[UPDATE] How to Manually Update Your Droid Eris to Android 2.1


[UPDATE]: For those that are worried about the manual update voiding your warranty, you may just want to hold off until your phone gets the OTA version. Or that’s what VZW support tweeted, anyway. Still, I can assure you this is the official release and the exact thing you get on your phone with the OTA, and it is coming from a LEGITIMATE Google server.

And so it was written: the gods (see: Verizon) saw it fit to bestow upon the lowly of the world an update magnificent: from the ashes of old would rise Android 2.1 for the Droid Eris. Alas, that cruel, ugly, villainous Time reared his head once more: many the humble and meek would need wait weeks more to receive the gift which had already descended from the cloud for others. But nay, no longer shall ye wait!


That is because the official update package can now be downloaded from Google’s servers and installed manually onto your Droid Eris, and for the impatient here is how:

  1. Download the Android 2.1 firmware for Droid Eris straight from Google.
  2. Rename the file update.zip and copy it to your microSD card via USB. [Note: make sure the file is named update.zip and not update.zip.zip.]
  3. Power down your Eris.
  4. Hold down the “Volume Down” button as you power the phone back on.
  5. A screen should appear showing your phone’s system searching for various files. Scroll down to “recovery” and press the “Power” button.
  6. When you see the triangle with an exclamation point symbol, press the “Power” and “Home” buttons at the same time.
  7. From the menu that appears, select “Apply sdcard:update.zip.”
  8. When the screen displays “Install from sdcard complete” select “reboot system now” and wait for the phone to power back up.

Voila! Android 2.1 on your Droid Eris. The whole process should take about 15 minutes. Enjoy.

[Note: as Marc points out in the comments, if you have previously installed a leaked version of the update this one won’t work with your phone. You’ll need to be running your Droid Eris stock.]

[UPDATE]: As there seems to be some confusion I would like to clarify that this is the OFFICIAL release that is being sent out to handsets and therefore you will get the exact same update as those who have received the OTA. This is not a leak or a pre-release build, and is totally legit for installation. The one catch is the manual update will wipe the phone, so be sure to back up your important info.

[Android Central via Android and Me]

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  1. Unfortunately this does not work for people who installed one of the leaks :(

  2. Works like a charm going from stock 1.5, didn’t lose any apps, it even remembered my wifi settings and alarm clock times. The only annoyance was redoing some of my settings and earring my home screens and wallpapers. Super quick though.

  3. Soo.. does this work on the Hero?? It’s almost the same hardware :)

  4. No Wello, no it doesn’t.

  5. I’m getting an error: “Installation aborted” almost immediately following “Installation update…”.


  6. does it retain your contacts?

  7. Has anyone tried this?

  8. Why would you install this when Verizon is in the middle of doing the OTA? We’ve waited this long already. A couple of days isn’t going to kill you.

  9. Does it void my warranty?

  10. @PhazonBlue
    Oh well. Gotta wait for HTC to bring the update to us European Hero users..

  11. Im black.

  12. and yes it does void your contract.

  13. Mmmmmm. Eclair.

  14. Works! I’m running 2.1 now and it’s awesome!

  15. I did it and it works great!

  16. How would this void your contract it is them same link the the ota is coming from. That is ridiculous. And yes it erases your contacts so make sure to back them up with gmail or something similar.

  17. has anyone tried it.. is this site really from google?

  18. this is the official version and WILL NOT void warranty……..

  19. worked for me. SWEET!!!

  20. VZW said if you have a leak version the OTA Will work. This one I guess won’t.

  21. I did it. The first part took 6 minutes. Then rebooting took about 4 minutes. DONE!

  22. Worked exactly the way described. Went from 1.5 to 2.1 in about 10 minutes.

    Did lose all my contacts though.

  23. im stuck at the verizon wireless screen.. its been about 30 seconds.. how long shoudl i wait

  24. Awsome…… to bad my usb cable broke last week and i have been charging my battery with a universal charger :(

  25. I get a giant warning:

    This is probably not the site you are looking for!
    You attempted to reach android.clients.google.com, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as *.google.com. This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of android.clients.google.com. You should not proceed.

    What is the deal?

  26. Make sure you have 25mb avaible on the phone before you start.

  27. So this download is the exact same thing as OTA? Why wouldn’t VZ post it on their site (I know they’re sick of amm the calls, emails, tweets, etc)?

  28. Just FYI…went on Twitter to ask Verizon support if this would void warranty:

    VZWSupport @********* Yes it will void the warranty, because that update is not from an official Verizon Wireless website. *NK

    2 minutes ago via web in reply to *********
    ********* @VZWSupport Does this void warranty? http://phandroid.com/2010/05/14/how-to-manually-update-your-droid-eris-to-android-2-1/

  29. Chilli-dip….Use ASRO and download it right into your phone. You just have to move the file up out of the download folder. People have done it that way already.

  30. DONE!

  31. @ gabe that screen lasts about a minute or two. You get the feeling nothing is happening cause well nothing visually is happening. Not to worry allow the time and prepair to be amazed!

  32. To David. I went past that and now I am running 2.1

  33. so how do i know if i have a leaked version? I’d like to use this update, as the 2.1 version i downloaded about a month ago is a bit buggy. I know there were like 3 different downloads for 2.1 on the eris but cant remember if i downloaded the non-leak version as there was 1 out there. any help?

  34. Worked just fine for me. Backed up my contacts so I just restored them.

  35. thanks mark

  36. Mine is stuck on deleting files is this normal?

  37. Doesn’t seem to work on rooted 2.1 either, darn, and i wanted to go legit too.

  38. I’ve waited this long. At most a week and a half isn’t going to kill me. Though it is on google’s server, it is still a little fishy.

  39. What type of file do you save the file as? is it a zip file do you unzip it? What type of file is it.
    Thanks, DF

  40. Uh…is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this is labeled for the HTC Desire not the Eris? What’s up with that?

  41. Aren’t the contacts synched with the cloud anyway?

  42. Do not have a leaked version and did not name the file update.zip.zip but am still getting the error of a (bad) file, won’t open, and installation is aborted.

  43. no friendstream like we was told would be there

  44. it keeps say cant open sdcard/update.zip
    installation aborted.

    what am i doin wrong?

  45. I just did this, but one caveat- please be careful when selecting “Apply sdcard:update.zip.” with the trackball. The option just below this is to wipe and factory reset! Clicking the trackball sometimes causes it to move if you aren’t careful. I accidently initiated the factory reset. Talk about a face palm moment…

    The upside is that this does work flawlessly if you’re not a moron like myself. Thankfully I had MyBackUp Pro installed with nightly backups. I was up and running slightly longer than you will be if you just take time to make sure you click on the apply update. :) Live and learn I suppose.

  46. now its saying :

    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E:can’t open /sdcard/update.zip
    (no such file or directory)
    installation aborted.

    what am i doing wrong.

  47. i got to step 7 and its not working. ALSO the download folder does say OTA Desire is this the wrong file or what?

  48. it says “cant open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory) Installation aborted” does anyone else get this? My phone is 100% stock.

  49. Yeah, I can’t get past the Desire in the file name either.

  50. @mike go on facebook with your eris and look all the way at the bottom of the screen.it says desire ADR6200.it was probably the first name for the phone before it was called the eris

  51. Update worked just fine no probs. Some of my data is there but not all. no biggee what i did notice was that the speech to text option is missing. and the maps app does not support pinch to zoom. anyone else that?

  52. I have been sitting on the deleting files now for about 10 minutes…… ummmm hope it is just taking a very long time.

  53. where do you put it? it keeps saying aborted

  54. from vzw supports twitter

    @sgtcaulk Tech Support advised that all customers with the leaked version will receive the 2.1 update OTA. *NK

  55. I did the update about 2 hours ago and here is my comprehensive report that should address every issue brought up in the comments above.

    1) The ‘phone’ is NOT wiped, all market programs remain along with their data and settings.

    2) Local contacts ARE wiped, but simply going into settings and hitting ‘sync now’ will restore them since all account info is retained.

    3) Scenes and homescreen configurations are lost. You will have to tinker a while to get the phone back to how you like it.

    4) This IS the official update, but it is too early to clearly state weather or not VZW will consider this a warranty voider. It is best to assume there is some risk since we are going about this in a nonstandard way.

    5) In the massive forum thread regarding this, nobody has reported bricking their device. This update method seems to be quite safe.

    6) After the install looks like it is finished, it will reboot, but the reboot takes about as long as the install. Don’t worry, just wait it out, and for god’s sake, don’t do a battery pull!

  56. Yeah I noticed the Desire” label too…. did it anyway: )

  57. Ok install is complete. For those that freak out doing something like this…. relax. I have never had any experience before doing this. Here is what happened on MY phone.

    Mounted my card and downloaded. (using vista ) I renamed the file update.zip but checked it and yes it was update.zip.zip. so just do update.

    Went through the instuctions and started installing it. It took a LONG time just a bit over 10 mins on my phone looking like nothing was going on and was stuck on deleting files…

    It finally started moving with a coping files… a few quick things after that and I was able to go to the reboot option.

    A box with the phone pic popped out and then another. Finally I saw the verizon startup screen. The phone stayed on this for about 4-5 mins. and then POOF done.

    Just on the unlock screen you can start to see the changes. Have fun !

  58. I followed the directions and it worked just fine! 2.1 is great, everything seems more zippy, especially browsing pictures :D

    Also, if anyone has trouble logging into their email using the stock android mail app immediately after updating, just give it about 20-30 minutes and it should work. At least it did for me.

  59. mike,
    it says desire b/c that was the working name for the eris at one point.
    also, kevin, where is the official google page for this and/or how did they release it… i can’t find it anywhere?!

  60. Does this work with a Mac Computer?

  61. Great success! GF’s eris is working almost as well as my incredible.

  62. Not working for me. I get a msg that says can’t open Installation aborted.

  63. Got this installed. Took a lot longer than i thought it would , about 20 minutes , but it works great and didn’t delete my contacts! Thanks for this.

  64. Yeah Mike I noticed that. Between that and the error message on the website, I am hesitant.

  65. Desire was the name of the Eris before they decided on ‘Eris’. The devs most likely never bothered to change the name on the code. You can confirm this by reading through Android Forums, where a few of the ‘pros’ mention this.

  66. I did it, named the file ‘update’ only (no flying commas) and had no further problems! I love it!

  67. It didn’t wipe MY phone

  68. I downloaded a new copy of the update file and followed the instructions and it worked like a champ. I’m up and running on 2.1

  69. I repeat… it didn’t wipe my phone, but it did wipe my contact photos on phone AND on gmail!!!

  70. @gabe, seriously? 30 seconds and the first thing you do is post a comment on Phandroid asking if it’s normal? You couldn’t wait another 5 minutes before posting?

  71. I installed the leaked 2.1 v3 on one of our company phones, because it doesn’t have a service contract and hasn’t been activated, so I wasn’t sure if it would be able to get the OTA (it is connected on wifi). We only use it for testing an Android app, so it’s good enough for us. Official is always better though.

  72. Attempting now. Looks legit, but we’ll see. That Desire thing is odd though.

  73. O Hai. I don’t have enough internal space to update it yet :-p go figure. Hehe. Will post again when space is freed.

  74. Updated my Eris to 2.1 and all is well. Had to resync my contacts and redo my homescreens but everything else is intact. Make sure to check for updates on your apps and you will have to download the speech packs.

    BTW the Navigation is sweet!

  75. Also I noticed after the update do a battery pull for a full reboot. Memory manages much better that way. So far so good with 2.1. Seems much faster too.

  76. That big warning is because you’re using Chrome. I am as well. It’s a Google subdomain, so it would be pretty hard to impersonate. The warning must be because your computer doesn’t have a cert that the phones come with to ensure a secure connection.

    As for the update process itself, don’t be freaked out like I was when “Deleting Files” kept scrolling and it seemed like it wasn’t doing anything. BE PATIENT! When the phone reboots, it’ll reboot a few times. But it’ll work. The HTC boot screen is different too… kinda nice. But it works guys. Very simple and very awesome. Just gotta remember the patience when you first get it back up.

  77. how do you erase 2.1 on the eris?

  78. lol I was just writing down important information (screen layout, bookmarks etc) in case they were wiped during the update as I was going to take the plunge and do the manual update. Wouldn’t you know it my phone received the OTA seconds before I went to load the zip file onto the SD card from my computer…

  79. Worked, though it did clear all my contacts. Luckily Google had them all saved in my gmail account and in 30 seconds had them loaded again. All apps still there. Looks fantastic!

  80. I have a leaked 2.1
    So this will NOT work for me. However, are the OTA’s still coming out. Or is this the only way to update firmware.

  81. Just updated my wifes Eris. I backed contacts and apps but didnt have to restore as we lost nothing during the update. Works great…

  82. This is awesome UI! I’m running it right now.. i’m lovin the 2.1.. i like how things slide on and off the screen.. so this is how it feels to run 2.1.. haha..

  83. @David
    An astute forum member did checksum comparison of the older V3 leak and the new OTA file. The files in question are 99.7% identical. This proves;
    A) the V3 leak is essentially the same as the OTA update
    B) the OTA update is for the eris despite being labeled as Desire in the file name.

  84. Hmm…. mine has been at the “Deleting Files” screen for about ten minutes…. kind of concerning.

  85. I received the OTA update the other night.. and I’m still waiting to me amazed.. maybe something went wrong? I think it feels slower.. anything I should try doing?

  86. Do i extract the file while in Astro or on the computer? Everytime I try the last step it always says doesnt work.

  87. Bricked my phone

  88. i need android 2.1 for my cliq!!!!!!

  89. did the steps. everything worked out great….can anyone tell me how to get the new Photo gallery app & new settings? Mine photo app still looks like the old one & does not give me the option to view picasa web albums! I really wanted this option for my wife’s phone. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

  90. can some tell me how can I get a factory original 1.5 image so that I can revert to it and then upgrade to 2.1? Help is much appreciated.

  91. I did the update about 30 minutes ago. All my previous speed dial settings have been lost. I tried to re-enter them, but it will not save the new contacts. Bug in the software?

  92. If I downloaded the unofficial version will I be able to download the OTA update??

  93. Shouldn’t the 2.1 update have the speech to text feature? when my keyboard pulls up i don’t have the mic icon. any ideas?

  94. Update successful. Be patient during the “Deleting Files” stage, it does take some time… Weather app locks up the system until the power button is toggled. All in all this was very straightforward upgrade and for the most part expectations were met for 2.1.

  95. I can’t wait any longer, Here goes nuttin…..

  96. Got it this morning and works great.

  97. Will this work for mytouch?

  98. 7 Min of Deleting files and one min of copying files and it was ready to reboot. still have the droid skateboarders….. HTC quietly brilliant….. Verizon screen for 3 min. same lock screen. When I unlocked the lock screen it says loading may take several min. it took 2 min. SWEET JESUS!!! 2.1!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!

  99. Can anyone tell me if this wipes the unlock screen wallpaper? I have a picture on there that I lost the original to (corrupted SD card). I can’t retrieve it, at least not without rooting the phone (which I don’t want to attempt before upgrading to an Incredible), and I don’t want to lose it.

  100. anyone notice that “Weather” is not working? cant figure out why…

  101. Trying it now hope it goes well

  102. no, it does not wipe the unlock screen wallpaper. at least it didnt for me. although i still have the original on the SD, so not sure it it will lose yours

  103. Doesn’t work for me. After powering up and holding the volume down button, the scroll button doesn’t work. There is a place on the screen that says Recovery which I assume it is telling me to hit the volume up button to go into recovery. After a few seconds, I get a screen with a exclamation point inside a triangle.

  104. Never mind. Got it.

  105. @Brad i just ran the update on mine and i noticed that my lock screen wallpaper wasn’t deleted

  106. @ Josh D

    it’s perfectly normal for deleting files… did the update with full success and no problems what so ever the guide was straight forward… but if ur rooted u’d have to go back to compete stock 1.5 android and then do the OTA from there… and your able to go back to root if u want since this isn’t a full update… it’s a patch update so the hboot is completely unchanged… did it just last night

  107. Yes, it will wipe the unlock screen wallpaper. Did mine at least.

  108. this blows! all my contacts are gone!

  109. My weather app keeps force closing. Is there a fix for this? Anyone else have the same issue? The new animations are cool. Just for whatever reason the actual app won’t open.

  110. Works wonderfully! Bravo! Just follow the directions and your Eris will be updated to 2.1 in nearly 15 minutes. Thanks Kevin!

  111. @gehrc
    same with my weather app. i just downloaded weatherchannel app and it works fine. i would like to get a fix for the htc weather app though…

  112. Okay, I decided to take the plunge. The update installed without a hitch, and I was up and running within 15-20 minutes. All home screens were reset, but they didn’t take long to rebuild (I only use one scene), and my lock screen wallpaper is intact!!! Yay!!! Some select app data seems to be reset (had to re-login to the Facebook app), but most is unaffected. No apps were uninstalled, and SD card data was left alone (for once). Only app with a problem so far is The Missing Sync (force close on every launch), which was fixed with an uninstall/reinstall. The new marketplace app is sweet, and there were updates available for a select few of my apps. I’m guessing that’s due to the 2.1 upgrade, so I updated them all right away, without incident. Overall, the phone seems VERY snappy and responsive, maybe not 1GHz Snapdragon snappy, but a lot better than 1.5. The new “helicopter” view feature works well, better than I thought it might. All contacts were gone, but after going to Settings > Accounts & sync, and forcing manual re-syncs for Google and Facebook, all contacts came back, and Facebook-linked contacts refreshed their photos. Non-Facebook contacts maintained their associated photos as well. All phone settings I can think of (WiFi, default web browser, social networking logins, etc.) were left intact as well. The ONLY real bummer I’ve seen is that like many others, even after installing the updated version from the marketplace, Google Maps still doesn’t have multi-touch. Fortunately, that doesn’t bother me too much, because I rarely use the Maps application, thought I might want to more now that it has the navigation functionality. Oh well, the CPU is still probably a bit weak for it anyway, and I’ll be upgrading to the Incredible come September, when I’m eligible for a subsidized phone upgrade. Right now I’m plenty happy with the increased performance and various enhancements that 2.1 brings.

  113. Oh, almost forgot. No live wallpapers. However, unless somebody else got it in their update, I’m inclined to think that was omitted on purpose. I personally wouldn’t use them on this phone anyway, due to being an unnecessary load on a weak CPU, not to mention a drain on the battery.

  114. It worked for me and NOW I love my Droid Eris!

  115. Did the update according to this guide. As a note to anyone else doing it, make sure that you have 25MB of internal memory (NOT the SDcard) free otherwise the update won’t complete and you’ll temporarily brick your phone.

    Surprisingly enough, no wipes of any kind o.O; My contacts, pictures, apps, and just about everything else are intact. Had to redo my home screens and my wallpaper, but that’s about it. My Eris is running much faster than it did w/ 1.5. GG Google =D

  116. Download and running like a breeze…I don’t see some of the updates I have seen on other videos of the update. eg news/weather app, animated photo gallery…Anybody know why?

  117. This procedure worked for me. Running 2.1 on my Droid Eris now. Definitely zippier than 1.5. Need to shake it down a bit more and restore my screen settings (no big deal there).


  118. Taking the plunge now.

  119. Okay, I am on the final reboot. Starting up now. Took about 7 minutes for the whole process. Here it comes!!! New splash. AND…. Got it. 2.1 If I can do it, anyone can. Will let you know what I think about the new os. From what I hear above, it is going to be sweet!!!

  120. alright so I keep seeing my question posted by several different people but no one answers it. i’ve tried installing this SEVERAL times but it doesn’t work and its the same issue each time. when i go to install the “update.zip” folder it says
    now its saying :

    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    F:can’t open /sdcard/update.zip
    (no such file or directory)
    installation aborted.

    WHY IS THIS HAPPENING and what do i do to make it right.

  121. Okay, I am done exploring. Nice. Things seem to be a bit snappier and I really like some of the new features. It did take out my local contacts, but all of my apps stayed. Don’t be afraid, go for it. Takes a few minutes. I think the more apps you own, the longer the process. But again, it’s worth it. Finally!!!

  122. Never mind i figured it out. When you rename the file from the original name DO NOT name it “update.zip” in doing so you are actually naming it “update.zip.zip”. When naming it like this it WILL NOT INSTALL. So rename the compressed zip folder to just “update”.

  123. Done! Works fine just have to put things back to where they were.

  124. Don’t wait do it.

  125. Another quick update, the Youtube app actually works now! And it has an updated look, and is much easier to use. Unfortunately, the Gmail app still refuses to display embedded picture files, and just has the placeholders with the blue question marks. It appears you have the option to manually download and individually view each picture, but that’s just lame. If this is because of them wanting to increase load times and/or decrease bandwidth usage, there should be a “Show Pictures” button like there is on HTML emails with externally-linked images, that will download and display all embedded pictures where they’re supposed to be. It’s absolutely stupid that I have to access Gmail through the web browser to get these images to display like they should. I tried adding my Google account to the regular Mail app as an Exchange account, and it does the same thing. Lame. Unfortunately, I think this is a “feature”, not a bug.

  126. It’s not the OFFICIAL update bc i asked verizon if the REAL update has pinch to zoom and 3d gallery and they said yes. also the enhancment page says it does so i think they would take it off it wasn’t right. Also the file is downloaded as OTA DESIRE im pretty sure if a phone this long out there the update would be named OTA ERIS.

  127. For those getting:
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E:can’t open /sdcard/update.zip
    (no such file or directory)
    installation aborted.
    or similar message, rename the file to just update and not update.zip. I did this and it worked right away.

  128. VZWSupport
    @eMaNinthenation Yes. *AN
    about 6 hours ago via web in reply to eMaNinthenation

    @VZWSupport I know that voice-to-text is an enhancement but will the OTA update for the Eris have this enhancement?

    @eMaNinthenation Those are enhanced features that are added. *AN
    about 9 hours ago via web

    @VZWSupport Does the new update for the HTC DROID Eris have pinch-to-zoom for Google maps and voice-to-text?
    TWEETS TO VZWSupport on Twitter —>url http://twitter.com/eMaNinthenation

    @eMaNinthenation Yes you still will get the update. *NK
    4:55 PM May 14th via web in reply to eMaNinthenation

    @VZWSupport I was also wondering will a leaked Droid Eris get the OTA update?
    4:51 PM May 14th via HTC Peep in reply to VZWSupport

  129. Getting to be a lot of Mikes on this thread. Thanks for the info about the Desire guys. That wasn’t something I was familiar with. I suppose it makes sense, since the Incredible (the Eris’s successor) is the Desire 2. Although I swear I’ve seen pictures of the Desire before and it looks different than the Eris.

    Gotta admit I’m getting tempted to try this. As a developer there is a lot of features I want from the 2.1 SDK.

  130. So I updated to 2.1 because my Dad got the OTA update and I got impatient so I decided to install it.

    is everyone with the OTA experiencing:
    no voice to text
    multi touch on google maps

    I got Navigation and way fasterrrrrr UI which is of course wonderful, and the UI looks all pretty and shit but I want all my damn features.

  131. Hey guys, did this yesterday from the car! absolutely awesome! One minor thing though. When it first installed I was able to do the pinch to multiple home screen feature fine, but the I noticed that it wasn’t working a bit later. Now i can’t pinch zoom anything…

    I think this may have something to do with the software I was using try to restore my home screens as I was forced to abort the process mid way but I wanted to check with you guys to see if there were similar cases!

  132. Update: A reboot fixed the problem! Hope I didn’t scare anyone! Also for all you eris users, I’m sure you’ve been using the dolphin browser?!?! Well with 2.1 you can now check out dolphin browswer hd, its pretty damn snazzy imo!!!!!

    Thanks again guys, no problems on this install! and I did it all while riding to and from atlanta!

  133. Im lovin da update bt 1 issue: wont let me link contacts to facebook.. they jus not showin up…

  134. All my contacts are gone.

  135. so i got my OTA update finallyyyy for my eris. only problem is that i can not get my facebook contacts to show their pics. anyone got any advice on how to make this happen?

  136. In responding to a question from bigmtnripper about the manual update from Google ZC at vzwsupport said it would not void your warranty.

  137. So why would some Eris 1.5 update attempts yield:

    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E:can’t open /sdcard/update.zip
    (no such file or directory)
    installation aborted.?

    Also in step 5, the trackball won’t scroll down to “recovery”. Instead it says “Volume up” button next to “recovery” which seems to accomplish the same thing.

  138. Never mind. Looks like the reason is the .zip.zip mistake.

  139. Argh…my b!tch girl friend got the OTA and i’m still waiting…this manual one is looking better every moment :/

  140. Has anybody with the official OTA noticed whether or not they have the “Friends Stream”, “Pinch to Zoom in Maps”, or the “Speach to Text” options that was supposedly supposed to be part of the update. I did manual update and noticed that I do not have any of these features. Really curious if there might actually be a difference in the manual updates as opposed to the OTA……..Anybody?

  141. After installing the update has anyone had trouble linking contacts to their facebook pictures? and getting updates for facebook?

  142. Ok, I did some looking over on the Verizon Forums and it looks like Pinch to Zoom in Maps and Speach to Text is not making it over on the OTA update either. Haven’t seen anything about the Friendstream.

  143. I have had the droid eris since November and Verizon finally sent the android 2.1 to my phone this morning. NO hoax. just be patient guys, you will get it soon

  144. @Mike – The Droid Eris was code-named the Desire. The name change was announced by Verizon shortly before its release. There is, however, an actual HTC Desire out there. It’s virtually identical to the Incredible, in terms of hardware specs and software features, with the main differences being a slightly different look, and it being a GSM phone, as opposed to CDMA. It’s been released in a few European markets, but I don’t believe it’s come to the US yet, though I thought I heard a rumor about AT&T getting it at some point. Unfortunately, having the codename reused as a retail model name makes things very confusing, especially when they still use the Desire codename when referring to the Eris at times.

  145. @gehrc – Yeah, I noticed that as well, not long ago. I actually use Weatherbug Elite, and its own widgets, so I didn’t notice at first. The HTC weather widgets load data just fine, but the weather app itself force closes every time you open it. Since it’s an integrated app, you can’t just uninstall and reinstall it, so I’m not sure how else to fix it. Hopefully somebody smarter than me will discover a fix.

  146. The time has come to put my concerns aside. I still have no 2.1 and it’s the end of the weekend. Here goes…

  147. OMG it worked! 2.1 is awesome!!! Definitely a lot snappier and tons of little details that give the OS a lot more polish, including the iPhone style zoom in transitions. Just be patient during the update. It freezes for a bit during certain parts, such as deleting files, and the Verizon Wireless animation. Then HTC takes a while to update their stuff. Once you install it go the phone settings and sync your accounts. Only thing missing is my development applications that aren’t in the market and have to add my icons back to the home screen. No biggie. Thank you HTC and Verizon, this was worth the wait. I can’t wait to start adding 2.1 features to my applications. I’ve been dying to add text-to-speech to my applications. I can see there is a setting for it in the phone settings.




  149. Now that I think about it, the data reset might actually be required to pull it off. They are probably pushing the update to every newly activated device, and the only way to wipe that data is with a full reset.

  150. 2.1 installed easily. First downloaded on the Mac and transferred – said the file was bad. Downloaded directly through the phone, renamed, all went well!

    Is speech-to-text that is in 2.1 wherever the keyboard appears (moto droid, htc incredible) disabled deliberately? That’s a real let down (well, for my wife – I have the Incredible).

    The app icons are not consistent with the 2.1 on Incredible either, but maybe they are not supposed to be…

  151. doesn’t have swipe-unlock.

  152. For those of you who want the 3D Gallery and Voice to text (Notice I said Voice as in talking to the phone and the phone typing what you said) can be found in the forum section for the Eris on this web site. I have both running on my Eris. They work great. I found voice works best when you talk slower then normal.

  153. If i have a ‘leaked’ version of the 2.1 OS…. How can I get this OTA version????

  154. I think I have the 2nd leaked rom, and yesterday someone posted an update, but now I think it is gone. One guy said dial *228 to automatically get it OTA, another guy said Hard Reset, and one other guy said download the file straight to your phone. None of them worked. I guess leaked users are stuck.

    Goto Settings>Applications>Manage Applications
    There are about two instances in here for the Weather Application, Weather Provider, and the actual Weather app. Select them and choose clear data for each. Then sync the weather in settings, and then open the app. You should be good then. (Thanks to the VZW forums)

  156. @gehrc – Hey, thanks for that. I did that, and cleared out some other stuff as well, and afterward, the weather widget worked, but was missing a GPS-based home location. Also, my clock location switched to a generic America/Cancun. I rebooted the phone, and after booting up and launching the weather widget, I hit refresh, and it loaded my current location. The clock is back to my location as well. Problem solved! Also, for those who are counting, without even realizing speech-to-text was an issue, I found the option for downloading the voice data onto my SD card, after which I tried the voice search feature, and it works great! So, no issue there. I think my only remaining problem is no pinch to zoom in the Maps app, and if I never get that, oh well. Again, upgrading to Incredible anyway in 4 months. =)

  157. I upgraded a couple of days ago and have already noticed some major issues:

    – I am having trouble typing the word “if”. 1.5 wouldn’t give it to me as an option for starting a sentence. Now when I type it, it freezes up, and doesn’t display the word until i type another letter. I have to use the back arrow key to get it to unfreeze. and then delete the mess it has decided to display instead.

    – The addition of access to the personal dictionary in settings on your keyboard (I don’t this was there before) is great, but if it worked! You can only delete mis added words one at a time, and then after you push delete, it takes you all the way to the top of the list again. So irritating! You have to scroll down everytime. There should be some sort of batch delete.

    – I can’t seem to find where the turn by turn directions are. Is it under the “Maps” icon or the “Navigator” icon? Please help!

    – The weather / clock still doesn’t really update. It’s 9:30 PM and it says it’s sunny.

    – My tasks in Astrid won’t populate into the widget. It’s empty. But when I click into it, they’re all there.

    – Service / bars seems worse than before.

    – The pictures on my camera don’t seem as clear. There seems to be difficulty focusing.

    – On 1.5, when you are on an active call, your screen blacks out when the phone is held vertical and lights up so you can use the screen (to type in your vm password, etc) when it’s horizontal. This doesn’t work anymore! This is VERY annoying.

    – for some reason when I hold down on some entries in my calendar, for some I get the option to edit, for some I don’t??? also, if I edit an entry on a future day, and then save, it exits and pushes me back a few days. Also if I go into an all day event to edit, it pushes it a day forward??? This is EXTREMELY annoying.

    As far as I can see, this update hasn’t provided any improvements, unless you consider new icons an improvement. I can see the multiple accounts under Gmail being useful, but that’s about it. I wish I could go back to 1.5 :(

  158. After upgrading to 2.1 the weather widget gives me an erronious home location. I thought that was a settup parmeter but I can’t find any. I did as a previous post suggested and cleared all data for weather related applications with no success. I even tried “force stop” for those applications with no luck. Any suggestions?

  159. Trying the update… stuck on the triangle with the exclamation mark in it. The POWER and HOME button [together] aren’t working! HELP :'(

  160. I’ve updated to 2.1 and love it. Can I erase the update.zip file I downloaded? It’s taking up too much space.

  161. I am hitting home and the power button and my phone does nothing and after hitting the volume down button i cant used my trackball once i get to the bootscreen.

  162. thanks for this! worked like a charm first time – not any trouble whatsoever.
    great post, appreciate the exact and detailed instructions.
    bought the eris from eBay with android 1.5 and this update worked perfectly. verizon should pay you for your services! maybe you should contract out to them?
    the world can be be a better place because of people like you!

  163. OK – I followed the directions and it is giving me an update error? It’s telling me I need 25 MB memory to install. My sd card says it’s only 20MB – it’s the one I got with the phone 4 days ago? Do I need to buy a bigger memory card to update my phone?

  164. Where the file. Its not on googles server anymore.

  165. I did the update and it worked great, but a few weeks later i got a notification saying that i had a hardware update available. Since i did the legitimate update and the leaked, can i just delete the update.zip from my phone or will it go back to 1.5

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