Sprint “Hoped” You’d Get Your 2.1 Update by Now, But You’ll Have to Wait Longer


Earlier in the week word came through a Best Buy internal document that the update to Android 2.1 for at least the HTC Hero would begin today. There was no word on the Samsung Moment, but the hope was that would be coming in just as quickly. The key word here is “hope,” which according to a series of tweets from the official Sprint Twitter, was all they ever had in regards to said update coming today.


I hate to be the bearer of this bad news, especially if you’ve come to the site today “hoping” for an announcement that 2.1 would begin rolling out to your Sprint devices. I’ve reached out to Sprint via Twitter for definitive confirmation.

We did receive an anonymous tip earlier in the week from an UNCONFIRMED source claiming to be a Sprint employee that the actual release of the update would be something more along the lines of May 31st. Take that as a big old rumor though, as at this point any date encompassed in Q2 of this year is up for grabs.

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  1. Sprint effin sucks. It just isnt this deep.

  2. OOOOOO… Sprint just threw Samsung under the bus, I think. We all know HTC isn’t the problem.

  3. Using a 2nd rate carrier to provide a service always comes with a price…for sprint user’s its updates on products and crappy service..hmm? imagine that?!?!

  4. Well, if the problem isn’t htc, why do you have to wait for the samsung to update, get the hero update out already. I was this close to rooting my phone on monday to put the Breezy option 4 on it. When it was suggested that today might be the update, I decided to just wait. Perhaps I should root it.

  5. Hope I don’t regret choosing the EVO 4g over the Nexus One on Verizon. This kind of thing makes me wonder. All of the custom software that slows down these os upgrades should really be optional. I bet they sometimes hold back the os update because they don’t want the carrier specific programs to stop working.

  6. Its funny how people say sprint service sucks, now by service do you mean “customer service” or like the connection ? because I been with Sprint for about 10yrs and never had any problems.

  7. Yea Right, They will wait til days before the Evo and hope we put out.

    I’ll probably get the Evo cuz my Palm Pre is falling apart – or maybe a non-HTC phone.

  8. I can’t believe that Sprint and HTC sold me a “SmartPhone/PDA” only to find out that it does not do bluetooth file transfers?
    I called both Sprint and HTC and they both point their fingers at each other. I smell a rat, is the hardware the problem?
    HTC was rather rude too, I’m thinking they are getting lot’s of calls.

  9. @Ben id still get the EVO since the Nexus One isnt going to Verizon. You can get the incredible though which is a great phone but isnt as incredible as an EVO :)

  10. @Ben.. Verizon isn’t getting the Nexus One anymore or did you not get the memo? N1 coming to Sprint around the same time as the EVO 4G

  11. One word: Pissed

  12. I’m sure my Moment will get the 2.1 update sometime in 2011, when everyone else is running Android v 3.x on their 2GHz devices… Sprint deserves an F- for their efforts in this area.

  13. i said this before it will not be here before the htc evo release day, it will be here probably 3 weeks after the evo release, around July…..

  14. This is far from funny…. talk about crying wolf!!! No point in getting smartphones when your smartphone is the dumbest one.

  15. @Ben this is not about htc sense ui, if see samsung is just a plain ui and they are not getting the update ether, this is about sprint not wanting people to enjoy the 2.1 because they fear that it’s going to hamper sales on the htc evo, you see my point here is all about money my friend..

  16. This is why I will soon be leaving sprint, follow the millions who already have.

  17. At this point, I think you can take “encompassed in Q2” out of that last sentence and it would still be accurate. The fact that Sprint has had zero official communication aside from Twitter on this is a significant failure.

  18. jsut like effin motorola droid guys.
    You want the truth? well u cant handle the truth, sprint sucks.

  19. If 2.1 isn’t here before the EVO 4G release date, I’m definitely dropping Sprint.

  20. Evo 4g is a good phone but it has a hardware issue , it’s like 4 years they are working on the evo so some hardware parts are old like the hero ;) I suggest you guys to get the nexus one , and you will be the first one to get the updates as well ;)

  21. I am completely sick of waiting for this update. I got a hero because I knew my G1 would not be getting Android 2.1, and that’s what I wanted an official 2.1 Rom. I had an un-official one but I wanted the real thing. I have been waiting since I got this phone for 2.1, Sprint, will definitely be losing some customers over this. It just makes no sense as to why the update keeps being delayed. Oh and sprint, if you think keeping this update until either right before or after the EVO is released will gain you more people to buy the EVO, your sadly mistaken. Those who want it will buy it, those waiting for 2.1 might leave altogether because of this bullshit.

  22. everyone gets an F for FAIL…. HTC/Sprint/Samsung/Best Buy and whoever else wants in on the crappy grade
    thanks :-)

  23. I wish people would make up their minds. You get ticked off at Sprint for not even giving a hint to when they will give a release and then you get ticked when they give a hopeful leak and it falls threw.

    Verizon had the same problem with how many delays for the upgrade for the Droid?

    I’ve got the Moment and desperately want 2.1 as well but Sprint is a better company than AT&T and Verizon. I’ll (TRY) to be patient.

  24. well i just hope they actually come through with the update…i don’t want them to turn around and not do it because the evo is out and all that bull

  25. Don’t blame it on sprint yo, the droid eris hasn’t got its update yet, and it is running the same stuff as the hero.

  26. I recently bought the HTC Hero on the basis that it would be updated to 2.1

    Clearly that was a mistake…….

  27. i hope i don’t get the 2.1 update.. i hope they wait until may 15th and release 2.2. i know that wont happen. but it’d be nice.

    BTW i have a samsung moment w/ leaked 2.1 on it and it works great.

  28. what are the odds of bricking your phone if you use a custom rom??

  29. For those that are mad at Sprint/HTC/Samsung, and say Sprint sucks because the update is delayed because Sprint is a bad carrier… Um, remember the Verizon Droid shenanigans? It took FOREVER to get 2.1 on the Droid, and that was stock Android.

    Quit complaining and root your phones, people. I have 2.1 already. It’s like a whole new phone.

  30. Sprint does fail, I am sick of this s__t also, like 3 times in March, then April 2 times, then May 1st and then May 7th, HTC claims its done, Google claims it’s done, so who does this leave – SPRINT. Now were talking about maybe into June, hell Sprint why don’t you just leave it go till December and Santa can bring it, you guys know you are really leaving this go to right before the EVO is released, dumb move now isn’t it. Hell, if I get it now before the EVO then I guess there’s no reason to get the EVO now so soon cause I’ll be enjoying my Hero instead, which makes me even less want the EVO now do to that wont get updated till Android 4.0 is out and the EVO will be just getting 2.2 like how well the Hero is getting updated. Thanks again Sprint for taking the time to talk to your customers and answer all the questions we’ve had, I guess I should be happy that you have taken the time to debunk the rumors and give us a date to go on.

  31. Why wait if Samsung is the issue? It would be better to just have one group of users flooding your call center with calls and only one group of users flooding your network to download all of the apps that got trashed.

  32. I am sick of the way sprint treats there customers. First i was told i would get the 1.6 update now I,m told 2.1. And 2 months after i get the HTC Hero the button paint flake off and both tell me its cosmetic not our problem.

    Im almost to the point of creating a phone career website that complains about company’s and what they lie about.

  33. Is it still within the time frame Sprint said they will have the update? YES! I am sick of all the complaining about this.

  34. @ ralph, the rooting process just keeps getting easier everyday…
    And once you get a good recovery image on your its pretty freaking hard to brick your phone. Basically about the only way to brick your phone nowadays is if you go to upgrade your SPL to something like Danger or Death SPL & don’t follow directions, which there really isn’t anything to flashing a new SPL either, preety simple, but there are a ton of roms that work great on the stock SPLs so you really don’t even need to mess w/ them till ya get a bit more comfortable… There are a bunch of good roms out there for the Hero (XDA) and a pretty sweet 2.1 leak out there for the Moment… which just leads back to Sprint dragging there feet. Dude you have a Android phone, root that sucker & use to it full potential…

  35. @ ralph, Slim to none…
    The rooting process just keeps getting easier everyday…
    And once you get a good recovery image on your its pretty freaking hard to brick your phone. Basically about the only way to brick your phone nowadays is if you go to upgrade your SPL to something like Danger or Death SPL & don’t follow directions, which there really isn’t anything to flashing a new SPL either, preety simple, but there are a ton of roms that work great on the stock SPLs so you really don’t even need to mess w/ them till ya get a bit more comfortable… There are a bunch of good roms out there for the Hero (XDA) and a pretty sweet 2.1 leak out there for the Moment… which just leads back to Sprint dragging there feet. Dude you have a Android phone, root that sucker & use to it full potential…

  36. Hmmm…maybe its HTC who is the issue. Sprint needs continue to keep its customers up to date Im glad they finally said something though. I use to want Evo but is this going to happen again if they update It to 2.2

  37. Calkulin’s Moment 2.1 DD10 ROM

    Includes a SDX rooted DD10 kernel(v5), Recovery 2.1.3, Live Wallpapers, 3D Gallery, Helix Launcher, HQ YouTube, KeyLights,
    modified Burst Phoenix theme, removed a lot of Sprint/bloatware(can be added back) programs and a couple of other things.

    There’s nothing to it, heh, It could probably walk my 4yr old through it & heck per the guys at my local Sprint, they just told me to “just flash back to stock” if it ever needed repairs & if you bust it beyond being able to turn it on “who will know” He himself was carrying a rooted Hero…

  38. @Chad how old is the droid compare to the hero? exactly how long is been since the droid got the update? exactly…

  39. Agreed 2.1 should be out already, but we’re basing our info on tipsters and un-named sources. but has Sprint acutally set a date on release? If so shame on them, if not then shame on us.

  40. For everyone who thinks the 2.1 wont come out til the evo drops needs a new conspiracy. Im not saying that it wont come out by the time the evo comes out but come on guys, If your in a sprint store as a new customer or getting a new phone as an exsiting customer and you have the hero and the evo side by side, your not going to pick the evo just because it has 2.1 on it. your going to pick it because of its size, specs, cameras and so on. If you pick the hero its because you want a smaller phone or just likes the way it looks, all of us here would pick the evo over the hero if the evo had 1.5 also. the specs are what makes the phone not the 2.1

  41. @v, They have set a date… the end of 1H 2010, so we could very well be waiting until the end of June.

  42. This is a circus…

  43. no but they hopping that the existing customer insted of updating the hero and keeping it for other year they would want the customer to spend and buy new evo with the 2.1 already installed…

  44. at least we are getting it. you nerds need to relax and go outside every once in a while.

  45. Just root your phone and load a custom 2.1 ROM already. It is a lot easier to learn how to do than checking for the news of the update and moaning about it in replies!

  46. Wa wa wa my phone doesnt have the latest update, sprint is horrible bla bla bla, sprint works great for me and my phone works great too. I am waiting for the update for the Hero as well and ill be patient. Do all you complainers think ATT, Verizon or T-Mobile care whether you all have the “latest” updates to your phones? If you do your fooling yourself, i have been with all of them and sprint is the better of them and the most cost effective. Be patient or root your phones and stop f’in complaining. Would you rather them rush things and get it wrong? my guess is not.

  47. sprint sucks, sprint sucks, sprint sucks, sprint sucks

  48. im so sick of this crap it isnt even funny as soon as the iphone is released im droping sprint like a bad habit this is ridiculous

  49. Lame. this makes me nervous about getting the evo. I mean i am definitely getting, but knowing i will have to wait forever to get an update sucks. I wonder what the demand is for these updates. like what percentage of users are desperately waiting like we are. I feel like these carriers should try as hard as possible to rush these updates. but maybe they will only be pleasing a minority.

  50. Come on now really? Is this update is that much of a deal breaker for you? You sound like a bunch of iphone fanboys or high school girls , either way same thing. What did you do before this update was released? Absolutly nothing. What can you do to get it sooner? Nothing. Nobody wants to hear your complaining. Eat a snickers and stop being a diva.

  51. All Android phones should come with the availability to work with any ROM

  52. If May 31st is the new “theoretical” deadline, then they are indeed going to miss the early 2Q 2010 deadline. The early 2Q of 2010 ends on Saturday May 15th. Now what I want to know if this is a delay for the HTC Evo? Or do they have a real technical issue like a showstopper bug that’s preventing the 2.1 update?

  53. Anyone who has problems with this phone should file a complaint with their state Attorney Generals Office. My Hero will not receive mms pics or videos. The phone is not working as advertised. More complaints are stronger in numbers. Usually you can file a complaint on your states website.

  54. I am extremely ticked off with Samsung, and it’s giving Sprint a black eye. I will NEVER buy another Samsung Android phone again. Besides the fact that even if I wanted to root my phone I need Windows. This is insane for an operating system that is Linux. I can’t use any of my computers at home to update this phone because I only run Linux.

    So what am I to do? Wait for 2.1 to come out while my phone randomly enters airplane mode without me knowing while I miss calls and texts? Or do I look to buy another phone and pay to get out of my contract early? Either way I’m not happy. When I had my G1 I was extremely happy. This phone is the worst Android experience I have ever had.

  55. In regards to the 2.1 update. I am more than happy with 1.5 on my hero. Like others have posted once we get the update to 2.1 many people will start posting we want 2.2, 2.3, and on and on. Be patient and the reward will be a bug free update.

  56. Listen, it is totally worth it to root your phone, just do it. If your warranty is “voided” just flash a rom to make it look stock and exchange it if needed. It is really not difficult.

  57. @Roxanna. I don’t know what you’re talking about as far as not being able to transfer files via bluetooth on the Hero because I do it all the time. In fact, I just used it today at Wal-mart to print pictures from my phone right on the kiosk, VIA BLUETOOTH.

  58. I knew the carriers would kill it for android…

  59. I think these anti-Sprint rants are getting a bit ridiculous and far fetched. I wish I would switch to Verizon to pay more for less features and horrible customer service just because my phone does not have the newest software. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard and it is beyond ridiculous. Does anybody NOT remember what happened with the DROID? Motorola released many release dates and promises and the update was delayed plenty times and the DROID was already running 2.0 and STOCK Android at that. No other phones have been updated to 2.1 on any other carrier. Period. If Google and HTC have claimed to be done with the update, then the hold up is Sprint’s internal testing, which I am glad they happen to be doing. When 2.1 was released for the DROID there were many bugs and people complained. Sprint has usually always been very thorough in terms of making sure software upgrades work as they should with minimal problems or waiting until a newer version surfaces like they did with the TP2. Give it a fucking rest please. Geesh.


  60. rooting my hero tonight

  61. If you want to know when the Hero and Moment will get 2.1, keep an eye on their site for when the phones “disappear” from being able to be bought. This happened in 2008 when the HTC Mogul had WM 6.1 loaded onto it from WM6. I wanted to order one and the next few days they were gone. As it happens, the pulled them from being available for sale while I guess they loaded WM6.1 on all the units that had WM6 on them already. A week later the phones were available to be sold.

  62. ok I’m not a phone geek, but recently was duped and bought the HTC Hero and love the phone. has great features and been with Sprint for like 10yrs. But buying a phone (a communication device) an expensive one at that, only to have the software take a dump, is like buying new tires and when you bring the “slow leaker” back to the tire store, they tell you, “Oh… Yes, we knew they had a slow leak, didn’t tell you (so you’d buy it) and then tell you we can “put a plug in the tire till the new ones come out.” is BULLS*&T.
    Just doesn’t make sense…
    I Don’t know what “Rooting” my phone means… but I’ll guess it’s “re-installing the OS” just curious…

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