, or wait for the official 2.1 and you should be able to use Square just fine.

  3. Thanks for the article! I am one of the Android developers here at Square. To be clear, there are no known “bugs to be worked out” in this API. Instead, a preview release gives developers a chance to kick the tires and provide valuable feedback before it’s too late to make adjustments.

    Ideally, changes won’t be needed.

    Square runs on Android 2.0 and 2.1. We are working hard and will expand to other Android versions and devices.

  4. @Bill .. Android 2.1 started rolling out today.. so you’ll be able to use it for your hero in the next couple of weeks …

  5. @anthoney and Jerry..great news, I am excited about this app…

  6. Would be nice if I could manually enter a credit card without the swiper activated. Can’t activate it since they haven’t sent it yet.

  7. I just bought an HTC Hero on Alltel with 2.1 and I was hoping to use Square… alas, it’s not to be… not in the Market on the Alltel Hero :(

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