HTC EVO 4G: First Impressions


IMG_0299Two gems when it comes to gadget-world details have been uncovered in terms of Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G – price and date – plus a whole lot more. On June 4th you’ll be able to snag the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint for a mere $199 – that’s ridiculously competitive considering its specs. While we’ve seen hands-on overviews of the device already, this was MY first time playing with the EVO and I’ve got a few specific observations that, while seemingly obvious, are rather important and I’d like to expound upon.

  1. The EVO is FAST
  2. The EVO is HUGE
  3. The EVO is CHEAP
  4. The EVO is AWESOME

Let’s Talk FAST

The HTC EVO 4G is named so for a reason – the focus is on Sprint’s 4G network which promises to bring a new level of speed to your mobile endeavors. From what I saw, it fully delivers on that promise. On 3G networks, Android users on any major carrier are likely familiar with “buffering” if they’ve done any significant YouTube watching. And if you routinely press “Menu > More > Watch In High Quality” you DEFINITELY know what I’m talking about.

With the 4G connection on which we demoed the EVO, loading HD videos was practically instantaneous. In the presentation, they made a great comparison about 3G vs. 4G and the way we use the internet. Back in the day, before the interwebz bloomed, it took FOREVER to load up pages on your dial-up network. Waiting MINUTES was not beyond the norm. Moving onto consumer cable connections totally changed the way we used the web.

That’s a rather drastic and sweeping change and I’m not suggesting the 3G to 4G is a similar evolution in scale, but it definitely represents a significant enough change that people WILL use their phones a bit differently (in 4G areas of service obviously). When you combine this with the open source platform of Android, unique hardware features like the front-facing camera, and developer innovation like that of Qik, we’ll see applications like real-time video chat. By the way, the EVO 4G does video chat with Qik and I think there is MUCH more where those type of apps came from, especially with 4G about to take hold. How about the Hotspot feature? Yeah… like I said, more where that came from!

Mobile devices have come a long, long way in the past couple years but network speeds have more or less stood still. Although wireless carriers have expanded their 3G footprint, building next-gen network infrastructure takes a ton of time and money – the stride is longer, steps are further, and with the next 4G foot about to land it looks like the mobile multimedia experience is about to start loping.

Did I mention how awesome Sprint TV was on the EVO 4G? Guess not… but it’s definitely awesome. The nice Sprint rep showed me some Hannah Montana when there was a Yankees game on I could have been watching, but hey – Disney was co-sponsoring the event so I forgave her.


While I am really excited about Sprint 4G, this excitement should be balanced with a spoonful of pudding that hopefully the proof is in. My experience was in a controlled environment, at an event held by Sprint, where I’m sure they took many measures to ensure the network functioned flawlessly. (Even so, the Qik portion of the presentation faltered a bit)

I first tested Sprint 4G when it launched in Baltimore as XOHM (years ago) and was very impressed by the speeds. But in certain situations or places it just couldn’t get a great signal. For this reason I’m eager to see user reviews come out to get a more aggregate/unbias opinion. I’m guessing Sprint has made a ton of improvements to the network since then, and they were probably waiting until the network was reliable enough on which to launch such a high-profile phone.

But yeah… as far as I can tell, Sprint 4G on the EVO is fast and incredibly awesome.

Let’s Talk HUGE

The EVO 4G has a 4.3-inch screen and for the obvious reasons this is fantastic. All that streaming video content displays gorgeously. Typing on the EVO keyboard is spacious to say the least. The entire visual experience is enjoyable no matter what you’re doing: apps, games, web, videos, randomness, etc… so by default, the screen gets a big green confirmation check.

While bigger isn’t always better, the EVO 4G toes that line and makes you realize that there is definitely some type of boundary where a phone eventually becomes a MID/Tablet/XYZ. In terms of pocketability/pursability, the phone is pretty slim and should do the trick. In terms of feel in the hand, the weight or dimensions don’t negatively shock you and its looks/feels relatively normal. But once you start interacting with the device you may find your one-handed thumbable region of comfort is stretched a bit.

I don’t have huge hands by any means, and for those that do, this will be more of a blessing than detraction. And for those with average/small sized hands it may just mean a little getting familiar. But if you do mostly one-handed navigation on your phone you MAY find swiping left/right or pulling the status bar from top to bottom a bit tiresome/tedious if your filanges can’t comfortably go the distance. Just something to look out for and possibly a reason to check out the EVO in-store before making a purchase if you feel like you’re small-handed or this could bother you.

On a more sweeping note, we always hear/think that bigger is better, and the EVO is definitely bigger and better, but it also pushes me to believe that 4.3-inches should just about be the maximum size for the mainstream phone. Anything bigger and you’re starting to enter a different territory.

Let’s Talk CHEAP

How the heck can this phone only be $199 on contract? Do you remember when the first ever Android Phone launched? It was the T-Mobile G1 and it cost $199. Compare the specs of these two phones and ask yourself, “have we really come this far in this short of a time span?” We sure have.

The mobile world is good for consumers these days and to have such a powerhouse device at such a low price is amazing to say the least. Obviously Sprint is able to do this because they recoup the hardware cost with service plans – that’s what a subsidized device is all about – but with both the EVO and Incredible being $199 I personally don’t think customers have any right to complain about any service plan extras Sprint may charge for data and whatnot.

The phone hardware is awesome and coming at a rock bottom price. The phone’s network speeds are amazing and the investment to build that infrastructure has to be collected somehow, right? Customers will always find a reason to complain… even when they get stuff for free. The bottom line is that the EVO 4G isn’t even fairly priced… it is favorably priced. At least that’s my opinion.

Let’s Talk AWESOME

Much of what unlocks the power of the EVO 4G are things you won’t immediately notice. The power of the processor, speed of the network, size of the screen, and other factors will simply combine to boost the performance of typical features you’re already using. In fact, they might work so flawlessly that you take them for granted and think, “this is how it should have been in the first place.” But I guess that’s what 4G is all about.

The EVO 4G does have some really interesting features thanks to both Sprint and HTC that I’m eager to see put in play. The front-facing camera, the kickstand, the FM radio that was so great on the Incredible, the Hotspot service, Sprint TV, the huge screen, the list goes on…

In many regards I think what will be so awesome about the HTC EVO 4G is, as I already kind of explained, what you don’t notice. Combine the hardware, the software, and the network and you get a mobile experience that simply put – gets out of the users way and gets to the point: the content, the apps, the games and the web are the focus. Because of the 4G implications of this device we’re hearing a LOT about Sprint, but lets not forget how brilliant HTC has been in the android department. The HTC EVO 4G is another item to add to an already impressive Android resume.

Let’s Talk Q&A

After the event I took a short video of a rep doing a “hands-on” while a few of us grilled him with some questions. A bunch of my questions came at the request of folks from AndroidForums and by the way… if you haven’t hit up the HTC EVO 4G Forums there you’re really missing out:

To recap some of what we touched on from those questions:

  • Unique apps leveraging front camera? I think only Qik and we’ll have to wait-and-see on the rest
  • 4G Rollout plans – see this phandroid post from last week
  • Simultaneous data/voice? Yes.
  • Hotspot + Get calls? Yes, see above.
  • Do the touch/capacitive android buttons glow white on the ring around them when you press? No
  • Battery life on 4G? Consumes a bit more than 3G, consumes a TON if you’re not in a 4G city and it constantly tries to get a signal. You can toggle 4G off easily.
  • Android OS version – 2.1
  • Car dock? Yes
  • Car home? Yes
  • Other accessories? Yes… including custom cover that supports kickstand
  • Extended battery interfere with kickstand? Not at all… you should definitely be able to equip this with an extended battery

The HTC EVO 4G Event

The event was located in a pretty nifty space in Hell’s Kitchen NYC (42nd and 10th whereabouts). I got there a bit early and there were food, drinks and mingling. Of course, I maneuvered my way around the crowd to find a drink or two, which Sprint named “Sprintini” and “The 4G”:


At 6 we were herded into an attached, retr0 looking theatre/room where the actual press conference portion of the event was held (FULL footage coming soon!) Here are some pictures of that room after mostly everyone cleared out:



Afterwards we went back to the lounge area and were served more drinks and food while we got hands-on time with the EVO itself. Some interesting pictures I haven’t seen posted elsewhere are of the EVO box:


And some HTC EVO 4G Cases that thoughtfully leave room for the kickstand:




Looking back, I wish I would have spent a little more time with the device. I would have loved to demo some of the applications like Sprint TV and Qik in depth. Instead I got one hands-on video, played with the device a little bit, and headed back to my hotel room to get the full video content up. Probably would have been worth an extra hour considering converting/uploading takes FOREVER anyways.

So no… I didn’t get to see Prince of Persia. It would have been nice, but as usual, bringing you folks the latest and greatest is priority #1.

Let’s Talk One-Liners

The HTC EVO 4G looks it’ll be the real deal top to bottom… and at $199 it truly is a deal.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. I don’t like the extra $10 add on but I’m still getting the phone. Clearwire needs to hurry up and bring 4g to So Cal.

  2. Ok I was arguing two days ago that iPhone will kill on VZW. I formally retract that statement as long as VZW can start coming out with phones likes this.
    Mother of pearl. This thing takes the iPhone and uses it’s nuts as a speed bag.

  3. I work at best buy so I’m gonna get a chance to play with this…and um gonna have 200 in my pocket so I can buy this on site….early adopting rules.

  4. DANG!!!

  5. Couldn’t even give me like 4 months with the best phone could you HTC *sniffle*. Lose the 4G and bring this to Verizon so I can use it where I live and you got yourself a deal.

  6. 4th of June. Circle it in my calendar!!

  7. I’m sorry, but the real price of the phone is $440 ($200 + $10/month for 24 months).

  8. what is the car home accessory

  9. It’s really not a classy move to say I told you so…but over in the Incredible forum…I told you so! Can you hear me now? oooh aaaah…okay…that’s enough childish revenge. Can’t wait to get this phone…well worth the wait…albeit with a $10 per month surcharge that seems lame. This is truly and incredible phone! ;)

  10. Great looking phone.

    Too bad it’s only available on Sprint. My Nexus One is still my best (and only) option on T-Mobile.

    Plus I tend to prefer GSM over CDMA, due to the convenience of SIM cards.

  11. I can’t wait for this device! My only hang-up is the $10 add-on since 4G is not available in my area and the closest 4G marketing is 200 miles away. Sprint doesn’t even have my city on their 4G roadmap for the next year…which is odd since I live in the 13th most populous metropolitan city in the country and second most populous state capital. I don’t feel like I should have to pay $120/yr for a service that I will never be able to use.

  12. I’m throwing a kegger on Jun 4th, who’s coming? And can people stop complaining about the $10 charge (even if you live with no 4g coverage)! It’s not our fault your broke ass can’t afford it. And who cares if you have a family and “these things add up” excuse. Next time wear a rubber!

  13. but I would gladly pay the $10 surcharge if 4G was available!!

  14. @Cpt Mike: I still think you’re right. An iPhone4.x on LTE would move so many units it’d make Apple and VZW’s collective heads spin. That being said, it’s all about options, and I prefer Android’s open platform, especially considering the new built in tethering and easy apps2SD being integrated in 2.2.
    My question, which I’ve yet to read see yet, is this. Do I have to pay the extra $10 for 4G if it’s not even available anywhere close to where I’m at 90% of the time? I know it’s the 4G Evo, but @ $199 it’s the same price as any 3G phone on contract and if I can’t use 4G for another year in my area then it would irk me to pay the extra.

  15. Granted that this phone is tailored to playing and watching videos, is there a point when phones just become ‘too big’? =)

    Besides that… definitely a sweet sweet phone!

  16. Cpt Mike and inebriHATED, thanks for the Humor. I agree that even w/ the $10 charge Sprint is cheaper than the other carriers.

  17. Rob, as always good job with your coverage. I do have to disagree with one point that you made though. Even though the price of the EVO is extremeley competitive at $199, I don’t think ANYONE should overlook the fact Sprint is charging customers a “mandatory” 4G charge of $10.00 regardless if you are in a 4G market or not. If by some oft chance you get lost and find yourself in 4G territory and stay there thats great you’re covered.

    To quote you from above: “I personally don’t think customers have any right to complain about any service plan extras Sprint may charge for data and whatnot”
    From a basic view point I would agree with what you say but looking at the big picture there are other things to take into consideration.

    First, when is the city you live in getting 4G? Why would anyone pay for a service you can’t use? What if 4G doesn’t get fired up until 8 months into a new contract? You have just thrown 80 bucks away for a service that was not available to you. If the cable company said “We have 40Mbs download speeds coming soon, but we have to raise your bill now” What would you do? Would you think its ridiculous? The power company here in Florida tried to do something similar to this. They tried to charge customers for a proposed nuclear plant that has not even broken ground yet and likely wouldn’t start producing electricity for many many years. Needless to say customers had a fit and the charge was removed from the bill but I hope you see the similarities.

    Second, shouldn’t we be given the choice if we want to use 4G? During the event you were in a controlled enviortment with Sprint acting as the puppeteer. What happens in real world usage? In the real world if I am not satisfied with the results should I have to take my phone back when I would be perfectly happy with 3G speeds? I have a Hero now and the speeds that I get for what I do are fine. Having a choice with the EVO would have been a great option, that has been taken away.

    With all that being said will I purchase a EVO on launch day? It was a giant yes before yesterday but now its a maybe. If I couple the pricing information with the speed of updates coming for Sense enabled phones I have to think twice at this phone now

  18. Its an iPhone killer. I am pre-ordering mine in bestbuy today.
    They will definitley sell a 1.5 million units before the iphone release announcement on jun 7. & I am a sprint customer since 2000. & ofcourse I am long sprint stock.


  19. Looks amazing.

    I wish it was in the UK though.

  20. Now that U can do simultaneous Voice & Data With Sprint….Do you really need At&t or Tmobile???

  21. I wish they got sum shots of the Car & Home Accessories…. Although i wont be able to afford a 32GB Micro SD card anytime soon ($200) i do plan on buying a 16GB ($49) And using it as my Mp3 Player

  22. I Desire this Incredible Legend. Its the Hero of the Moment. The HTC Evo 4G.
    Straight from the punitentiary! :)

  23. The phone looks awesome but is Sprint’s network up to par with Verizon & AT&T? Is there pretty much coverage everywhere now?

  24. I do not see,what is so ridiculous about the price.
    In Europe,sooner or later,similar phone will cost same money like Apple Iphone,or $1.
    Phone pricing in this country is a joke!

  25. @Mark- an iPhone with x-ray vision and gamma powered super strength would sell gazillions of units too. But the iPhone is NOT on Verizon and is NOT capable of 4G. AT&T has an exclusive contract on the iPhone till 2012, and Verizon won’t even begin to roll out 4G until the end of the year. By then, there will be an EVO 2 in the works and the Dell Thunder will have launched and probably many other Android and WinPho 7 phones that will bury the iPhone. Verizon doesn’t need the iPhone. The iPhone needs Verizon.

    Oh my- how the tables have turned!

  26. @Feech

    I completely and totally agree.

  27. @Eazyw- As an Ally of the Droid Cliq, I must say your Nexus of writing is hilarious! The EVO 4G works like Magic and is out of my fondest Dream. It is a Milestone that Devours the competition. Once it gets into MyTouch, I guarantee to Backflip!

  28. @ Neil Tantay: Nope. VZW still wins out easily. That said, if you are in a city/big city or near one, you shouldn’t have a problem getting Sprint service. It becomes an issue though when you’re not in this situation.
    Take a look at the Sprint coverage map and choose “Data, Email and Multimedia”. Notice the difference in the Mobile Broadband and Nationwide data network coverage. The Mobile Broadband is what you’d want (the Nationwide data is extremely slow comparatively).
    Some ppl will tell you how wonderful it is that Spring allows you to roam on VZWs network for free. I am however confused when looking at this map… it seems Broadband roaming may not be available in a lot of places… Also, keep in mind it won’t go to roaming on Verizon if you still have the Nationwide data coverage. If that’s the case for you, you’ll be stuck with those slow speeds.
    My point is, if it looks like you may not get great Sprint coverage where you are, I’d make damn sure you find out if you will SUCCESSFULLY roaming on Verizon, what type of speeds roaming will offer you, etc.

  29. @ Neil…again: Here is the coverage map I was referring to
    Be sure to select the Data (it’s different than the voice coverage)

  30. Just to clear the air about the 10$ mandatory charge…yes, it is a data charge…but in essence, it lifts the 5gb cap a month from use of the EVO as a modem, media player, etc etc.

    Sprint could have advertised this in much better of a fashion and explained the 10$ charge for every EVO … EVERY carrier has a 5gb a month cap on data, even sprint…the 10$ lifts the cap and you will have truly unlimited data..

    Yes, the charge sucks…folks will complain, but if you are a heavy data usage person, or would be with this phone…u don’t have to worry about butting up against the 5gb cap at all..

    ..ill even help you out a bit if you didn’t know about the Everything Plus Referral program…it will say you 10$ off the retail ‘unlimited’ plans


    Email: [email protected]
    Last 3 digits of employee ID: 383

  31. @Srinath
    the term “iphone killer” should be stricken from the record. Nothing is an iPhone killer.

  32. @Cassius that info is not correct I believe, the 5G cap is still there for 3G service which most of the people will still be using with this phone. The cap is lifted for 4G service only..

  33. We shall see Feech, if that’s the case..then the 10$ fee is quite unreasonable & uncalled for…

    I know Sprint is in the habit of giving a 10$ credit a month if you are thrown over to retentions and complain in a polite manner and they are striving to keep you…but to off-set this 10$ charge in a 3G capped area..well I feel I shouldn’t have to even argue the case, if this is all true.

    Of course, there are many conflicting statements out there, heck, even a store manager I’m friends with and he’s part of the EVO advocate program was telling me the 10$ charge won’t be necessitated in non-4G areas..of course, that was a wk ago…and that has pretty much been shot down, refuted and stated that this is a *mandatory* charge…

    Sprint hasn’t been one known for good communication across it’s stores, vendors (BB , RS , etc)…so I’ll pause on passing judgement for now.

  34. Cpt Mike Beard wrote on May 13, 2010

    What’s an “iphone”? Forgettable…in every way….

  35. Rob, did the Sprint reps disclose what the ETF for the EVO will be, and how it decline over the life of the two year contract?
    Is there a one year contract offered?
    I never keep my Android phones for the term of the contract, so these are crucial details of interest.

  36. @Feech: For the record, Sprint is positioning the $10 fee as a charge for “premium data”, not “4G”. As Sprint spokesman John Taylor explained, the phone facilitates more data consumption by its nature (e.g. video chat), hence the shrewd wording. If Sprint actually claimed that the charge for 4G, and it was mandatory even in non-4G areas, then at the very least, customers would have grounds to cancel their contract without an ETF; moreover, there would probably be grounds for a class action suit.

    What would have made more sense, IMO, is if Sprint had introduced a $79 plan specifically for the Evo instead of having a contestable $10 line item.

  37. I thought the red backing was interesting…remind you of another Android 2.1 phone with incredible specs? :)

  38. So do we still have to pay the $10 fee if we are not in one of their 4G areas?

  39. Rob, thanks for the by far best coverage of this event anywhere on the Interwebz. I’m heading to Best Buy today to pre-order one or two of these bad boys.

    Can’t wait!

  40. I love the phone, but in a few years we’ll look back at this phone and laugh at how big it is kinda how we look back the cell phones of the late 80s/early 90s. I think 4×3 is pushing the envelope unless you really need a screen that big. I would have to start wearing cargo pants to carry that thing around or should I dare say it … buy a man purse? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I’m going to have to wait for the KEVO 4G — LOL just like the EVO 4G, but with a physical keyboard!

  42. You all seriously need to quit complaining about the extra $10 a month. If it’s that big of a deal, don’t by the phone and shut your mouth. Complaining on Phandroid’s story’s wall isn’t going to make Dan Hesse change his mind about the $10 extra a month. Either buy the phone or don’t, and shaddup about it lol

  43. I also do not want to pay $10 for 4G service I don’t have in San Diego but what if Sprint waives that fee for customers not in the 4G area and then they travel to a 4G area. Guess what they’re left wondering where the hell is my 4G. Sprint is convering their a$$ for that customer complaint. Look at it this way, we’re paying for the upgrade soon to come, if Verizon can charge $30 a month for any smartphone you own I think $10 is reasonable on the EVO.

  44. Doesn’t anyone else think this phone is too big? The screen size is the SAME as a PSP!!! Imagine carrying a PSP in your pocket everywhere you go. We’re starting to take the “Mobile” out of Mobile Phones.

  45. Will convert in a heartbeat to EVO and leave behind Apple soap opera.

  46. Correction, it’s the same size as the PSP slim, not the regular one, but that’s still biggish.

  47. Any side by side photos with an Incredible or droid? I wonder if a 4″ screen would be a better compromise between size and portability. Nevertheless, that screen looks amazing!

  48. Stop complaining about the $10/month charge. With Sprint for $79.99 you get all of this ( $69.99 (everything plan) + $10.00(EVO) + Free GPS + Free TV + Free text + Free Any Mobile to Any Mobile. With Verizon for $99.97 you get ($59.99 (Voice and text) + $29.99 (Data, no MS exchange with this plan) + $9.99 (GPS). With AT&T (iPhone) for $84.98 you get ($39.99 (Voice) + $30(Data) + $5.00(200 text) +$9.99(GPS). So recap:

    Sprint $79.99 (with HTC Evo)
    VZW $99.97 (With HTC Incredible, no Any M2M, no TV)
    AT&T $84.98 (with iPhone, no Any M2M, no TV)

    If you are worried about the $10/month extra charge, please go to Verizon or AT&T. I’m sure you will not be paying less than what you are paying with the $10/month fee with the EVO.

  49. That scenario doesn’t make sense. If someone has an EVO set on 3G only and moves to an area with 4G available, the 3G antenna doesn’t just stop working. Assuming that you can go into settings and set up “3G always”, your phone will never be without data. It will just stay on 3G or it will switch to 4G if available/allowed on your phone. So not having a 4G data plan will not kill the phone.

  50. Wow can sumone say phone of the year? This thing looks sexy and probly, most likely, acts as a beast. I cant wait till i get this thing.

  51. If I wasn’t getting 4g coverage by the end of this year I would not get this phone. Obviously they want help paying for the set-up but charging for what you can’t even use yet…Wow!

  52. I was interested in the EVO due to the Hot Spot feature, but on top of the $10/month charge there is an additional $30/month to use the wifi HotSpot feature.

    Forget it!

  53. PLEASE FUCKING GOD tell me this will come to germany.
    IM MORE THAN READY to pay 440 WOW!!! Only that…
    FUCK the Desire is the latest we got here, and its FREAKING 650 $
    SO I DONT MIND THE 440, ACTUALLY i wud pay 700 for it.

    SO IS THeRe A POSSIBILITY i cud get one? anyone

  54. I just spoke to a sprint rep. She said I’m not required to pay the $10 extra if I’m not in a 4g area… only after 4g arrives to my area.
    Does anyone know of any benefit in plan pricing if I get the EVO unlocked?

  55. idon’t like the extra $10

  56. re: $10 charge in non-4g coverage areas or not
    Confirmed with Sprint representative over chat:

    “As for the question regarding the $10.00 premium data add on, unfortunately that will be required regardless of 4G coverage.”

    OK, you can all stop arguing about it. There’s your answer.

  57. this was also already covered in an article posted on here yesterday: http://phandroid.com/2010/05/12/htc-evo-4g-199-at-launch-available-june-4th/

    “[Update]: Bummer. Looks like the $10 Add-on is – in fact – a requirement if you’re looking to use the EVO. John Taylor says that the add-on is mandatory regardless of if you’re on 3G or 4G. Reason being is because the EVO is expected to use a considerable amount more of data compared to Sprint’s other phones. This was confirmed by the email Sprint sent to customers requesting updates to their inbox. [source: John Taylor of Sprint]”

  58. Nice if you have Sprint where you are, but…

    Let’s talk SPRINT DOESN’T HAVE SERVICE WHERE SOME OF US LIVE ;) They roam on U.S. Cellular up here in Mendocino County in NorCal, sorry Charlie Sprint, you lose.

  59. I thought the $10 a month was an optional ‘premium data’ service that gets you 4g…

  60. $200 + $10 x 24 + overpriced plan doesn’t sound like a good deal

  61. I’m really not understanding why everyone is complaining about the $10 fee add-on. While it is possible to call it lame or unnecessary, the cost difference between Verizon (or AT&T)and what you get is really quite large. Unlimited texting, mobile to any mobile, 7 PM nights and 450 minutes for $79.99? And Sprint TV and 4G? It seems like a pretty good deal to me.

    Regarding the phone itself, what I would like to know is coming from an Incredible user, how does the build quality feel comparatively? Does it have Gorilla Glass? Better build quality?

  62. I mean at $79/mo that is still at least $10 cheaper than a similar plan from VZ or ATT! Just consider the amount of data the Evo4G will be accessing and transmitting in a month versus the Hero, for example, knowing Evo’s specs, features, and apps, I completely understand the $10 buy-up, 4G or no 4G. If Sprint were to release a 4G capable Nextel flip phone, for example, the $10 buy-up I’m sure would not apply!
    Think about it this way: If Sprint made PC laptops that accessed all the Sprint services (TV, radio, NFL, navigation, etc) and with all the data enabled third party apps, video conferencing, YouTube HQ, etc, would you really expect them to give you all the data you want for the same price as a little 4G Samsung Instinct? Of course not.
    Just went to VZ’s website looking for new service, comparable to Sprint’s Evo4G $69.99 + $10 add-on plan.

    1) Let’s see, VZ’s 450 Talk & Text = $59.99/mo… oh but it’s not
    unlimited mobile to mobile like Sprint, it’s only 450 daytime!
    2) Now let’s add unlimited data for $29.99/mo

    That is roughly $89.99/mo for 450 mins, unlimited text, unlimited data

    1) Let’s get unlimited talk and text for $89.99/mo, that by itself is already $10 more than Sprint Evo4G’s $79.99/mo everything premium data!

    2) Now let’s add unlimited data for $29.99/mo

    That is roughly $119.99/mo! $40 more expensive per month than Sprint’s Evo4G plan, with NO VZ 4G!!!

    If you read this comment, then you are no longer allowed to bitch about Evo4G’s $10 add-on!

  63. Think about how much data is being transmitted during a video conference! Even on just 3G, Sprint would be giving away way too much data compared to normal Sprint smartphones. And like you said, $79/mo is still at least $10 cheaper than VZ and ATT and they don’t have any 4G, video chat, Sprint services, etc.
    Thumbs Down
    Thumbs Up

  64. if the $10 lifts the 5GB cap, then I won’t complain. my entire state has no 4G and there are no plans to add it on the future coverage map.

    And the winner of the Years Best Smart Phone award goes to….

    The Dell Streak!!!

    (just kidding)

  65. I have Moto Droid and Droid Incredible which I might say is INCREDIBLE so they compared the EVO 4G to the Moto Droid and not the Incredible? Why? Like finndo wrote if youi can’t get the service it is no good at any price. VZW has the service. AT&T and Sprint do not and I hate paying for service I can’t use and by the way the Incredible is smaller.

  66. It seems that their are SPRINT REPS in these forums
    acting as if they are regular folk. The evo is a great
    smartphone! But it’s just a TOY, BLING. I bought a
    smartphone (android os) about 7 months ago; It does
    everything I want and then some. And by today standards
    it’s outdated ? How long before the next GREAT smartphone ?
    People (SPRINT REPS ?) say it’s only $10 more ; WRONG !!
    It’s $120/year+ $960/year (min plan)+$200 (for the evo).
    Thats $1280 PLUS TAX for the first year !!
    Dan Hesse said 4G would be free;Then John Taylor makes
    a play on words and tac on the $10 over charge.
    A quote from Mr. TAYLOR “While some don’t like it, even
    with these CHARGES, we’re still cheaper than AT&T and Verizon”
    I guess that justify the $10 over charge because “we’re still cheaper”
    Don’t get me wrong I would “LOVE” to get this phone
    when it’s my time to upgrade; but I’m having a little
    trouble justifying it. And the $10 over charge is not
    helping. Maybe I will just stay with my “OLD SMARTPHONE”
    and current price plan; who knows?

  67. It’s just $10. And all this talk about sprints coverage, I travel all of the time and Sprint has worked everywhere I have gone, data and voice. This phone is awesome whether you have 4g or not so stop complaining about $10…

  68. The $10 premium data fee removes the 5GB cap for 3G (assuming you are not roaming.) Users of this phone are very likely to eat bandwidth in large quantities. If they didn’t spend the $10, their 3G overages would likely far exceed that fee. 4G is presently uncapped with Sprint, and they are not charging a premium with most of their consumer plans for connection cards. The $10 fee is not for 4G, but for the total anticipated impact of this phone on their network.

    The $29.99 mobile hotspot fee allows up to 8 simultaneous device users to share the web connection via WiFi. The Evo user will still be able to take a phone call with the hotspot feature running if they are connected via Sprint 4G, but not so if they are in 3G.

  69. What did I tell you? SPRINT REPS ?

    “this phone is awesome Whether you Have 4G or not
    so stop complaining about $10…”

    Wrong!!!— It’s not $10— It’s $120/year
    add that to the min price plan and price of the evo
    and your up to $1280 PLUS TAX for the first year!!!

    “The $10 fee is not for 4G, but for the total ANTICIPATED
    impact of this phone on their network”

    That’s like saying he has a sports car; lets give him
    tickets now because he’s going to be speeding anyway.

    MOST people will use ABOUT the same
    amount of data they do now; if I want to surf the web I
    use my desk top with a full size monitor!

    If you want to add fees you should think of something
    better than this horse S–t!!

  70. <Not a Sprint rep, but you are sounding like a ATT or Verizon rep maybe… That said your calculation of costs seem to be comparing the cost of this vs using two cans and a string. I have found Sprint costs for PDA phones and plans to be the lowest in the USA. For this level of premium PDA, and unlimited data use, no other carrier can touch it IMHO. Calculate unlimited 3G, unlimited 4G, unlimited cell-to-cell calling, 7PM nights, and all their other throw-ins, with ATT or Verizon, and post their comparable cost. If others can beat it, then you have just cause to rant, otherwise, please play in the corner quietly with your iPhone.

  71. I’ve NEVER owned an Iphone ; I’ve been a sprint customer
    for a long time . I remember bad service and bad
    customer service!! The reason I stayed with sprint
    was the price and ok coverage ; how long before
    sprint turns into at&t or verizon (pricing)?? This is
    in reality their first good phone (evo); and they can’t wait
    to raise the price plan? Not to long ago sprint was losing
    customers left & right ; now they think they can raise
    the price plan and gain customers? Most of us know
    that the next great smartphone is six to ten months
    away; better,Faster,cheaper. I will say sprint’s
    customer service and service has gotten alot better;
    but IMO not to the point that they can raise prices .
    By the way if I where you I would not compare verizon
    service and coverage with two cans and a string!
    As far as me playing in the corner with an iphone
    it all depends on how high sprints price plans will

  72. I used to work for Clear in Portland, the first market they launched in as Clear, not Xohm, and my concern is the 4G coverage. Our motto was “When it works it works great”. The 4G coverage is sparse at best and hates anything in its way, buildings, mountains, trees, yes, trees. Clear worked fantastic out in the open with a decent signal, the minute you went into a building or behind a large building the signal degraded. If there was a way of making 4G non-line of sight technology then I would consider getting the EVO, but until then, I think Sprint will have quite a few complaints regarding the 4G kicking back over to the 3G. Good luck to you all that are planning on getting it, it does look to be a pretty cool phone.

  73. Like old dirty said, “I’ll fuck your ass up”

  74. Don’t forget, the phone is made in China. HTC is a Chinese company. It better be affordable.

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