HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update from Sprint Leaks


Hey now, look what just escaped into the wild. A leak of that Android 2.1 update HTC Hero owners have been waiting and waiting for Sprint to release. No, this isn’t the official release, but yes this will wipe your root (come on, we know if you have the guts to update with a leaked ROM you probably already had your phone rooted anyway). The update is Sprint only, so if you have the Hero on another carrier and thought you were getting lucky too, think again.


Again, while this is the real deal of a leak, there is no way of knowing if this is the actual final version that will eventually be pushed to phones. If you just can’t wait any longer, well you can get it here. Update at your own risk.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Maybe you should change the picture to avoid confusions because it is not the Sprint Hero.

  2. an htc hero update from sprint?
    so this should be only for the sprint hero, wich is looking a lot different from the other/european htc hero.
    your image illustration confuses me!?

  3. but it is cdma update, not gsm one :/

  4. False hope.
    Change the picture, lol.


  6. root it and get a vanilla 2.1 rom…

  7. I’m surprised that its not been sorted yet.

  8. this is the real thing people. flashed this and the same results as the eris, mostly. Read the link below


  9. Installed last night, if this isn’t the final build I would be surprised. No live wallpaper, but the bugs that have been plaguing this device since its release seem to be working.

  10. Lets hope motorola will be on the ball with this update for moto cliq

  11. its 2.1 but it doesnt hav live wallpapers

  12. boo, wont work on UK hero :(

  13. that picture is of the sprint hero whats the problem? the leak is also of the sprint hero so the info is correct

  14. @Al Obviously it was previously a picture of the Euro Hero which has since been changed as the update is for the Sprint Hero.

    Installed the update and appears to be working great. Haven’t gotten any MMS’s yet to see if the MMS issue has been fixed though, which is the only reason I’ve cared about an update all this time but all the fancy new 2.1 features are nice to have.

  15. @al, pic was changed from euro to Sprint before your post

  16. Lol @Al
    Be less dense, please.

  17. If you’re already rooted just wait until they come out w/ a rom (fresh, damage control, etc) based on this…

  18. I downloaded this. Works fine, for the most part. No live wallpaper, which doesn’t really concern me. However, can’t find some apps in Market, despite using publisher’s name. For example, I had Aldiko Premium downloaded prior to downloading the leaked 2.1 software, but now it’s nowhere to be found in Market, only the free version. I also had an official CBS News app on my 1.56 build, but that’s no longer to be found in the leaked 2.1 version of Market. A few others like that, is anyone else having the same issue?

  19. They’ve already posted a rooted version of this FW at xda-developers.com

    If you upgrade with the official Sprint Android 2.1 firmware, root will be lost. There is currently no root exploit for it. It may come with time, but if you need root, use the modded firmware on the xda forums instead of the official Sprint release.

  20. What features of 2.1 are omitted in this Sprint Hero Eclair?
    Besides Live WallPaper of course…
    I assume multi-touch :)

  21. if i do this can i still use the update that Sprint will send me?

  22. There’s multi-touch, Hell the Hero had multi touch when other 1.5 phones didn’t.

    @George – The missing apps are due to the new firmware not being recognized by the Google App Marketplace for some protected apps. We’ll have to wait till Google gets the new firmware added to their database which may not be until an official release is made.

    We had the same problem with the first Firmware update from Sprint for a few days till Google added the firmware.

  23. I did it yesterday, it works great. That multitouch thing on home is there and alot of the features that are on the other sense devices like the droid incredible. No live wallpapers and the voice recognition on the keyboard is not there though, but besides that, i’m pretty happy with this update that took forever. lol

  24. Why would you assume multi-touch is missing? The Hero has multi-touch on 1.5.

  25. I don’t know if anybody knows this or not, but im on the HTC website right now, I was trying to download the HTC sync app to my computer so I could try the 2.1 leak, and its saying that there is a rom update for the htc hero. I’m not sure if this is 2.1, but it gives a rom version number and I checked it against the version number on my phone which is different. Anybody else see what I see?

  26. This sounds good. Is everything working?

  27. Just loaded the 2.1 update on my Droid Eris, and it’s awesome! I honestly kinda feel bad for Hero owners, as their phone came out long before the Eris did, but the update is dependant on the carrier, so Sprint deserves the finger pointing, not HTC. I hope you guys get your official update soon. @Graham – HTC Sense is the integrated launcher, so you can’t turn it off because there’s nothing to replace it. If you want the stock Google launcher, you’ll have to install a hacked ROM, or else there are other third-party launchers to choose from. @weiman – multi-touch is supported by Android, even in 1.5, but it’s implemented on a per-application basis. Most stock Google apps did not include it, but HTC added it into their custom version of the web browser. That said, multi-touch still seems to be missing on Google Maps after my 2.1 upgrade, even though it’s enabled on newer devices like the Incredible.

  28. @Brad
    Did you update Google Maps?

  29. how can I get back to 1.5 that I had?

  30. @Brad
    Thanks for the info. I’ll try it out now. Can’t wait for Fresh Toast ROM to assimilate this update :)… overclocked CDMA Hero would be dope.

  31. Well for all the apps, on your SD card, should be backed up by Astro…. And make a folder on your desktop, for all these apps….. Then Drop them all into it, and make sure you have sync…. Then every-time we have an update we are able to just push all the apps that we did have, onto our phones in a few secs… Because of the Google downloading your contacts or whatever, your market is going to lag.. That is why I recommend this..
    Also… For all your book marks… Copy all the addressed paste them into a gmail email to yourself… and wammm you have your apps and you book marks that you had before…
    To conclude this is one of the best phones I have ever, ever had… The updates and what this phone can do, such as in the Layer app… This phone can go far.. BUT the Evo is coming and the Nexus One…. And whatever else that is coming down the pipes… But 4g hot-spot on your phone… How cool is that, lol !!!!!

    Your Friend, Sprint, and Android User


  32. htc has a rom upgrade on their support site, which I’m pretty sure is android 2.1. Sprint is the worst with these updates. That pissed me off because now I know that it’s just sprint just bullshiting. I even tried to download the update, but when I put my serial number in it wouldn’t let me. SPRINT YOU SUCK ASS FOR MAKING US WAIT THIS LONG. SO YOU COULD DO WHAT? MAKE SURE IT’S INTERGRATED WITH SPRINT APPS? FUCK YOU SPRINT!!!!

  33. @Paul, the ROM upgrade for the hero is for the european version, not the american.

  34. That would be the sync program for you computer.

  35. The sprint hero update you are finding is not for the SPRINT hero but the HTC hero (no chin vs chin or cdma vs gsm)…

    Make sure you’re on the right page.

  36. I have been running the leaked RUU on my Sprint HTC Hero all day and it works perfectly. Unless the final “official” build has live wallpapers (which I know it doesn’t) then I don’t plan to update again. This is sweet! Now we just need root. I’m sure this is as good as it gets, I doubt the Hero will see Froyo, but who knows?

  37. Any figure out how to turn off sense?…the normal way isn’t working

  38. @redandblack – yes, I installed the update to Google Maps from the marketplace, still no pinch-to-zoom capability, even after a second reboot. I dunno what else to do about that one. @Htc hero – why the heck would you want to turn off HTC Sense? If you didn’t want that, you would have been better off buying the Samsung Moment, as it has a faster processor and bigger screen than the Hero. HTC Sense is mostly the reason I bought the Droid Eris over the Droid, even knowing the performance limitations. Anyway, there are plenty of third-party launcher apps out there that would be far better than the stock Android launcher, so if you really don’t like Sense, I would recommend one of those.

  39. Installed fine, no issues with the exception of certain apps missing from the market (FlightStats paid, MyBackup Pro, SnapPhoto Pro, etc)

    Updates to:
    Firmware: 2.1-update1

  40. @brad I like htc sense but I would like to turn off sense to see if like the htc desire when you turn sense off you can enable live wallpapers…the only reason, also I had the moment it’s f.ucking horrible as a phone!

  41. @Brad – I hadn’t even looked at Google Maps before updating it via the marketplace but I can confirm that the latest version does have pinch to zoom multi touch capabilities. I noticed that it is a little touchy (no pun intended) but it does work.

  42. Just installed it. Works perfectly. You cannot disable Sense because it is the only launcher included, which is somewhat crappy. I haven’t tried to install any 3rd party launchers. I read elsewhere that the reason some apps aren’t showing up is because this version of the firmware hasn’t been listed with the Marketplace, I have no idea if this is accurate, but sounds good to me. If you’re worried about messing up your phone, the old rom is available for download on the HTC site. And this update makes a tremendous difference, makes the phone so much better, and snappier.

  43. Well I took the plunge and installed the leaked Rom. It’s great to me. I don’t really need live wallpapers, and the missing voice integration is kinda a bummer, but its otherwise its a good update. I bet this leaked Rom is exactly how the “official” will be.

  44. Hey i got earlier today and its coo it wrks pretty good for a leak update and it is on point way betta now dat my htc hero is 2.1

  45. I think sprint leaked it, think bout it, ppl were f.u c.king pis.sed at the misinformation and long wait

  46. @ Htc hero – If you were pissed about misinformation you should blame the media, Sprint always said 1H2010, and then later 2Q. They still haven’t missed their launch time.

  47. the rom would be much better if you could turn of sense. helix launcher is ok.

  48. you guys are lucky.

    my cliqXT is going to get 2.1 in the first quarter of 2010.

    probly on my birthday june, 29.

    i don’t need all the tech crap, i just want access to the better apps.

  49. how exactly do you download this

  50. Mike… hate to break it to you, but we are nearing the end of Q2.

  51. Let’s put it this way gang… if this isn’t from Sprint let’s hope that Sprint’s upgrade process works this well. I first tried to download it to my phone and upgrade that way DUH! But once I figured our I had downloaded an .exe file I hooked my Hero up to my PC and away it went… now I just need to play with it to see what we have here… so far I like hitting the home button twice!!

  52. completed, but wondering if it is safe to turn off sense

  53. Re: George Anthony

    I’m having the same issue with the market – random apps no longer show, I wonder if it’s doing a OS version check and excluding them.

  54. Just download the Rom everything is great, the only thing I seam to be missing is some of my purchased apps from the market. Also no talk to text.

  55. Is it me or is the phone faster with 2.1? I was worried that it would be slower but even after reinstalling my apps I think the phone is more responsive now.

  56. I think mike means Q3

  57. Mikeee rode the short bus to school

  58. Ok…total noobie here but Im fearless..where do I get instructions to try this upgrade for my HTC HERO? Clueless. What do I need to do?..Getting the HTC-EVO june 4th though :-)

  59. The pinch to zoom multi touch works just fine on Google Maps for me. I am missing a few apps that I had before the update and can’t find them in the market anymore

  60. In 1.5 you could go to the application in the setting and stop HTC Sense and when you when back to home it would ask if you wanted to load “Home” or “Sense”, so yes…the default home screen is still there, but for some reason that method doesn’t work in this new build.

    Live wallpapers aren’t enabled, 3D application browser, and I think the reason some apps aren’t showing up is because the version of the update needs to be approved by some protected apps.

  61. Are some of these features and apps missing because the phone can’t handle them? I mean the processor is pretty slow compared to newer phones.

  62. If this baby isn’t from Sprint it should be cause she loaded like a dream and runs like a swiss watch. I loaded it up first thing this morning and have been trying to figure out all the new stuff,,, some nice little surprises here and there… I’ve been thinking about the EVO too but I’m thinkinh there’s really not much use till 4G comes to my city… why pay the extra $15 bucks a month to run 3G??

  63. @Htc hero – Ah, I see what you mean. I hadn’t heard that disabling the Sense launcher would allegedly enable live wallpapers. Oh well, I don’t really care about that, as it’s just unnecessary eye candy, and may very well be an extra load on the CPU and drain on the battery that I don’t need. I can’t speak much for battery life yet, but my Eris is running like a champ after the upgrade. It still hasn’t really slowed down at all, so this will easily tie me over until I can get an Incredible.

  64. Sprint is fucked up. They are waiting to release the 2.1 for their Hero just before the EVO gets released on June 4th. The Samsung Moment 2.1 software was released a week ago and they have a completely didferent setup for their phone. Why is the Moment released earlier than their issue phone. I think that the leak is bullshit and the actual 2.1 will be like the EVO’s software, minus the 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, the two camera’s, the HD setup and the quik stream video application. Hope They hurry the Hell up.

  65. I just downloaded the leaked 2.1 on my hero. I dont see anything special about it. What are even the new features because I was really looking forward to the live wallpapers which it does not have!!

  66. Updated. Seems like a lot faster.

  67. @son, that’s probably just because you had a lot of crap tying up resources before you installed this, which wipes the memory. Mine actually seems a little slower than before, at least in terms of the music player.

    Is anyone else having trouble with the live weather feature? Mine keeps blanking out and not finding the accurate location. Other than that, all seems well.

  68. Ok, First of all, there is no way to disable sense on any phone. All that was possible was changing to stock home screen. Sense was still running. For that reason, that would not enable lwp. Now, moving on. The update made it so much better. There are a lot of smaller changes that make it nicer, along with the bigger ones. Ex. Caracter counter always present in text., no longer have to mount/unmount sd. I see several webos type of features. My fav change is the nicer market, and the great new apps. I don’t need battery-sucking lwp. Just downloaded the 3D gallery APK. There are a lot of aesthetic changes that just makes it so much nicer.

  69. @Graham If you go into Settings-Applications-Manage Applications sort A-Z and clearing the defaults on HTC Sense and instead choose Home then reboot the phone this will give you the Android stock launcher look with only 3 screens. I have it enabled on mine and I like it. I did one day playing with all the settings then kept It cuz I liked it and notice a small improvement in performance vs Sense. Hope that helps so you don’t have to root the phone if thats all you want to change.

  70. Installed update and run excellent.

  71. So if I update, I have to reinstall all my apps? So it’s kinds like a hard reset then.

  72. Works great, but I did have a little trouble with setting up email again (the widget does not like verizon too much) – One hint – use the free Astro File manager to back up your apps to the SD card. Once you’ve loaded 2.1, go to market and get Astro again, then you can reload all your other apps.

    Google nav is wonderful.

  73. anybody have news for 2.1 on cliq??

  74. Well I loaded the leaked update to my phone and I have to admit its pretty buggy for me. When typing a text message my keyboard will lock up if I type the word “I’m”. Sometimes it will even force close the Touch keyboard function.

    Also for some reason my battery life has taken a huge hit now that I’ve uploaded the update.

    Anyone else experiencing problems with their phone now? Any opinions on if the Sprint official upgrade will overwrite this one? I’m not to happy with what I got at the moment, and I was one that LOVED my Sprint Hero.

  75. Well after running this for a couple days now there are definitely a few bugs still in it that I hope they fix before the official release. I’m not upset since its a leaked version but definitely some issues that need to be fixed.

    Biggest one for me is that I can’t find a way to limit the contacts that are importing in this version where as in the previous you could select which groups to sync. Some issues with the dictionary when typing things like “id” used to be replaced with “I’d” now it gives me “is”… Hopefully they’ll iron the issues out for the official release but otherwise I’m happy with it till then.

  76. “the update is dependant on the carrier, so Sprint deserves the finger pointing, not HTC”

    I don’t have Sprint and I am yet to get 2.1.

  77. I downloaded the leak yesterday morning and have definetly noticed some bugs. Like my WiFi is glitchy! Works when it feels like it. Hopefully Sprint fixes issues before official release.

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