Initial HTC EVO 4G Reviews Touts It As “One Of The Best Smartphones Ever Made”


We weren’t expecting HTC EVO 4G reviews to be out so soon, but alas, they are beginning to pour in through the floodgates. Engadget, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal have already put the phone through its necessary paces and they have had nothing but good things to say about it. Starting with Engadget, they were highly impressed by the phone and what it was capable of – even on a 3G network – stating:

That said, this is truly one of the best smartphones ever made, and even spotty 4G — a reality of a young technology that’s going to take years to properly build out — probably won’t do much to hamper your enjoyment of this thing. It’s reasonable to assume that phones like the EVO will ultimately come to every carrier over the next few months… but hey, if you jumped ship for Sprint to pick up this monster, we wouldn’t be able blame you.

What’s further: their thoughts about the phone’s battery life should please you. The battery died on them after 5 hours of intense usage. Streaming high quality video over 4G for 3 hours – among a couple of hours of other extreme use – gave them 5 hours of life that you’d be lucky to get with moderate use on other phones. It’s refreshing to learn that the EVO 4G doesn’t really take a huge toll on battery life, and it’ll be great to see how it performs with an after-market beast.

MSNBC couldn’t help but be impressed by the EVO 4G’s 8-megapixel camera (with dual LED flash), saying:

Photos I took with the built-in 8-megapixel camera and shared online looked colorful and smooth on my screen, though ones using the zoom feature were pixelated.

Still, up close the images were inferior to my point-and-shoot, even though that boasts a mere 7.1 megapixels. And, as with many other cell phone cameras, shutter lag was a problem when I was trying to snap a picture of my camera-shy dog.


While video wasn’t as impressive as any of these outlets would’ve liked, it’s still impressive quality for a cell phone. Even though the Wall Street Journal’s review focused heavily on Sprint 4G performance, they were pleased with the phone’s performance on the network, as well as the device’s reliable hotspot features.

We expect even more reviews to crop up within the next few days, so keep a look out for them on some popular mobile and technology blogs around the net (and maybe we can get our shot at an early review, too). Are you impressed by the EVO based on what people are saying so far?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I want this phone NOW!!! bye bye Motorola Droid, its been a good couple of months.

  2. Sounds good…but customer reviews are what really matter. Glad to hear the good news about the battery life tho. That was my main concern. I currently have a G1 and it seems as if my phone is always on the charger. Not much longer to wait June 4th!

  3. Nice, wish a slight variant would come to tmobile. :/ I don’t want a 4.3 inch screen with a keyboard.

  4. looks too big, and no 4g where I live and I still would need to pay the extra bucks. gotta say its not for me

  5. Stop the hating people, the EVO is a beast! Im surprised nobody has reported that the EVO comes with a built in chick magnet and when stuck in traffic it transforms into a jetpack (only problem is the battery drains really fast when in flight). And please stop complaining that it’s TOO BIG, you sound like all my girlfriends!!!

  6. I dont think anyone said it was the phone for everyone…

    I cant wait for my visit to BB on 6/4

  7. I am looking forward to getting this phone. My AT&T Contract is up at the end of this month. It’s as if it were meant to be. Hello Evo! Thanks Sprint!

  8. Come June 4th I’ll probably be sitting at the mall entrance at 7am, if not sooner! Why haven’t I pre-ordered?

    Radio Shack told me they weren’t doing that in Puerto Rico (even tho they had the freaking banner for the pre-order promo posted on the store window!) and Best Buy would let me pre-order but stated they were unsure whether they were getting the units in on the 4th…

    My guess is I was just speaking to clueless sales reps who hadn’t been briefed, I’ll probably try to do so again next week. The $20 off accessories at the Shack would be nice.

  9. To those saying it’s too big… Have you entered a T-Mo store and held an HD2 in your hand? I did, I even took my iPod touch to compare. With the iPod’s silicon sleeve on they were literally the same width, and the HD2 was only like half an inch taller… If you can’t fit that in a pocket you’re either wearing way too tight pants or you’re probably already carrying a purse. ;)

  10. I wish these reviewers will let people know they only have a review unit, not a production unit.

  11. I own the instinct, and I can’t wait for the Evo.

  12. 15 more days my friends 15 more days!!!!

  13. This might seem like a silly question but I’m clueless so here goes… To those of you on VZW/Sprint, can your phones usually employ the WiFi radio while on a call? And if they can’t, can the EVO do so? I know on CDMA/3G you can’t use the standard 3G connection while on a call but I dunno how that translates to WiFi, if at all.

  14. hi all…thats great…iam only worried about battery life.just wait for June 4th!

  15. @informed

    they have final production units, nothing will change except maybe some software updates so what is the problem?

  16. @Covert

    No they do not, Engadget mentioned they did not have a final production unit. None of the reviewers were able to download the new Qik app which enables two-way video chat. The person from the AP could not view videos from Hulu, Sprint reps who have a EVO to train on, are able to view videos from Hulu. which means they have the production unit. Sprint never sends final productions units for review.

  17. Man I can’t wait for this phone, have it preordered from radio shack!

    But couple things I’ve noticed, is this not the official release? It comes with bare minimum accessories, was hoping to have a case or earphones/microphone at least with it. Can anyone confirm this?

    Also is it true that the allotted space for apps is only 300mb?

    These things do disappointment me a bit but I know this is going to be a sick phone! If anyone can answer these that would be great thanks!

  18. @brian1972 that’s what I was thinking too- can a phone be ‘too big’?

    Thought it does seem to be designed for video and media entertainment, so it makes sense- but I think that this sized phone just about reaches the limit of how big a ‘mobile’ phone should be.

  19. so is this phone coming to Europe?

  20. It seems to be a great phone but are we going back to the early 90’s with phones so big that we need to carry a bag?

  21. Yes this is a big phone, Frank up there ^ with comment #9 gave a very good size reference and to me thats not too big by any means. But if you like to wear skinny jeans you share with your little sister, or you still think the phone is just too big theres plenty of other phones to choose from so please stop complaining. Yeah I know its going to be the best phone out there when its released but almost every high end aspect of the phone is available on other phones already so I don’t see that as a valid point. Wait a few more months for a carrier to drop the next best phone with all the little changes you dream about and just stfu about the phone being too big already.

    With that being said, i’ve waited so long for this phone to come out and I love everything about it but sadly the release date falls two days after I leave for a two month stint on a fishing boat in Alaska and by then it might already hold the title of second best :( Doubt me if you will but with 2.2 and new processors on the horizon I just can’t imagine this phone still being top dog near the end of the year.

  22. This could be the phone Sprint thought that the Pre was… let’s just hope for all of Android they don’t use the same marketing company. All the traction it’s gained through Verizon’s Droid commercials could be wiped out if they make another creepy pasty-white red-headed girl commercial. That totally sucked all life out of the Pre.

  23. @frank #13… yes, you can turn on WiFi while on the phone. The only thing I’ve noticed though, is you can’t do Bluetooth, WiFi and call at the same time. So if using the internet and making a call at the same time is what you aim to do, then you may be forced to speakerphone… I use the Moto Droid, so I can’t comment on repeating this on other phones. But I can test it on the Incredible later…

  24. I’m getting the EVO. I had a G1, now have a Droid. I also went to a T-Mo store and handled a HD2. I don’t feel it is too large to be pocketable. In fact, the larger screen is one of the main reasons that I want the phone. Android phones are computers. A 3.7″ screen is too small a screen for me for my pocket computer.

    I get a 17% corporate discount on the monthly plan because of my wife’s employer, which helps also.

  25. And a better phone will come out a month after.

  26. @Alex, thats good so you can get it and have nothing to worry about. But the funny thing is, if a better phone would be coming out in a month that would mean it would also be a 4G phone. So considering there is only one carrier who has a 4G network up and running and that will be the case for the next 18 months or so, I guess that means it would be coming out on sprint huh?? And the possibility that sprint would launch a better phone a month after the EVO is pretty slim. So in one word to respond to you = FAIL!!!!

    @everyone else saying the $10 fee is for 4G. Please understand it is NOT for 4G. It is to allow you a truly CAP FREE data limit on 3G or 4G(if you had it). Basically with this $10 fee you will get better download/upload speeds on 3G, and 10 times better on 4G if you get it, and its all UNLIMITED!!!!!! Please stop saying its just for 4G because that is FAR from the TRUTH.

  27. LOLOLOL@inebri-hated
    @alex… you can say that about any phone – such is technology

  28. @Alex

    Depending on what happens today at 8:30 AM PDT, we might be able to say that there’s a better phone out now.

  29. pre order it at best buy last week,now i just need to wait for it on june 4th.it feels like an eternity waiting for the release date:(

  30. TF wrote on May 20, 2010

    There’s NOTHING wrong with pale, red-headed women.

    Nothin at all. Heh

  31. Oh Evo….I so want you! But I’m hesitant to move to sprint. I do like how cheap your data plan is, compared to Verizon anyway, and how I can share it with the fam. But I’m still torn and the Incredible might just be enough to keep me on Verizon.

  32. @tf
    i have a droid and i was on a call just last night with my bluetooth headset, and using google voice and google talk, over wifi, to tell people i was still working

  33. @inebri yeah well usually the ones that brag about something like that are the smallest ones. And people have opinions let them be you have no more right than anyone else to decide how other people feel, hop off your high horse and let people say what they wanna say.


    I wish tech reviewers would learn more about the relationship between image quality and sensor size. All other things equal, a bigger sensor gives better quality. For example, take a smaller sensor that’s 8 MP and a larger sensor that’s 5MP. Take the same photo with both. Print it big, or scale both to the same pixel size, look in the shadows and you will find less noise and more detail from the larger sensor. Hard to believe but test it yourself. Most pro photographers know this.

    Bottom line: please include the sensor size when you review the phone.

  35. The Droid 2 will shit on this phone.

  36. Was not able to attend the i/o today so i sent my wife in my place. Ill have a EVO in my hands tonight when i pick her up from the airport :)

  37. @Josh

    Only if you registered and paid the registration fee. Otherwise you wont be holding much.

  38. @swazedahustla
    ummm i thought that was implied. but for those of you that are slow on the get go…

    I preregistered for my ticket, purchased a plane ticket and reserved a hotel room. I was then informed that i could not get the time off of work. I then transferred the ticket to my wife who attended and did receive the phone.

    I will have it tonight when i pick her up from the airport.

  39. @josh

    wasn’t sure, alot of people are posting that anyone who showed up was getting a phone. Good deal though, i hate you for the next two weeks. lol

  40. @swazedahustl

    in that case I appologize for the confusion. I did’nt realize that people thought they would get one without a ticket.

    This is the first time I have received something this cool before it’s official release so I am STOKED.

    I pre-ordered one from best buy so I guess I can use that gift card for something else. I guess the best part for me (besides getting it early) is that I won’t have to sign a contract with sprint. Just go month to month until the next killer phone is released.

  41. You left out the parts where msnbc and wallstreet talk about 4g draining the battery very quickly!

  42. Why, why, why, why, WHY must people CONSTANTLY misinterpret the number of pixels as having anything at all to do with the quality of a digital picture? The pixel count determines the physical size of the picture taken. That’s it, period. The “quality” has to do with the imaging processor and the software driving it. The only reason pixel count would affect quality is if you take a picture at too low of a resolution for the size you want, and you end up needing to artificially enlarge it, which will distort the image, making it fuzzy. Most people don’t need anything more than a 3 or 4 megapixel camera, unless you need to print giant, life-size photos. Oh, and btw, it’s going to be a long time (if ever) before cell phone cameras can come close to matching the quality of a dedicated point-and-shoot. Those things have a lot of dedicated hardware and specialized software packed into them, all designed to do one thing and do it well, which is take pictures. You’re just not going to find that in a camera phone.

    Is it just me or does June 4 seem like an eternity away. :)

  44. Actually I don’t think I’d mind the size (4.3″) I’d even go for a larger phone like the Dell Mini 5 with a 5.0 inch screen.

    Reason being I ALWAYS use a BT headset. I like looking my phones screen while talking instead of having a beautiful screen smashed up against my face. I can play games, watch a video or look up data while on a call. Try doing that with a phone up against your ears…

    I don’t know what the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the Evo is (not yet published???) but I hope the Head/Body rate is low. It doesn’t really matter though if you use a wired or BT headset so….bring it on!!

  45. Is it comming to europe? and on which date?

  46. i live in miami, i would have loved to have this phone for memorial day weekend!!!!

  47. I have to give a perspective from the view point of a current Tmobile customer of over a decade. Tmobile customer service has held me for all this time regardless of dropped calls ALL THE TIME and no use in my home. I had the Iphone unlocked and miss it after it broke a month ago. Ok…to the point. Wife/Me family plan FAV5 about 130.oo no data at our current price. Sprint works ,used neighbors phone to test 37 mile trip to work and back, in my house where my Tmobile does not exist. Sprint with the 1400 minute plan with everything else unlimited after employer discount is cheaper than what I get now…and I will have DATA yeah, and pay less even after the 10 dollars a line. I am one of the niches Sprint is looking for to entice with a lower cost , better phone/coverage and goody’s. if you currently have Sprint you have no info to base how good you already have it. It could be and would be much more expensive with other providers for what you currently have. So I certainly understand some Sprint users anxed at a 10 dollar fee…but hey it is still cheaper than paying more for a lot less. I can not wait for the 4th. Wahooo

  48. I think phones were getting too small to be of any practicality for variable uses that we have been blessed with in today’s technology’s. If it will fit in my pocket then it is small enough. I was wondering if the phone dims when put on your cheek like the Iphone.

  49. Slow on the get go, idiot.

  50. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way. hsspbocumalthpny

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