May 13th, 2010

And no, I’m not talking about some “lost iPhone in a bar” sort of scandal regarding the actual Froyo OS update. Instead, the diligent tech-fiends over at TechCrunch heard that Google had just received their latest Android sculpture (this one of that frozen treat we are all craving so badly), so they sent Laura Boychenko over to the Google campus to get some quick shots of the new addition to the Android dessert lineup. Problem was, Google is keeping this one under wraps…literally. Perhaps in an attempt to lock in the freshness of this tasty treat (HAR HAR), the Froyo sculpture is still sealed away under a layer of plastic wrap.


While she was bent on hosting her own unveiling party for the Froyo monument, poor Laura was cut short by some Google folks, who threatened to have security come and haul her away.


If there was any doubt before (which there wasn’t), it is now quite certain that Froyo (the OS, and, well, the sculpture too) is a mere few days away from its official unveiling at Google I/O.

[UPDATE]: Speaking of what we’ll be seeing once the wrappings are removed:

[via TechCrunch]