Need for Speed Shift(s) Up to June 4th Launch


Need for Speed: Shift was demoed at the HTC EVO 4G event but gained surprisingly little attention though the release date for the upcoming EA title was revealed to coincide with the EVO launch. Or maybe it’s not so surprising given all of the EVO awesomeness blotting out the announcement and EA’s lack-luster track record with Android gaming. Still, Need for Speed: Shift will be a welcome addition to the slim 3D gaming library on Android when it speeds onto a handset near you come June 4th.


Shift is currently available on iPhone, and last summer during my brief stint with the LG enV Touch I messed around with a brief demo of a similar mobile phone Need for Speed game. The accelerometer controls were a little loose, but it wasn’t all that bad.

No mention of what the exact specs you’ll need to have to get this game running at full throttle, but given its EVO association and 3D graphics, we’ll assume you’ll need at least a marginally high-end Android running a new version of the OS. I’m not a huge fan of racing games, so can’t say this one has me waiting with eager anticipation, but I sure can appreciate some new titles hitting the Android Market. Any Need for Speed fans out there who can’t wait to get their hands on this one?

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  1. Yeah and the game is probably some ungodly sized download. EA is not known for the optimized coding.

  2. EA is not known for anything good. Except sucking, terrible support, killing games, milking games, slapping titles on a game to sell it, and did I mention just plain ‘ol sucking?
    ;) Sorry, I am not fond of EA.

  3. I want a good madden game, and maybe some online multiplayer. Andriod needs alot more online multiplayer game

  4. @Zack: Pity, because your broad brush is causing you to miss out on some phenomenal games, such as Shift. In just the last few months, EA has released some great games, including a couple that are already getting game-of-the-year claims by a lot of players. I’ll buy this day one for my Droid, although it won’t be the same without my MOMO wheel. :)

  5. perhaps the EVO will com preloaded with this?

  6. Let’s hope that most of the game will install on the SD card.

  7. It will be interesting as after this more people should release games to Android.

  8. so this should probably work on the htc incredible

  9. In Canada none of EA’s games are available on the Android Market. I’m not sure what they haven’t done to make their games available but they better do it before the game is released. I’d gladly pay for the game and don’t want to have to torrent it. Here’s to hoping they want to make more money and open up their games a bit.

  10. EA should be reusing a lot of code between iPhone and Android versions. Do they use some code generator? That would be the violation of the new Apple license. Will Apple dare to kick them off for this?

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