Motorola Flipout (Ruth?) Could Be Coming in June


Italian Brazilian site Zumo is giving us just a little bit more info about that square Motorola Android that is no doubt coming very soon. According to their post, what is supposedly going to be the Motorola Flipout is also the Motorola MB511, or Ruth. Guess what? You’re getting everything you probably wouldn’t have even questioned: Wi-Fi, GPS, memory card slot…features, features, features! The word is this bird will be hatching in June.


Man hands! Man hands! What am I supposed to do with this thing and my man hands! No doubt this will getcha some MOTOBLUR and be marketed towards those trendy social networkers. Ah, Motorola and your clever juxtaposition of a “square” device as a hip and cool gadget…

[Zumo via Engadget]

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  1. I, uh, actually kind of like the design. Its not for me personally, but I like how it looks. I could see myself using it for a little bit and not hating every second of it.

  2. Looks cool.

    I love the colours of it.

  3. Not sure female names for touch phones is really a good idea… just a second, I’ll finger Ruth.

  4. If it helps, the text in the picture is in Portuguese. I know because I’m Brazilian. :-)

  5. haha, thats really dense sarcasm.

  6. if i’m not mistaken i read on here that tmobile was going to be launching some emrald thing something like the nexus one, or at least announcing it, within the next few weeks…does anyone notice how this looks kinda green…

    also i’m probably way off but could this be what was the motorola shadow…which is supposed to be coming out in june, but who knows…i’m i way off?

  7. (Zumo is not Italian, maybe the .br tld and the Portuguese language in which the article was written could have given Engadget a clue…)

  8. i cant belive that motorola would even leak this phone with android 2.1 and motoblur on top before updating the cliq after promising us an update to 2.1

  9. Yes its sooooooooooooo crazy Motorola would continue plans to make money while they prepare for a cliq update. How dare they….

  10. When I’m on the touch version Facebook site with my Nexus One it says download Facebook for your Ruth. Anyone else notice this?

  11. @jay i cant agree with you more

  12. @Phobos1 Yeah I get that too on my HTC Hero running Fresh 2.0d What’s that about?

  13. I get the same ‘DL FB 4 ur Ruth’ message on my Samsung Moment w/ 2.1. Lame!!!

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