Meet Android as It Rips Down the Google Search Page


Hey if you’re in the UK head over to Google and type in “meet Android.” Then hit “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Go ahead, do it. I dare you. You’ll  meet Android alright, as that little green bugger tears down your search to reveal an Easter egg ad for the Nexus One.


For those not in the UK (myself included), you’ll just have to head over to Gizmodo to see a video of the events that unfold. Pretty cool stuff on Google’s part. Those in the States only get redirected to a boring Google I/O page if we attempt to recreate this feat.

[UPDATE: Thanks to the commenters for pointing out a rather thoughtless blunder on my part: for those not in the UK (again, myself included), just head over to google.co.uk and follow the above steps to be greeted with the Android robot in person…er, not via a pre-recorded video. Or even more simple yet, if you don’t care for the neat gimmick of clicking the “I’m feeling lucky” button, simply head over to http://www.meetandroid.co.uk]

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Better yet. Just type http://www.google.co.uk and you’re at the UK google search page. Type meet android and hit I feel lucky.

  2. Or if you want to see it simply go directly to the address shown in your screenshot….http://meetandroid.co.uk/

  3. Haha Cool :) Ive Seen Some Over Android Adverts Like These From Vodafone UK .. I Like Them :D

  4. Podcasts how do I locate the podcast from the show each week they use to be posted via the app what happend

  5. man that’s pretty cool.. Now isn’t that Flash in work there?

  6. omg i loves it! :D

  7. Interesting how the A302 Westminster Bridge Rd is “150yd” up to the left! . . umm, wouldn’t that be Meters? LMAO!

  8. No YouTube video yet? My Droid can’t meet android… :(

  9. Hey did you check out the site Vodafone is offering the Nexus One for free. Perhaps I am a bit out of the loop on this one but why is it that every android phone being offered in the UK is free? Will the US ever adopt this type of marketing. I understand there is a monthly plan but still a free phone…….

  10. Thats quite a cool advertising page.

  11. It’s rather poorly thought out. As soon as I see a page that says your search didn’t find anything, I’m gone. I didn’t even see the animation start before I went back the first time. If I weren’t specifically looking for that animation, I would never have seen it.

  12. @eric

    free? LOL, surely you jest. not when they make 3-400 unsubsidised or 2-300 subsidised, nah that will never catch on here in the states.unless you want a nokia bar phone with numbers on the keypad and a cool flip open close cover, and, drum roll please, a color 1.5 inch screen!

  13. Why the hell didn’t they do this in AMERICA!!!

  14. @eric the only phone you ever have to pay for in the UK is the iPhone … I have never had to pay for a phone and always had top of the line handsets. currently running the desire for £32 per month with unlimited text, internet/data and 600 free minutes on 18 month contract …. the industry over here is way different I believe ….

  15. @rick – Don’t start on the Metric/Imperial battle that has been going on here since we went metric in the 70’s. All road signs in the UK are still in Imperial.

  16. @rick BDL is right; we still use Imperial measurements for distances & to measure our weight, but use Metric weights for goods & Metric temperatures. Confused much?

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