TechCrunch Gets Busted Trying to Sneak a Peak at Froyo [UPDATE: Sculpture Revealed in Video]


And no, I’m not talking about some “lost iPhone in a bar” sort of scandal regarding the actual Froyo OS update. Instead, the diligent tech-fiends over at TechCrunch heard that Google had just received their latest Android sculpture (this one of that frozen treat we are all craving so badly), so they sent Laura Boychenko over to the Google campus to get some quick shots of the new addition to the Android dessert lineup. Problem was, Google is keeping this one under wraps…literally. Perhaps in an attempt to lock in the freshness of this tasty treat (HAR HAR), the Froyo sculpture is still sealed away under a layer of plastic wrap.


While she was bent on hosting her own unveiling party for the Froyo monument, poor Laura was cut short by some Google folks, who threatened to have security come and haul her away.


If there was any doubt before (which there wasn’t), it is now quite certain that Froyo (the OS, and, well, the sculpture too) is a mere few days away from its official unveiling at Google I/O.

[UPDATE]: Speaking of what we’ll be seeing once the wrappings are removed:

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. LOL!!! It was a valiant try there from TechCrunch. Way to go Laura! :)

  2. Have you seen the “We heart Apple” adverts from Adobe on TechCrunch? They are so funny LOL

  3. I hope they name 3.0 “Apple Pie” :)

  4. @ Mike

    That would be EPIC!!!!

  5. @ Mike – That would be pretty funny.

    I can’t wait to see 2.2 :p

  6. LOL! I love everything about this: the TechCrunch sneakiness is great and knowing that Froyo is just around the bend is AWESOME. I can hardly wait till the Incredible is rooted and running some Froyo-sexiness. **Ducks the stones being hurled by Incredible owners**
    I know I know, be patient, it’s awesome right now, etc. Patient isn’t really in my vocab… at least the Incredible is pretty Incredible already. :)

  7. @Mike
    LMAO, that would make Mr Jobs poop balls of flame! :-)

  8. EVO > Incredible ALL DAY LONG!!! FTW!

  9. Excellent work Laura and TechCrunch! This proves that Froyo will be here in a few days because Google wouldn’t keep the statue for a long time so they must have a plan to release it in the coming days! Once again thanks Laura and TechCrunch!!

  10. Did anyone catch a glimpse of the Nexus 1 next to the Android ???

  11. Oh oh or how bout “apple cobbler”, or oh “apple crisp”…”apple just got its a$$ handed to itself by an icecream cone”.

  12. Can’t wait for my HTC Hero software to become outdated again.

  13. theres a vid on gizmodo of the froyo with no bubblewrap. i dont think we get froyo in uk?? if so, where? i think i had ben & jerrys once, and that said frozen yoghurt on it? is that the same thing? anyway, this looks nice, and that was nice. pure niceness really.

  14. @jaestoner01

    yeah i noticed the n1.. Looks like they made a clock out of it

  15. Could you imagine if that was the Apple campus? She would have been tazed, restrained and then water boarded until she broke.

  16. it bothers me that none of these sculptures are too scale. not even to each other.

  17. crap. “to scale”, not “too scale”.

  18. The next one will start with a ‘G’, seeing the theme from the past versions of the OS: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo.

  19. @The Don => How are they not to scale to each other?

  20. @mike Apple Pie would be a nice fu to Apple but its out ov alphabetical order. So I there anything like ubuntu next would have to begin with a G.

  21. Well found out sorry disappointment u guys next version will be called Gingerbread.

  22. Found out Gingerbread is the net name.

  23. NOT COOL guys. I only wish that I had not posted that video on my channel. Thanks for ruining my gig.

  24. How about Granny-Apple!

  25. Yay, i’ll get to see what my droid will get in 4 months. :P

  26. the android character will have to get progressively fatter!

  27. Does anyone else get a “You need to accept this video from a friend” because it is a “private video” ?
    If you’re going to post it, make sure it works !!

  28. @Darkseider … Apple doesn’t have a Campus. They have a concentration camp and Jobs is the Warden.

  29. Apple Pie should be the 3.14 release of Android.

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