Ready to Flip Out? Then Here Is the Motorola…Flipout


Remember that square little Android handset by Motorola that was floating around nets a few weeks ago? According to HDBlog.it, Motorola will be unveiling it officially as the Motorola Flipout. It will be an Android 2.1 device with MOTOBLUR on top and a keyboard that, well, flips out rather than a conventional slider.


The other known specs for now:

  • 3.1 MP camera
  • 2.8 “display
  • 512 ROM
  • 256 MB RAM
  • GPS
  • 700 MHz processor

The Flipout looks to be a next generation device in the same category as the Backflip: a unique form factor coupled with mid-range specs.


It will be available in three colors and should be launching in June, though the carrier and pricing are currently unknown.

[HDBlog.it via MobileCrunch]

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  1. no thanks

  2. Not designed for man hands.

  3. And as fast as Motorola rose to the top in Android with Droid, it is quickly brought down by its own stupidity.

  4. ICK initially, but i think it could grow on me

  5. I think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Would Motorola stop messing around and release another high end phone, please? Its been six months since the droid and nothing else has been seen since. Whatever happened to the nexus two?

  6. Looks like the Nokia Twist.

  7. Whatever the Motorola engineers have been smoking these days… I want some of it.

  8. Motoblur=fail, never gets updates, do yourself a favor and buy a phone without a custom u.i

  9. Wow I am wowed again…android is just. ..M-azing. I am made proud to have an android phone yet again…and once the SD card saving issue is fixed android will be even more unstoppable. I can clearly see more so then ever android will top the cellphone market sells. Wowish.

  10. Yeah MotoBlur is definitely on the bottom of my list but seeing that the wife has a Backflip and this is 2.1 running MotoBlur there is hope for an update soon.

  11. I thought having all these different handsets was a plus? different strokes for different folks as they say. I think something like this would appeal to kids, it’s small and different, and everyone wants to be different now a days.

    personally, i cannot believe android is being released on such under powered and under whelming handsets, but obviously, some one at motorola must think these will sell.

  12. Like others have said, I’m ready for a HIGH END phone from Moto. But more choice is definitely good, even if it’s not my thing.

  13. Could be a hit with the teen (tween) crowd. And for all those who are crying, “I don’t like it so they should not hand made that,” ask yourselves: Did Android overtake iPhone because of one killer product or did it do it by product diversity? No product will appeal to everyone. Different form factors mean sales to different market segments. They don’t all need to be home runs. An occasional double or even a base on balls is a OK. And a few will strike out. That’s OK, too. If you don’t risk failing once in a while, you should not be playing in the big leagues.

  14. I bet this piece of shit will be coming to T-Mobile. Since we can’t get a grown man’s phone on T-Mobile.

  15. Just look at the messages if those legitimately Motorola’s marketing design …

    “Sooooo ready to just chill ALL summer”

    “Re: High Street”

    2 icons with photos of teens.

    Motorola is obviously targeting a similar demographic as Microsoft with the KIN phones … the high-school fashion-minded social-network-connected teens. I’d venture to say that most of the people commenting on this post do not fit in that category … and the phones we’d be interested in don’t appeal to those teens very much because they’re boring-looking.

    And that’s what’s so great about Android. For whatever style & type you want … there’s a phone for that. And they all run different flavors of the same base platform. If you want the same phone as everyone else, get an iPhone and join the homogeneous world that Apple was supposedly going to save us all from.

    “One size fits all” doesn’t work for my underwear, and it doesn’t work for my phone. I welcome it to the Android family.

  16. teenage girls is probably the market for these things.

  17. @ Alan. ….aman aman peace and love peace and love…..lol

  18. looks like moto is returning to sub-par product design. creative…yes. functional…no. style…absolutely not. might as well call it ‘motorola droid razer squared with google’. it kinda looks like kin to microsoft. :-P

  19. I think the fanboys are missing the point. The point is to make money. You know who’s gonna eat this up? Teenagers. Not only are mobile users getting younger and younger, smartphone users are too. This cheaper smartphone is gonna add $30 to a lot of parents plans. And the form factor is already proving to be a hit. The feature phone, Nokia Twist, is quite popular do to it’s design. Now, that phone has more than a few problems that I’m sure Motorola will improve on. And to be honest, I kinda like the Twist. Wouldn’t work for me, but it’s neat.

  20. I know one can’t compare only the no. of cycles of different processors in deciding which is more powerful, but is a 700 MHz CPU really that bad? Isn’t the CPU in the iPhone 3GS about 700-800 MHz as well? And no one accuses the iPhone of lagging or being slow, even if it’s not blazing fast.

  21. Obviously none of us here would use one, but I think it’s actually a good idea. Teenagers might love it just because it’s different without being too ugly, and girls can tuck it in their bags or small pockets easily. Kind of reminds me of how people reacted to the Scion xB and how boxy it was.

  22. Priced right, this will do its job: it’ll sell to teenage girls. This isn’t a phone for geeks who will drop $200-$300 for a new phone every time one comes out that’s a few cycles faster or has a slightly bigger screen. You can make a lot of money on value priced phones sold in quantity. So some of you think it’s ugly. I don’t much care for the appearance myself, but I’m not the target market. Besides, some of the phones I’ve heard others here call sweet looking look like rubbish to me, too. None of us has a monopoly on aesthetics. Different people like different things. Variety. That’s what this delivers.

  23. I think it looks like a pretty cool idea.

  24. personally i like the form factor, its certainly different…still wish they brought out a T9 slider like the HTC dual…

  25. Not a phone for everyone, but i like it anyway. Higher specs than even the Milestone it seems (700 mhz as opposed to 550mhz) sadly coming too late, will take even longer to reach Singapore, guess will buy Milestone then…

  26. Looks like a first smart phone for middleschool girls, rather than a serious offering for the smartphone buying crowd.

  27. I would never buy this phone. But… I think it’s awesome! Moto has been creative with their form factors and that is really cool. They may not appeal to everyone but they will certainly appeal to some and I’m sure those people are stoked! Good job Moto, keep cranking out the weird but cool phones.

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