myTouch Slide 3G Pricing and Release Details


What else could you want to know about the myTouch Slide 3G? Info has been coming out pretty freely about this one, and now TmoNews has gotten their grubby little mitts on what you can expect to pay for the latest in the myTouch family. On a 2-year contract the phone will be $149.99. Off-contract you are looking at $399.99. Not too shabby.


And while this second piece of news isn’t as easily confirmed, the word is that the Slide 3G will be hitting T-Mobile’s shelves on June 16th. That’s less than a month away. Both price and release date fall within the perimeters of what we were expecting, so nothing too shocking here. So who’s lining up for one of these come June?

[via TmoNews]

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  1. You used the wrong form of “too” in the second to last sentence

  2. No he didn’t. “So nothing too shocking here” – the word “too” is correctly used here.

  3. you got to be fucking kidding me @jdjxidjd? that mean he’s only human nerd boy! anyway the slide is a nice looking phone but very underpower. i will wait and see what happen with Project Emerald first…. but nice phone for my wife maybe.

  4. I didn’t know this was english class jdjxidjd, but anyways nice phone but not worth it really imo

  5. Anybody know why T-mobile is having such a hard time moving up to 1GHz? It’s got the Nexus One, but not in stores and only if you’re a new customer or willing to pay full retail. Let’s cross our fingers for project emerald.

  6. So for $50 bucks more(off contract) I can buy a Sprint EVO. Might want to change that price point T-Mo.

  7. This is probably the best phone I’ll be able to get right now… I’m locked into T-Mobile and I want a hard keyboard. It can run Android 2.1, right?

  8. The G1 is the best phone ever. This one looks like a fair replacement. I will only consider phones with real keyboards!

  9. This is a ridiculous price for a phone with at best mid-range hardware. They should charge $100 at most for a phone that’s basically the G1 with more RAM

  10. omg!!! another phone with 2.1 come on motorola i want 2.1 for my cliq

  11. @jdjxidjd he used the correct form of “too”. “Too” equates to “also” or “very”. “To” indicates a direction or action. If he was using “to”, the adjective “shocking” would have to be changed into the verb “to shock”, that is, to be grammatically correct his last clause would read “so nothing to shock here”, although it makes no sense in context with the previous clause.

    In short, he used the correct term, so learn TO grammar.

  12. seriously, who’s excited about a phone that’s too little too late? the hardware is cr@p compared to the droid or nexus one. Its just a mytouch with a slider keyboard. come on t-mo gimme a droid type of phone already i’m so sick of my slow a$$ no 2.1 having G1 and there’s nothing with a hardware keyboard that compares right now.

  13. The release date of this phone is actually June 2nd, I contacted someone from T-Mobile about it today.

  14. he definateley use the right “too” he didnt say im going too buy the phone that would be the wrong form of the word.prolly shuda kept that one to yourself considering you are wrong….

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